Cayuna: Hello Everyone!

Everyone: *Collective GASP!*

Cayuna: What?

Everyone: You're writing…a week later just like you said!

Cayuna: Yes?

Everyone: You're on schedule!

Cayuna: Yes?

Everyone: You're never on schedule!

Cayuna: *pouts* that's not true!

Everyone: simultaneous YES IT IS!

Cayuna:…thanks guys…your faith in me is amazing.

Amu: *oblivious* you're welcome!

Everyone else: *sweatdrop*

Amu: What?

Everyone else: Nothing, nothing.

Amu: OK! Well Cayuna doesn't own Shugo Chara!

Cayuna: Now to the story! Oh btw…I'm changing my couple groups, since poor Kairi was alone last time, so I'm bringing in Nadeshiko as a separate character away from Nagihiko, k? They are twins of each other. So pairings are now Amuto, Kutau, Rimahiko, Tadashiko, and Kairaya! Yay!

-The Way the Wind Blows-

"Yeah, didn't mom tell you? I'm your new chauffer." He said with that obnoxious smirk plastered on that god-like face.

Damn you Ikuto, why did I have to fall for you?

-Amu POV-

I swear I'm gonna kill Ikuto. I will I will! He won't stop teasing me! Also my popularity just shot up from the "new kid" to "Ikuto's friend" so I'm now super popular. Great. Thanks Ikuto, just what I wanted!

Ugh…Math…why does this subject even exist? I'm sitting in this hard, plastic chair, tucked in the corner, doing math, with none other than…Saaya! (AN: heh, you thought it would be Ikuto huh?)

Saaya Yamabuki. My arch-enemy for many reasons. Number one, she's a total b*tch! Miss, I'm so super popular, and I'm perfect and get everything I want cause I'm rich! Girls like this drive me crazy! Number two, She has Ikuto, nothing to say there. Number three, she HATES me for some reason I have no idea why!

Right now she is doing her already perfect nails, with a nail file, and some really bad smelling polish…In the middle of class! It's practically dangerous in here! I looked down at my nails, which were short, and somewhat dirty. Hmm…I guess that's what you get for not caring about your appearance, you know cause I have bigger problems. Dead parents, and all.

My glasses slipped farther down my nose, until I can't stand it anymore, and I push them back up.

"Man, this class is like, sooo boring." Saaya whispers to me.

Well I agree with her on something. "Yeah." Even if it was boring its not like I'm going to disrespect the teacher and ignore them


"So, you moved in with the Tsukiyomi's?" She says, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah." I said nearly ignoring her.

"That's just too bad…"

"Huh? Why?" I said my attention fully on her now.

"Heh, like you deserve to be in that family, you poor, poor baby; no parents and you essentially killed your foster parents too."

I stiffened, and turned to ignore her, and try to ignore the prick of tears in my eyes.

"I really hope you don't lead to the Tsukiyomi's death too." She said, tauntingly.

I gulped, had she really seen through me so easily? Was I that transparent?

"You're just a stupid little girl who wants someone to love her, but then when they do you're too much of a coward to open up." A little voice said in her head, continuing with Saaya's little taunt.

"You shouldn't even be alive! You should have died with your family!" No, No! I don't want to die, I'm glad I'm alive!

"Stupid, foolish girl, what's the point of living if you'll bring more death to the people you love."

I stood up and rushed out the door, hearing several cries of, "What's wrong Hinamori-san?"

I made the mistake of turning around, and say Saaya, with a maniacal grin plastered on her face. Then I ran.

-Ikuto POV-

I woke to the sun in my face, and sat up and stretched. What was the point of going to school if all I had there was constant admiration and praise. No learning, no challenge.

Ok, well I was at school, just not in classes. Alright…I'm sleeping on the roof, but it's not like I learn anything in school.

Is there any point in learning? I have money, beauty and I'm crafty, I can practically get anything I want. In fact why is there any point in even trying?

-Amu POV-

Why should I live? Why should I take life from others? If I can give my life to save another, why shouldn't I?

I'm running. Up the stairs. Through the door. Onto the roof. Over the safety railing. I gulped. It's such a long way down. It'll only hurt for a second though.

I close my eyes. Leaned forward. And…

-Ikuto POV-

Someone opened the door up here. They're running really fast. Wait, is that Amu? What is she doing?

I jumped up quickly, and ran toward the railing, where Amu was currently nearing the edge of the building.

"Amu!" I called, "What are you doing?"

She turned back and looked at me, and she looked like hell, literally. Her eyes were huge and looked deeply distressed, not to mention red. Her face had tears streaks running down, and her lips were trembling.

I could tell then, she was going to jump! I grabbed onto her arm, just as she let go.

"Let me go, let me go, Ikuto!" She cried to me.


"Why should I live if I only bring others' death?"

"Amu." I called down to her, as soft and reassuring as I could be. "We all love you, you don't bring death."

She stopped struggling and allowed me to pull her up.

"I-Ikuto." She said, and then broke down sobbing.

I wrapped my arms around her and sat down.

-Amu POV-

"Amu, Amu." He said in my ear quietly. I felt his hand go over my head and through my hair, softly and comfortingly.

"Why Amu?" He asked quietly.

"I-I-I don't want anyone else to die!" I said sadly, my voice cracking as I continued to sob.

"Amu, we need to get you some help."

"NO!" I yanked away, several horrible memories coming back to me, "Don't Ikuto! Don't make me go back to that place!"

-Ikuto POV-

"Amu!" I said and pulled her back down on my lap. "It's ok, it's ok." I cooed to calm her down.

"I won't send you anywhere Amu, I'm going to help you."

Cayuna: Alright, there we are!

Everyone: *shocked*

Cayuna: What?

Ikuto: O_o Cayuna, you have problems…

Cayuna: Alright?

Amu: Wow…wasn't expecting that…how long are you going to torture me?

Cayuna: It's done for now…

Amu: you mean there's more?

Cayuna: *hides under the table* Amu's scary…

Everyone, but Amu: *under the table* Yeah…

Cayuna: Well…R&R pls! Reviews are love!