Summary- Jasper is a soldier in the army, coming back to his home town of Forks for two years. After a hard relationship for Bella, she meets Jasper and they fall in love. Jasper has to retreat to the army but Bella finds she's pregnant. Edward wants Bella back, but is Jasper and Bella's baby keeping them together? Or will the war tear them apart?


Chapter 1- Appearance


"Puhleez don't make me go Alice!" I whined as my best friend gave me an annoyed look. She rolled her eyes and I huffed.

"You're going Bella." She giggled and jumped into her closet throwing a -very sexy yet skanky- outfit at me. I grumbled but obligated.

Alice, my best friend, was always trying to stick me in these Outfits and taking me to bars to meet guys. After my done-deal relationship with Edward, I hadn't wanted any other man. I was in love…we were in love. Until that day he left for collage. I never saw him again. He said it would be better if we separated, but he'd come back for me. Funny thing is, he left 5 years ago, after high school let out. I'm 22. He's 23.

I quickly got dressed, whilst Alice dragged me into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. She rushed me out of the chair and pushed me into the car before I got a chance to check my reflection.

"Alice! Why can't I look at myself? What did you do to me?" I yelled as she sped off toward the highway in her yellow Porsche. She laughed and sped up,

"Bells! Would I ever do anything like that? You look hot! Believe me!" She said.

I shook my head and we drove to this (God knows what,) place. We pulled up to Rusty's bar and dance club. Jeez Alice. Payback, some day; somehow. I got out of the car and she ran around and grabbed my hand and walked to the door.

"Hey, James." Alice smiled to the small bouncer. He was cute, with blonde hair and hazel eyes, staring at me. I smiled. "Alice," He said. She nodded and he let us in, but handing me a piece of paper before I got through the door. He smiled and tucked the paper in my coat pocket. I smiled lightly and walked in.

I saw flashing lights to which I assumed was the dance floor. I walked over to the bar, were Alice was ordering our drinks and sat. I took the paper out of my pocket and looked at it whilst Alice sipped lightly on her dry martini.



I frowned sourly and tossed the paper on the floor. I met Alice's already tipsy dark blue eyes.

"Bella! Why did you do that? James is hot, and very nice." She smiled. I glared,

"Alice, I don't want a boyfriend!" I said taking my first sip of my Drop Dry Fizzle. I sighed.

"Bella," Alice said lightly, "It's been five fucking years…you need to move on." I looked up at her from my drink. "I know…" I mumbled. Alice never met Edward; she didn't even know what he looked like. Thank god, she would have been begging me to go find him, with his beautiful green eyes and his bronze colored hair-

"Hello, beautiful." I heard an adorable country accent pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked up abruptly, and smiled sweetly.

Their before me stood the most fucking gorgeous man I had ever seen. Better than Edward! He struck me with his wavy blonde hair, that wasn't too long; but just perfect. His blue eyes pierced me as they were such a beautiful light blue they sky would be jealous. His smile sent shivers down my spine. All I needed was his name…

He extended his arm and took my hand; kissing it sweetly. I blushed.

"Jasper." He said introduced.

"Bella." I smiled again.

"Bella?" I heard that dammed voice that I hadn't heard in years.


"Edward…I'm gunna have to murder your ass!" I said as we were standing in front of Rusty's. I hated this place. This is where the love of my life broke my heart. I sighed, but went in any way with Edward already heading to the girls. Damn prick.

I checked my phone for messages. None. Well, there was one, from Emmett and Rose that said they couldn't go because they went to Ohio for the month. But that was it. I looked around, maybe someone decent was here…yeah right. I glanced around the room and landed my eyes on the most beautiful thing in the world.

A girl. Sitting across another girl, to which I assumed was a good friend, was unbelievably incredible. She was outstanding to say the least. Her curly mahogany hair was flooding down her shoulders, and she was sipping a drink. I took a deep breath and walked over.

"Hello beautiful," I said just a bit nervous. She looked up, shocked somehow, and then smiled a sweet smile. Her chocolate brown eyes pierced me. She was gorgeous.

I took her hand kissing it softly.


"Bella," She said still smiling.

"Bella?" Edwards' voice chimed. We looked to our left to see my brother standing their shocked.

Bella gasped.