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Angels Bending Near

Eliot tossed and turned in his bed, the sheets twisted around his ankles. Pillows littered the floor, and the blanket was twisted in his hands.

Nightmares had plagued him for weeks, turning night into a time to be dreaded. He tried to avoid sleeping at all, but that made him surly and snappish to the others, and there was no reason to take his frustrations out on them. So he tried sitting on the floor in a darkened living room, meditating like the Dali had instructed him to years before. When that didn't work, he tried exhausting himself in the boxing ring before bedtime, hoping the physical exertion would pull him deeply enough under to escape. When that didn't work, he tried a natural combination of herbs that an ex guaranteed would knock him out for hours.

When that didn't work, he was dragged kicking and screaming into his nightmares, fighting with all his strength against demons that were determined to have his soul.

Finally ripping himself out of the last torturous dream, he sat up on the bed, sweating profusely. He kicked the pillows out of his way as he stalked into the bathroom, turned the shower on, and stood under the spray, letting it beat on his shoulders.

After punishing his back with the hot water, Eliot stepped out of the stall and dried off, then dressed in jeans and a dark t-shirt. He put on his boots and grabbed his keys, then walked out into the dark night to his truck, thinking that maybe a drive would clear his head.

Hours later, as the sun just started to peek over the horizon, Eliot found himself driving up a twisting road that lead into the mountains. The scenery was beautiful; the lush green trees filled the hillside and birds soared in the thermals above, playing on the wind. He rolled his windows down, letting the fresh breeze rifle through his hair, sending it flying around his face, making him smile. The sun rose higher, and with it spread her graceful dance of lavender, pinks and oranges across the sky. Eliot was thankful that he decided to take the drive, if only to see that spectacular sunrise.

His peace was shattered by the angry honking of a horn behind him. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw another large truck behind him, swerving back and forth right on his bumper, the driver trying to pass and then apparently changing his mind. Eliot looked back at the road, unable to even see a shoulder wide enough to pull over onto to let this angry person pass. The road curved back and forth on itself, a sharp drop to the right and rocky hillside immediately to the left.

Eliot held his breath as the truck finally decided to pass, roaring up beside him on the inside of a turn. Side by side they rounded the bend.

Eliot knew that what he saw as they rounded the curve would be forever embedded in his nightmares, right along side the knives, guns and torture of his past. Right in front of them came a school bus, and in the other lane, another impatient person trying to pass.

As the tires of the four vehicles screamed Eliot had two thoughts running through his head: 'What are the chances of two morons on the same road?' and 'Will I get to kick their asses before I die?'