My first fanfic. Please tell me how I did.

As a brown haired boy walks down the streets, he can't help but notice his best friend. Her long flowing black hair and lavender eyes gleaming with happiness. She's holding hands with a certain blonde boy, the very boy she had been in love with for a very long time.

He never could help but smile when he'd seen her so happy. Whenever he made her made her laugh, it made him feel like he had accomplished something, something more important than his own life. Every time she giggled, blushed, stuttered, or even fainted, it filled him with happiness that nobody would ever be able to replace. Just the sound of her voice overwhelmed him with joy.

She was everything that he wasn't. He was loud, obnoxious, didn't think things out to well, and a bit incentive at times. She was smart, sweet, shy, caring, and beautiful. These were the very things that drove him to her the very day they were put on the same team, maybe even the day they met. He wanted to protect her and make her happy, even if that meant that she went with someone else. But why did it have to be that kid she fell in love with?

He never noticed her. The only time he ever paid attention and discovered why she stuttered and fainted around him was when she had nearly given her life away just for him, the boy who never even paid any attention to her. It filled the boy with anger to know that the only reason he even gave the girl a chance was because she almost died to save him. He only felt guilt and pity, nothing more. He felt guilt because he had never noticed her before, everyone knew that. Everyone knew except her. The blonde boy still loved a certain pink haired girl; everyone knew this, once again, except for the black haired beauty. She was too distracted by the thought that the boy of her dreams had finally accepted her.

This wasn't going to last long; the brown haired boy knew this. At one point, the blonde would have to let her go. A relationship could not last very long on guilt. He looked back to the girl. She looked so happy right now, with the boy she always dreamed of. Why couldn't she realize the way he felt for her? Why couldn't she pay attention to him instead of the boy next to her? It didn't matter, if he ever told her this, she might take it the wrong way or get confused.

If that boy ever hurt her, he would break his neck.

But for now, when she looked over to him, he simply smiled to make her feel more comfortable. He smiled to let her know that her best friend would always be there for her. He smiled to protect her from the feelings he had kept a deep secret for so long now. He smiled because she was happy, and that was all that mattered to him. Kiba Inuzuka smiled because he loved Hinata Hyuuga, and that would never change.