I have been working on this project for some time. It was meant to be posted in correlation with Summer of Simoun. Simoun Kindergarten is meant to be a collection of drabbles that focuses on the members of Chor Tempest as kindergarteners all in the same classroom. It's AU, and meant to be entertaining, playing on the girls' personalities and stories as young children. It's received wonderful feedback on LJ and now it can be posted here. I will be posting a drabble a day. Currently I have 66 finished and over 100 pages written. Timeline will be mentioned where applicable, but for the most part, I will post in the order these were written. What must come first is the "First Day" set, and so we begin with the teacher. Enjoy!

First Day: Teacher

The teacher looked around the classroom. She'd spent the last week preparing for this day, and finally things seemed to be in order. The toys had been taken out of storage and cleaned up, as well as disinfected. Her lesson plans were written up, and she had prepared a variety of first day activities for her new students that would hopefully help them to adjust to being in the kindergarten classroom without their parents.

The students had already been to visit the classroom a few days prior. They had met her and gotten to see the room. Some of them had met other classmates, and some had simply stayed with their parents, who had to complete paperwork for the school. She herself had been busy checking to make sure all the forms were completed, and sharing bits of conversation with her students. They had all appeared ready for school, eager to be in her classroom.

It was inevitable that there might be some tears. Rarely had she had a class where at least one student became homesick. She wondered if this year would be different. She would begin the year with eleven girls. It was a pretty average class size. Many of the girls who came in each year would go on to train to become Sibyllae, and many tended to end up in the same Chor. It had always amazed her how often that had happened.

She herself remembered that time as a young priestess, praying to the skies and blessing the villagers, fulfilling her duties to Tempus Spatium. She had enjoyed her time as a priestess and the teachers she had had that she had decided to become a teacher in turn. She had taken on the youngest group, the youngest minds to shape into future priestesses. It wasn't always easy work, but she loved her work and she loved her students.

Shaking her head, she brought herself out of her daydream. The hallway was starting to buzz with chatter. Students were starting to arrive, and she knew that soon her first student would walk through the door with a parent in tow, looking nervous and excited all at once. The student was sometimes shy about leaving the parent, but once they started to play, they usually forgot all about that shyness.

The teacher walked into the hallway, taking a peek. She was about as excited to see her new students as they were to see her. The beginning of a new school year was always refreshing. She had had some time in the summer to de-stress, as well as to make new lesson plans and modify others. After all, she was always on the lookout for new ways to teach the kindergarten group, knowing she could do better than the previous year.

Back inside she went, unable to keep still for very long. As she turned toward the door, she saw one of her students, entering a bit behind her mother. The girl seemed ready to want to run. The teacher smiled and walked over to the pair, kneeling down so that she was eye to eye with the girl. She wanted to call the girl by her name, but she had forgotten it. After all that time she'd spent memorizing the class roster to faces at the meeting! No matter. She would ask the girl's name.

Yun. Yun was her name. As she helped settle Yun's nerves, she rose to speak to the girl's mother, smiling and answering the questions about pickup and dismissal. It wasn't long before the mother was satisfied. She handed over Yun's things, and then left. The teacher realized in her hurry that she'd forgotten to show Yun how to put away her things. She did it for the girl this time, finishing as another parent walked in. Another school year had begun.

And so begins the craziness of Simoun Kindergarten. If you have any questions, let me know. Also, if you ever have any ideas for a drabble, let me know. I love getting ideas from others, and openly welcome them. Just let me know the character/s and the basic idea and I'll see what I can do. It's really helpful if you have a favorite character that I haven't given much love to!