Zombie Child

"Floe! Hold still!" commanded her mother as she continued to put the facial makeup on Floe. She could not believe that her daughter had insisted on being a zombie, but it had been her fault for letting the girl catch some of the horror movie marathon that had been on television the other night. Now she paid for it with the half dead girl she was creating.

"Grrrr….grrrr…." Floe tried her best at taking on a zombie persona.

"Floe, I wish you would listen to me. I can't get your makeup right if you don't hold still!"

"That's not my fault!" retorted the kindergartener.

Her mother sighed. "All right, Floe. I think you're ready. Are you sure you want to wear this all day long?"

"Duh! I can't be a good zombie if I take it off before lunch!"

"Run and fetch your bookbag then. We'll be off as soon as you have it." She watched Floe run for her bedroom. "I only hope your teacher knows what she's getting into today…" She mumbled the last bit so that Floe wouldn't overhear.

It goes without saying that Floe received many looks from passersby as she and her mother walked to school that morning. Her mother caught sight of the whispers shared and the disapproving looks from the adults. Floe only paid attention to the looks from the children. She grinned when an older girl commented her "cool zombie outfit!"

"See mom? I told you it was cool!"

"Yes, I know, Floe."

It wasn't long before the school was in sight and more students, all in costumes, were seen. Floe's was one of the few horror costumes. Many of the girls opted for something cute. Floe's mother had tried to do the same with her own daughter, but of course, her daughter would have no part in it. She didn't want to be cute or fluffy. She wanted to be scary, and a witch costume wouldn't cut it.

"What have we here?" cackled a voice as they approached the classroom.

The new voice made Floe jump, but she grinned when she recognized the witch outside the door as her teacher. "I'm a zombie, Teacher! I'm gonna eat your brains!"

"Aren't you a cute zombie!" exclaimed the teacher as Floe's mother was shaking her head.

"Zombies aren't cute!" protested Floe, stamping her foot on the ground. "Zombies are scary and eat brains! Don't you know anything? Sheesh."

"My mistake, Floe. Why don't you go inside and put your things in your cubby? I'm sure your classmates would love to see your costume." The teacher gave an apologetic smile. "You have a very good costume though. Try not to scare them too badly."

As Floe skipped inside the classroom, her mother began apologizing. "I'm sorry for Floe's costume. She insisted on being a zombie after she saw some of the horror movie marathon."

The teacher nodded and smiled. "I'm sure Floe will make it an interesting day for her classmates. I'm sure they won't forget Halloween this year." The teacher was almost certain that she wouldn't forget Halloween this year either… She could just imagine how some of the events would go. It wasn't promising.