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For Your Amusement

More than 9 years ago 6 friends started their annual summer trek to the amusement park starting a tradition. 8 years ago, 6 friends became 3 couples. As they graduated high school, college, and entered into their professional careers, their bonds strengthened. Today, 10 years later, they continue this tradition as 2 couples and 1 couple currently not on speaking terms.

A Good Way To Start The Day


Damn it! I've just woken up again in the middle of the night with the feeling that someone is watching me. It's happened a few times over the last couple of weeks. I wake up with a start only to find there's no one there. It's the same thing almost every single night with only a few variations, and it always starts the same.

I can see him staring at me from across the room as my eyes slowly focus on my surroundings. He hasn't done this for years, so what's he doing here, especially now? He's leaning against the wall at the end of my bed with his arms crossed over his chest, his right knee bent so his foot is resting flat on the wall, and he's looking at me like I'm something to eat. That gorgeous crooked smile just says it all.

Oh my! I know that look, and I'm definitely game for whatever's coming next. I bite my bottom lip in what I hope is a seductive manner and beckon him to the bed with my eyes. He pushes himself off the wall with his foot and uncrosses his arms as he saunters to the bed. I'm sitting up with my legs out straight in front of me, and he pushes them to the side slightly to make room for him to sit on the bed. He leans on his right arm over my legs almost pulling them to his side as if he wants to make sure I'm not going anywhere.

My breathing has become labored with his closeness, and I let out a heavy sigh trying to catch my breath.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, but I can't bring myself to say his name.

"I missed you, Bella" he whispers, raising a hand to my cheek. His fingers feather my skin as he moves my hair back from my face and tucks it behind my ear, his thumb stroking my cheekbone as he does. The familiar tingles that go through me as I feel his touch, centre themselves between my legs.

I exhale loudly and look at him through hooded eyes as he moves his face closer to mine ever so slowly.

"I just want to try something, don't move" he says softly. "Stay very still."

It seems to take years for him to get closer, but finally his mouth is within millimeters of mine. The hand that swept my hair molds to the back of my neck and pulls my lips to his and they touch softly. The kiss is gentle and chaste and conveys so much feeling that I feel a lump form in my throat. We separate slowly and he moves back in again to take my bottom lip in his mouth and sucks gently. Then everything changes. I pull my legs up and kneel in front of him grasping his face with both my hands.

"I've missed you, too." I choke out through the lump in my throat, and press my lips into his forcefully this time. The kiss is still chaste, but long as I pour my emotions into it. This time when we break and go back, our mouths are open and our tongues are fighting for control over each other, doing a dance together that they've done so many times in the past.

His hands come up to grasp my arms gently and now he's pushing my back onto the bed. His mouth never leaves mine as our tongues continue to battle each other. He's hovering over me with his weight on one hand and one knee as the other hand pulls the remaining covers away. He grasps my thigh, and trails his hand down my leg. It tickles a bit, and I giggle. He stands up suddenly and stares at me, and I think for a moment that I've upset him and this is now over, and oh god, I sooo don't want it to be.

But then he reaches behind his head and pulls his shirt off in one quick motion. I can't help the gasp that leaves my mouth as I see his beautiful chest again after so long. He leans over me again and I just have to reach up to lay my hands flat on his pecs. I trace the outline of them with my fingers as my thumbs graze gently across his nipples. They instantly harden under my touch.

That crooked smile is back as his hands find my waist and the hem of my shirt. He pushes it up slowly, his hands ghosting over the now heated flesh on my stomach. He stops before my breasts are exposed, and looks at me quirking his eyebrow with a question. He's actually asking if I'm ok with this. GOD YES! I smile and nod as I pull myself up enough for him to pull my shirt the rest of the way up my body and over my head.

He tosses my shirt on the floor with his, and comes back to the bed crawling over me eyeing my exposed breasts greedily.

"Scoot over" he commands as his knee pushes my buttocks more to the center of the bed. He rolls to lay to my right as he lies on his left side, his head resting on his left hand. His right hand is making sweeping motions across my bare torso and over my stomach, stopping each time it reaches one of my breasts to squeeze firmly and tug at my nipples. He stops to lean down and suck each of my nipples in turn into his mouth leaving them moist. As he pulls away, he blows across them gently making them so hard they almost hurt.

I'm still laying on my back, my hands resting at my sides like I'm paralyzed, just allowing him to do whatever he wants to me. He pushes his hips into my side as he leans down to attack my mouth with his tongue again, and I can feel his arousal against my right hand that lays motionless at my side. The hand that's exploring my body never stops it's ministrations and the sweeps across my stomach start to go lower, slowly dipping further and further below the waistband of the boy shorts I'm wearing.

Everything seems to be happening in slow motion, and it's all so erotic and sensual, I can feel my clit throbbing without even being touched. It's like he's scared to take that final plunge, so I let him know that I want to go to that next step by gently stroking the arousal I can feel next to my hand. I feel him moan into my mouth like he's in pain, but it's seems the gesture has created the desired effect as he undoes the button and zipper on his jeans and releases his cock enough for me to actually grasp it with my hand.

As I wrap my fingers around him, he appears to want to invade my body on all fronts. His tongue plunges deep into my mouth, as his hips thrust into my hand while his other hand makes the final sweep to its lowest point forcing the boy shorts down and firmly cupping my sex. We both moan at the multiple points of contact, and I raise my hips to allow him to remove my underwear completely.

His hand returns to my sex and nudges my thighs apart allowing room for his fingers to trace the slick folds. One finger slides inside me and I hum into his mouth while my finger finds the clear fluid I know is seeping from his cock and spreads it over the head before grasping him firmly to pump him a few times.

We've never taken things this slowly before and it's driving me insane with desire for him. I raise my hips into his hand encouraging him to give me more. I feel a second and then a third finger enter me, and then he makes that hooking motion as he pulls at my g-spot repeatedly. It's all too much for me and I actually let out a scream as my orgasm overtakes me, and I squirt all over his hand. Yes, it's a fact. Women can squirt, and in his capable hands, I've done it often.

Slow is good, but now I need him. I actually pull him by his erection indicating what I want and need right now. He moves over to kneel between my legs and shimmies his jeans and boxers down to his knees. He leans down over me again brushing his hardness over my sex as he claims my mouth one more time. I lift my legs and find purchase on his jeans, pushing them down the rest of the way.

He's supporting himself above me with his left arm while his right hand strokes himself with my juices still on his hand, and then he guides himself right to my waiting, throbbing entrance. He pushes slowly, like he's afraid of hurting me, but I raise my hips to engulf him quickly and it's almost too much for both of us. He's laying completely on top of me barely holding his weight off me and the feel of our naked skin in such complete contact makes me want to cry. I've missed this more than I ever would have thought possible.

He moves slowly, more in a circular motion than in and out and fuck if he's not going to make me come with just this small movement.

"Close your legs," he whispers in my ear as he moves his legs outside of mine never losing his place within me. We've done this before, and I think it only works because of his length, but god, do I love it. Every inch of him is touching every inch of me as he moves and the friction it's creating on my g-spot is enough to send me over the edge again. He pushes deep and hard to counteract my body's natural action to eject him through my orgasm. As I come back down to earth, he picks up his motions and I can tell he's close too. It's never a marathon like this, but it's so personal and intense, neither of us ever cared. Finally, I feel his body tense as he pushes as far into me as he can, and I feel every pulse of his orgasm as he fills me up. He collapses on top of me breathlessly sucking at my neck.

"Oh, Bella" he mumbles into my hair.

"Edward," I say softly as I stroke his back. It's the first time I've said his name that way for a while.

"Bella" I hear my name again, but it doesn't sound like him anymore.

"Edward?" I say again as more of a question this time.

"Bella!" I hear again, and this time I know it's not him. I know that voice, and how the hell she got into bed with me and Edward is beyond me. I feel my body shake and my eyes open slowly to reveal my best friend, Alice, standing over me with a smirk on her face. There's no Edward in my bed. Of course there isn't.

I'm lying in bed looking at my bedside clock that's telling me it's way too early for me to be awake. I don't have to be up for at least another hour, not that I really want to get out of bed anyway when that time does arrive. Today is not a day I'm looking forward to, and now I've got Alice standing over me with a look on her face that say 'uh huh, let's see you explain this'.

"Alice, what are you doing here?" I ask groggily. As I move in my bed, I become aware that some parts of my dream may have been quite real as I feel a decidedly uncomfortable wet spot.

"You know what today is, Bella. There was no way I was going to leave it up to you to get yourself up and ready to go. I know if you had it your way, you'd stay in bed all day and hide. Although from what I walked in on, maybe that would be more fun. " She's far too cheerful for this time of the morning. I bet she got some for real last night, and so she's teasing me because she knows I was dreaming about it…about him.

"Ugh, Alice. Why do I have to go? You know it's going to be awkward as hell, and I'd lay bets he is just as unhappy about this as I am." I pause for a moment. "Or maybe not, maybe he's looking forward to finding someone new on one of the rides."

Alice rolls her eyes at me, but then sits down on the bed and rubs my leg. She knows this is hard for me and a part of me really does want to go.

"Bella, I know you don't really mean that. I'm sure he just needs time. Now get your ass out of bed and in the shower. You need to wash that sex dream grime off you, and we need to go play!" she squeals.

I move out of bed, careful to keep the wet spot covered, hiding the evidence of just how good my dream was, and traipse out of my bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. A shower is just what I need to wash away the thoughts of my dream.

Every year since I was 16 years old, my friends and I have gone to the large amusement park that's not too far away from our little town here in Forks, Washington. This will be our tenth year doing this, it's a big deal. Every year we spend the whole day there laughing and going on rides and teasing each other about the rides that one of the others is scared to go on. Every year we have a blast, because we're all couples and we're all friends. Sorry, correct that, we were all couples and friends.

Our little group has been the same since our sophomore year of high school. There's my best friends Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale. There couldn't be three more different girls that got along so well. Alice is a little pixie with spiky hair to match. She's all spunk and energy and just wants everyone to be as happy as she is all the time, claiming she's 'seen' the time when we're all happy together in the future. Can you see my eyes rolling?

Rosalie is tall with long, blonde hair and a killer body and she knows it. To anyone who doesn't know her, she appears to be a stuck up, conceited bitch, but to us she's sweet and funny. Okay, she's still a bitch, but we love her. Me, I'm just plain old Bella Swan. I've got plain brown hair, plain brown eyes and I'm incredibly clumsy and awkward. Drop a pin on the floor, I guarantee you I will either trip over it or get it stuck in my foot.

Then there's Rosalie's twin brother Jasper who also happens to be Alice's boyfriend, or well, I guess fiancé now. He's as tall and as blonde as Rosalie, but his temperament is so much milder and he always seems to be the calming influence on everyone else. The irony being, the only person he can't seem to calm is Alice, or if he does, I'd hate to think what she'd be like without him around.

Rounding out our gang of six are the Cullen brothers, Emmett and Edward. Emmett was adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife, Esme, as a newborn, as they thought Esme couldn't have children. The day they took Emmett home she discovered she was pregnant with Edward. So there's about 7 months between them.

Emmett is married now to Rosalie and she's four months pregnant. She'll be a bundle of joy at the amusement park today. Her feet will hurt, and her back will ache and Emmett will probably end up carrying her piggyback style for most of the day. Emmett is clearly not biologically a Cullen because he's got dark hair and big muscles, and he's just…big. Carlisle is tall and blonde and slim and Esme is very slight and red headed.

Which brings us to Edward, who is the perfect combination of the two of them. His hair is the most interesting bronze color that in the right light looks like it has blonde highlights. It's completely unruly, and he always looks like he just got out of bed, or really just got out of bed, if you know what I mean. He's got the most beautiful green eyes that seem to want to look right into your soul and read all your most intimate thoughts. He's as tall as Carlisle with a very similar build, but with a little more definition to his muscles. He's sensitive and quiet, and loves nothing more than to read a book or play his piano.

Am I going on too much about him? Probably. You see, until about two months ago, we were a couple as well. We had been since our junior year in high school. That's nine years in case you weren't sure how long. NINE FREAKIN' YEARS! Seemed to me that we were headed down the same road as our friends…you know, marriage, kids. We'd had vague conversations about it over the years, but when Jasper and Alice got engaged and Rosalie announced she was pregnant, I brought it up again. Edward freaked on me and the next thing I know, I'm back at my dad, Charlie's house, Edward `'s at our house, yes OUR house, and we're not speaking. Alice is mad at Edward, Emmett's mad at me, Jasper's just trying to keep the peace between everybody, and Rose, well, Rose is just concerned with Rose.

Hence, this annual excursion is going to be interesting. I miss Edward. I still love him. I have no idea if he still loves me, or why he freaked out like he did. All I know is that I have to spend an entire day with him and the two other couples today because it's what we've done every year for ten years! All I want to do is go back to sleep and not get out of bed until this day is over. Of course, Alice would disown me if I did that, and I wouldn't get to see Edward.

We have avoided each other completely over the last two months and have not spoken at all. Anything I needed from the house I either got Alice to retrieve for me, or I went when I knew he wouldn't be there. I want to see him. I want to know that he's all right and not just have his brother tell me he is. Emmett thinks this is all my fault even though he doesn't really know what we're fighting about, at least not from me anyway.

It's all so stupid. I made one comment about Jasper and Alice getting married and Edward flew off the handle. He never said he didn't love me or want to be with me. He just said he needed space to think. I gave him his space and he hasn't asked me back into it. I'm tired of waiting for him to make his move.

I finally feel like I've washed the funk off in the shower, and when I step back into my bedroom, Alice envelops me in a tight hug.

"Everyone's here." She says. "He's here." She adds more meaningfully as she skips out of the room to let me get dressed. Ok, time to put a plan into action. I'm going to get Edward to talk to me today, and depending on how things go, we may even be back together by the end of the day. Enough mopey Bella. I'm taking control.

I pull out my best push up bra and matching thong underwear. I've got a great black mini skirt that flows and is not too short or inappropriate for an amusement park. Match that with my white tank top that shows a little too much cleavage and draws you to look at it with the little rhinestones around the neckline. Finish it all off with just a little bit of makeup, my hair blow dried a little on the wild side, and a nice pair of black wedge sandals just high enough to make my legs look great, but just low enough that I won't kill myself or be uncomfortable. Alice, my little shopaholic, fashion goddess will be so proud. I throw my bikini and a towel in my oversize purse and I'm ready to face the masses.

Okay, so maybe I'm just ready to face Edward. I've had enough of this pussyfooting around. I want to have sex again like I did in my dream, and the only one I can imagine doing that with is Edward. Of course, I want us back again too, but I have a more pressing need at the moment. I put my game face on and head downstairs.

Everyone is waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. Five pairs of eyes are staring at me as I walk down the stairs and straight out the front door. I hear Rose and Alice giggle as Emmett and Jasper make a wolf whistle sound, and then I hear Edward clear his throat like he's choking on something. They all follow me out of the house as I swing my hips in front of all of them.

Oh yes, Bella's got her game face on. Game on, Mr. Cullen.

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