Red Light, Green Light

By: ParamoreXO

While driving, most people hate it when the stoplight turns red, wanting it to turn green as fast as possible. Kevin and I, however, treasure each red light to come.

The roaring motor of Kevin's Camero began to shift to a rumbling purr as it rolled to a stop before a red light. The instant we weren't in motion anymore, we turned to each other, smiling wickedly. Out of all the red lights in Bellwood, this was our favorite because it made our "stop and go kisses", as we liked to call it, seem to last forever.

Kevin, whose seatbelt wasn't securely around him already, leaned over the compartment annoyingly separating our two seats to greet my lips with his own temptingly soft pair. The worn leather of my seat squeaked as I leaned over, too, carefully closing my eyes. Warm fingers brushing over my cheeks lightly, they soon found their way to tangle in my hair. When he kissed me his lips felt and tasted like a giant fluff cotton candy. They pressed against my lips with the grace of a butterfly. As I pressed my tongue through the slight opening of our mouths to meet his, the flavor of sugar sweet candy stained it instantly. When his tongue licked carefully against mine, that syrupy, honey-like taste of his lips bleached it with the yummy tinge.

He'd always been one to tease me with words but when it came to kissing me, he was downright relentless with his little games. Wrestling my tongue with his, my boyfriend tried to hold it down to the bottom of my mouth knowing it would aggravate me even the slightest. Slipping around his, I let him poke around my mouth as he lightly grazed each curve and bend. My heart felt like it was about ready to burst through my chest it was beating so hard. Every sensitive spot he had come to know so well in my mouth made an icy shiver zip through my spine when he would pass over it a certain skilled way.

It was like a battle between our tongues to see who could pin who down for ten seconds. It was our unspoken tradition. Every time we managed to hold the other down, we tapped tenderly on the spot where our hands had traveled during our kiss with our fingers.

I was cornered at the side of my cheek.

One…Two…Three… with each mind fogging tap against my jaw, his fingers motioned in feather-soft circles across my creamy flesh.

I struggled to break free, trying to find any way possible to slip out. He blocked every single counter I tried, though. Over our many sessions of practicing, we'd gotten good together. Who knew kissing could be such an enjoyable challenge?

Four…Five… Finally, I broke free of his grasp, our tongues tumbling into his mouth like the crammed junk in my messy cousin Ben's closet would if he ever dared to open that forbidden door. Just as my wild adventure had begun, though, a horn blared behind us, shattering the spell.

Breaking apart, Kevin wiped off the corner of his mouth with his sleeve, "Go time."

The best part about our "stop and go kisses" was that I was always left hanging with thoughts of what else that kiss had held for us. It was like the instant our lips connected, we took a plunge off of a never ending cliff. The screaming wind in our ears and sensation of freefall was the rush of it all, and then… we'd managed to grab a branch that had been sticking out of the side. Our kiss momentarily postponed, the adrenaline junkie in me wanted to take another dive off the side of that cliff, not fully satisfied with our last dip.

Smiling to myself, I realized that no less than a few yards ahead there was another stoplight towering over us.

"I love red lights," Kevin laughed as he leaned over to claim my lips once again in victory, seeing if he could pin me any longer this time.

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