"Kevin! I really have to—"

Interrupted by the heat of his mouth filling her own, Gwen nearly forfeited her train of thought, only comprehending the tangible wants and needs pressed flush against her. Fisting the front of his shirt, she forced Kevin far enough to keep his lips off hers, but it wasn't enough to stop his intimate intentions.

"Oh c'mon," he sighed, catching her gaze with his lust laden eyes, not even trying to be discreet about the way his hands trailed up the insides of her thighs. "You can afford to miss one karate practice."

"No," she forced, the strangled syllable broken up in her throat, "I can't."

Her breath hitched when his fingers plowed beneath her hiked up skirt and clamped around the fabric that hung off her hips.

"I don't think you understand how turned on I am right now." He felt like he was talking through a mouthful of gravel. "You're at the wheel this time. We only really mess 'round in my ride."

"Kevin," she warned with an air of exasperation, splaying her hands flat across his chest. Her arms gave way, however, when her seat began to sag with his weight as he slid over the middle console. Pushed back against the door of the driver's side of her car, Gwen reached behind her to level out the seat, hissing in pain through gritted teeth when their knees knocked sharply together.

"What are you—" Kevin breathed against her neck, eyes wandering down her arm before they both suddenly fell to the side as the back of the seat gave way. Twisting over him, Gwen sat resolutely on the front of his jeans to hold him down, nearly moaning out loud when a metal button caught on lace. Blood flushed her cheeks, giving them a rosy hue in the waxing moonlight that filtered through the window.

Her words shivered through his body, "Wanna do a quickie?"