Ah, the beginning of a new fancy. This isn't PV based, takes place in England 1815ish, and I just happen to fancy the idea greatly. Heads up now: as much as I love this story, it's on the bottom of my priority list, although it should bump up soon and resume the correct number of words per chapter (yeah, this one is on the slim side). I've just been really in the mood for something dark, broken, and potentially smutty. Yes, I don't know where the rating will go.

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Kaito sat on the edge of the grand bed, his face cradled in his hands. He couldn't bear to turn around; what had he just done?

No, he didn't dare turn around and see the answer for himself, although he knew what it would be: her still body, her silent tears. She would be as he had left her: broken; used; ravaged. He had finally done it, caved into his primal desires, and how sweet it was. How significant it had been!

His hands pulled back through his blue locks. He started to turn his head to look back at her, but stopped and returned his face to his palms. If he had known that it would come down to this—the crumbs of a false and unrequited romance sprawled across dirty sheets—would he have prevented it?

Would he have ever allowed her to enter his life?

From the very beginning?

"Luki, I still don't see why we have to be here," Kaito said in the same incredulous tone that came whenever he talked to his pink-haired friend.

Said friend looked over his shoulder with a mischievous smirk. "It's your fault, really. Always sticking to your strict ethical beliefs." He turned his gaze back to in front of him and continued to lead the walk down the path to Viscount Gackpoid's house. "He just happens to be housing an interesting exhibit right now," he started, clearly getting a kick of what Kaito did not understand, "And I happen to have a fancy for human reactions."

Kaito resisted rolling his eyes, if only because that would make sense for the outrageous things often said by his peer. Taking in his surroundings, he began to notice a strange lack of attendance to the Viscount's home. If there was truly such a spectacle being housed there, then where were the attendees. He looked to the back of his friend's head, but refrained from asking seeing as approaching the front entrance.

Luki walked up to the door, knocked once, and turned, his expression assuring that one knock was all it took. The door opened to a butler—silver hair tied back and intimidating red eyes framed by glasses—that simply raised an eyebrow to their presence on the door step. "Lord Gackpoid is busy in his study," he said, offering less than a warm welcom.

The foul-mouthed, gutter-brain of the group merely presented his half smirk, half grin before he said, "I have an invitation to the Esclave Exhibit, if you would." Then he presented a plain card from his pocket, an unknown seal imprinted upon it. The man took the card without question and began to wordlessly lead them into the wealthy house. Kaito followed his friend in, but his mind begged to ask just what they were going to see. He could only stare wide-eyed at Luki's back, praying for an answer as to why he used the word "esclave," but returned to his normal solemn expression when he gave up waiting for prayer to be heard.

God, let it be a codename. Just a play of words by uneducated men who didn't know what they were saying.

God, answer this one request.

Through the house, just before the servant's quarters began, they paused before starting again through a fine wood door. They began to descend down stairs into what Kaito assumed was a cellar apart from the main one. As he passed the door, he saw the other half of it was actually made of some kind of heavy metal. His blood began to chill as did the temperature. The decending path was lit by wall candles just enough to see where one was going, but he almost didn't want to be able to. This exhibit, shouldn't it have been held in the ball room or even the front parlor? Instead, they were being led into a cellar.


Kaito briefly shut his eyes to cleanse his mind of that word. Perhaps ignorance really was a blessing. It was blessing that he hoped they had and he was deprived of. Lord, if he was the truly ignorant one then let him be blessed forever. His hand twitched to loosen the cravat around his neck, but remained at his side. His gloves felt excruciatingly tight as well. They were nearing the bottom of the steps; he could feel it.

"I hope you understand," their escort started, using this opportunity to speak, "That what you see does not leave here. This is a gentleman's exposition. Breech our agreement, and consequences will be dealt." He stopped walking, pausing in his outline of the guidelines. A door creaked loudly signaling it had been opened as a stench of mold and sweat quickly followed it. Kaito saw Luki glance back at him with excited, sky-like eyes, just waiting to gauge his reaction. "This, gentlemen, is the Esclave Exhibit. Prices are negotiable."