Kaito sat in the in his study, a glass of brandy comfortably in his hand. He had just gotten back from the exhibit and knew that the best company at a time like this was one that wash everything away. He idly swirled the dark liquid, looking past it into the cold, unlit hearth. Luki had refused to ride back to his estate with him, saying that he would bother the Count for a horse, so Kaito had gone back alone with Luka, the girl he purchased.

His lips instantly bent into a frown upon remembering. He had bought a human life as if it was common goods; he was now no better than the scum that captured and sold those women. He took no time in taking a large drink from his glass, the harsh substance burning as it went down. It felt as if it could burn away the words that he was threatening to say; a confession of what he had done.

God, what he had done. It had cost a small fortune to purchase the girl, enough to commission a new ship to be made for his business, but it was done. Perhaps he could think of it as saving her from such conditions? Yes, he had liberated her from being a slave and he could be proud of that. His mind wandered back to when they had first arrived at his own estate. She listened well enough, had gotten out of the carriage as she was told, but would not follow him inside. She had just stood there staring emotionlessly at his home. He had quickly appointed one of the girls working for him, Gumi, as her handmaid who then led her inside and to one of the guest rooms.

She would be unable to live on her own, that much he knew. Even if she could, there was the chance that someone from her past might recognize her and capture her again. No matter how he looked at it, the girl named Luka was still a prisoner. All he could do was take care of her as if she wasn't and hope that one day she would open up. Isn't that why he made the rash decision to buy her, though? To repair the broken girl?

He took another drink from his glass, finishing it. What was he thinking? Was he trying to be some sort of white knight? It was impossible. And then there was Kaiko, his younger sister. Since their parents were no longer around and he was made the Marquess Ravencliff, it was up to him to make sure that she had a good debut in the upcoming season. What would she think about the girl? Heck, even if he said she was just a guest that would only go so far. Anyone could see there was something wrong about her; she came from a world different from their own.

His eyes were still focused on the empty fireplace, as if he were waiting for something to appear there. What was to happen now? The weight of what he had done comfortably rested itself upon his shoulders and being. The thick glass fell from his hand and onto the carpeted floor unbroken as he lost the strength-or was it will?-to hold it any longer. Perhaps what he needed to do was go see Luka himself.

Kaito ran a hand over his forehead before standing up and leaving the quiet study. Outside the door he found Kiyoteru Hiyama, his butler. He was calm sort of man, one pleasant enough to talk to, but too soft in his opinion. "Hiyama," the Marquess started, "Where is Lady Luka presently?"

He could see the curiosity behind the man's glasses as he hesitated before answering, "The viewing parlor, My Lord."

The Marquess nodded once before heading out into the hall, down the stairs, and down another hall to the parlor that had an overlooking view of the garden. He stopped in front of the open door, looking in to the girl he had bought sitting on the beige sofa. Her absent eyes were focused on an empty candy dish in the center of the table before her. He noticed that she was no longer wearing the dirtied dress from earlier, but one of Kaiko's. It was too small everywhere and seemed to just barely go over her, especially on her bosom. He looked back up to her face, taking note to buy her clothes later.

"My Lady," he said, alerting her of his presence. She gave no reaction as he walked into the room and took a seat in one of the two armchairs across from her. Kaito placed his temple to his fingertips, as if resting his head, while looking at her. What was he to do now? He thought he would know when he saw her, but there was no such thing; nothing came to mind even when he was faced with the unresponsive girl. She reminded him of a living doll.

"Is there anything you would like during your stay here?" he asked, carefully observing her for any sort of reaction.

There was none.

"I can't help but notice that you will need your own clothes," he started, using whatever he could to try and make conversation, "Would you mind going out with me later?"

Still no reaction.

He sighed to himself and ran his hand behind his ear before settling it on his lap. "Your name is Luka, right?" It had occurred to him that that might not even be her original name. It could have very well been some pet-title that the scum in her past had given her and he didn't want to refer to her by such a name.

He watched as she lifted her gaze from the candy dish, the rest of her still unmoving, to look at him with those blank eyes; they were such a warming blue. He only wished he could see those same eyes hold some sort of emotion one day. She turned her head away from him, looking out into the garden, her dirty hair falling over her shoulder. Well, at least she had made some sort of reaction.

He sighed to himself again before standing up, a tired feeling washing over him already. The sun was just beginning to set and he had done most of his work earlier, so he supposed he could retire early for the day. He would try talking with her again tomorrow, when he placed the order for her clothes and saw that she was properly taken care of. For now, Kaito wanted to rest and forget about the day. Forget about twisted exhibit he had seen. Forget about the darker sider to his close friend.

Forget about the broken life he had purchased.