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Chapter One: Back Home


Our first year of college was over. Finally.

I had been freaking out during finals time. Luckily, I had Freddie to help keep me calm. He seriously needs a fiance of the year award-not that I'd ever tell him.

I smiled at the memory of Freddie's proposal on the fire escape in August.

I admired the simple diamond ring my Uncle Carmine managed to get for Freddie. The Puckett clan has really accepted Freddie with open arms.

"What are you grinning about?" Freddie asked me as he drove us all home.

"I wasn't smiling."

"Yes you were," Carly said. "She was also gazing at the ring," she added for Freddie.

I turned around and glared at her.

Freddie chuckled. "She always looks at the ring."

"Stop looking all stuck up!" I yelled.

"Well, I wouldn't be snotty if you didn't give me a reason to be." He smiled sweetly at me.

It was so hard to stay mad at him. And the jackass knows I can't stay mad. He kissed my cheek at a red light to make up for it.

Carly sighed. "You guys are too cute."

"You could be cute too if you didn't dump Griffen," I said to her.

After our first semester of college, Carly kicked Griffen to the curb. She refused to tell us why. It was just like when Griffen dumped her last year and wouldn't say why. It turned out he did it because he thought Carly's too good for him.

They're the most idiotic couple ever. Freddie and I predicted they would get back together and break up several more times.

"Here we are!" Freddie said as we pulled into Bushwell Plaza's parking lot.

"Thank God," I said. It's nice to know that we won't be leaving again in twenty-four hours."

All year-except on vacations-we would come home every Friday to do iCarly then head back to school the next morning. We did this so Carly could party at the frat houses. Carly was such a party whore.


Sam and I dropped our stuff off at my place. Sam was staying with me and my mom during the summer. She didn't feel like dealing with her mom and her twin sister Melanie.

"Come on, let's go see Becky and the twins," Sam said as she dragged me across the hall.

As she opened the door, a voice yelled, "Sammie!"

It was Sam's favorite cousin, Becky. Becky had married Spencer almost two years ago. Last year, she gave birth to twins. Rosie and Roarke's birthday was in two weeks.

Rosie waddled to me with open arms screaming, "Fweddie!"

I picked up the little girl. She got both her parents' brown hair, but not their brown eyes like Roarke did. She has Sam's eyes.

"Hey, Rosie," I said.

"Fweddie," she cooed happily as she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck.

Rosie freaking loves me. Carly once said it's because she's a lot like her mom and Sam. For some reason, Becky adores me.

i looked over at Sam and Becky who were still hugging.

I walked over to Roarke who was playing with blocks.

"Hi, Big Guy," I said to him. He just responded with a huge smile.

Roarke is the shy twin. He knows as many words as Rosie, but chooses not to speak. Rosie, on the other hand, is always in your face.

"Yo, Freddie," Becky said after she detached herself from Sam. She ruffled my hair and asked, "How'd finals go?"

"Fine," I said. "How's the match making business?"

After Becky moved to Seattle, she became a match maker. She's ridiculously good at knowing which two people are meant for each other. She's the reason Sam and I finally got together.

"I went to the wedding of one of my matches Sunday. They're my twenty-sixth successful couple. I kick so much ass at this job."

I smiled. "I don't doubt that."

We heard giggling and saw Sam spinning Roarke around. The twins love her to death.

"OK, twins, nap time," Becky announced.

"I'll take Roarke up," Sam told her.

"Come on, Rosie," Becky said to her daughter.

Rosie started to cry. She usually enjoyed naps. But I was there, and she refused to leave my side.

"Oh Jesus Christ," Becky mumbled. "If you don't let go of Freddie, you won't get a snack when you wake up."

That made Rosie cooperate.


After Sam and Freddie left-Mrs. Benson made some ham-I helped Becky plan Rosie and Roarke's first birthday party. Spencer was upstairs playing with them.

"So who's coming?" I asked.

"Some kids from their day care," Becky told me.

"Has Rosie beaten any up lately?"

"She threw a lego at one little boy yesterday."

I laughed. Rosie has a tendency to abuse other children. Roarke is always nice to those kids after. He's such a sweet little guy.

"Who else?" I wanted to know.

"Family and family friends. You know, Socko, Gibby, Tasha, and Griffen."

"Griffen?" That was going to be awkward. Especially because of the break up.

"Well, duh. He loves the twins. He visits all the time and babysits when Gibby and Tasha are unavailable. Speaking of Griffen..."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Bitch, you have to. I've been holding off asking since you dumped him. Poor guy's heart is broken."

"Serves him right after dumping me last year."

"Why'd you dump him?" Becky asked.

"I refuse to tell you." I turned away from her to watch the TV. I could feel her glaring at me. I didn't want to give into her. I would not give her the satisfaction.

After five minutes of glaring, she started to poke my arm and yell, "TELL ME!" over and over.

I gave in after two minutes. "OK! I'll tell you! Jesus! You're like a five-year-old."

Becky clapped happily.

"I broke up with him because, um, I was afraid he'd cheat on me with some art school chick."

Becky gave me a disgusted look and yelled, "WHAT?"

"I was-"

"Don't repeat it! Are you a fucking idiot?"

"Excuse me?"

"Carly, if anyone was to cheat, it would be you."

I gasped. How dare she say that?

"Don't look so shocked," Becky said. "You were the one who cheated on Freddie when you dated him."

"That was, like, forever ago. Plus Freddie and I weren't that into each other anymore."

"But you were still the cheater. Was there any evidence that he would cheat?"


"Exactly. For a smart girl, you act really stupid sometimes."

There was more to it all than that, but I wasn't ready to tell anyone yet.


I was fresh out of the shower and, as usual, in a pair of Freddie's pajamas. I laid down on the bed.

"You living here was a good idea," Freddie said.


"I'll finally have my pajamas again."

I punched his arm. "Your obsession with pajamas is unhealthy." Last year, I would always steal Freddie's pajamas. He would always make a big stink about me never returning them.

Mrs. Benson opened the door. In high school, we agreed to never close Freddie's door. She didn't want us doing the nasty. But since I was actually living there, we decided we should be able to close it. Though she checked on us every five seconds.

"You two going to bed?" she asked.

"Yes, Mom," Freddie said. He was annoyed by all this as well.

"Sam, I see you're in Freddie's pajamas again."

"Yeah. So?"

"I'm just happy they won't be disappearing anymore."

"Jesus Christ! What is it with you Bensons and pajamas?"

"Young lady! There will be no swearing in my house."

"Shut up, Crazy. Now close the door so we can go to sleep."

She growled, but did as I said.

"I'm buying a lock tomorrow," I said to Freddie.

"Please do so. I needed one since I was twelve."

"Because you needed some happy time with yourself?"

"Shut it, Puckett!"

I laughed and he began to stroke my hair.

"Goodnight, Frederly," I said then drifted off to sleep.

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