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Demon world, I wasn't scared of it or its citizens.

I'm not just your average girl either, just a demon obsessed with fire. Let's just say it's my specialty, not only am I a fire demon but a pyro at heart.

I always seem to find my soothing, calm self while lying by the beautiful lake.

Let's just say my life is not as simple as it seems. I'm always getting hunted down for assassin duties or thievery. What can I say? I was taught by the best.

"Hey! THERE SHE IS!" yelled a demon from far off the lake from where I was laying.

"Here we go again." I simply said, while getting up as fast as I could. I took off running for the nearby forest off towards the nearest town. I could find a hiding place there because this hasn't been the first time doing this. I jumped over tree trunks and could tell this guy was mad. He was never going to give up.

'Oh how I was they were with me again. It was a lot easier to lose them in a group than on my own.' I thought.

Knowing that a town had to be ahead I decided that maybe some fire might add some fun with this. I quickly realized there was a branch hanging down. I grabbed it and jumped up into the tree. I realized him looking up at me yelling words that I couldn't understand.

"Blah, blah, blah. Eat this." I said, throwing fire down at his face. He screamed so loud it made the ground rumble. He ran opposite of the town and once he was out of sight I jumped down and continued to run towards the town ahead.

After I reached there, I quickly slid through a market shop and picked up a cloak. With no one noticing, I put it on and stuck the hood on my head. Another safe get away, Check.

As I walked down the street, I could hear in the distance a voice just like his. I quickly walked closer and my ears twitched. It was his voice, I just knew it. The one I fell in love with.

Yoko Kurama.

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