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The scenery was familiar to the three girls. The red haired girl looked around and said, "Isn't this…?" The blue haired girl looked lost in thought but soon slowly nodded, "It is, isn't it?" The brown haired girl looked around and agreed with the other two, "This is…Cephiro."

"But how, why are we here! Fuu, Umi do you two have any idea!" The red haired girl panicked running around waving her arms frantically. The blue haired girl known as Umi sighed.

"Well obviously we don't know that or else we'd be telling you Hikaru!" she said exasperated. The brown haired girl known as Fuu began to walk around and looked at the forest before them.

"This is the Forest of Silence…why were we sent here…how could we be sent here without us wanting to?" she asked herself.

"Well you already know that as long as you willed it you could always come back…but this is not your own doing. You are currently here in a dream and your physical bodies are still on Earth. I have summoned you here to tell you something of great importance." A voice said as if it were a rustle of the leaves.

"Who's there and what are you talking about!" Hikaru yelled ready for a fight. Umi and Fuu got into battle stances as well even though none of them had weapons with them. But no one answered them and they became confused.

"A new evil has come to the land of Cephiro and even if you believe the people of this land can defeat it alone you are unfortunately wrong. They need you, the Magic Knights, and your Runegods. You also need the help of your fellow friends and even me…" The voice said quieting down to a whisper.

The three girls looked at each other and relaxed themselves. They looked around but still no sign of any other person besides them. "Won't you please show yourself, or at least tell us your name?" Fuu asked gently. The trees rustled as a great gust of wind went through them. The voice began to say something once more.

"I am…" But it was drowned out by the wind and the three girls were returned back to their bodies on Earth.