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Previously on A New Start

"Why! Why would we have to do that?" Hikaru asked not entirely willing to give up Rayearth. 'In order to remove Raika you cannot be bonded to the magic and souls connected to Cephiro. Also because you had first gained your things from Clef and his power is not what can defeat Raika…sorry squirt' He just shook his head and did not speak for he didn't quite know what to say. "Then what the heck DO we use!" Umi cried upset she'd have to let go of Celes.

Before Reina could explain any further LaFarga, Caldina, and Presea returned with tea and snacks. "So what did we miss?" Caldina asked energetically. Reina offered a polite smile as she grabbed a small chocolate muffin that Presea had learned to make from Fuu. 'Nothing much, we shall discuss more after a small break everyone, I believe that we all deserve it.' And with that she began eating and poured more tea into her cup. Everyone else, save the people who came in, being a bit mentally drained joined and would wait until later for things to clear up.

Chapter 5

While drinking some of his tea, Clef looked over Reina's features once more, her long turquoise hair which was darkening as the sun was beginning to set, her now older facial features but the neutral expression on her face was always the same, and her purple and silver eyes…wait…purple and silver?

"Reina…what happened to your eye?" he asked worry evident in his voice as he pointed to one of his eyes to show which one he meant. For a split second her eyes shifted and darkened before returning to a more blank look. 'What do you mean?' she replied obviously trying to avoid talking about it.

"Hmm now that I notice it, didn't Eagle say Reina had GOLD and silver eyes not purple?" Umi added in and Reina knew she couldn't avoid answering this time. 'It's only a small…miscalculation or side effect on my part. There's nothing special about it.' Reina hesitated as she answered as if she wasn't telling the whole story but Clef let it drop and so did Umi. Fuu finally done drinking her tea decided to be the next one to break the silence.

"Reina-San? You say that we have to part with all that makes us Magic Knights including our Runegods but when you first called to us did you not say that we needed our Runegods to fight?" This comment made Hikaru and Umi look up in slight hope. 'Unfortunately…that was also a miscalculation on my part…I never expected Raika to gain such power in such a short time'

"But it seemed like Raika was weaker than you when we faced that shadow," Umi commented. 'Yes, but as I said the shadows are only excess energy and as such they should have only produced one gray sphere but this one had made multiple signifying the power level has increased.' Everyone seemed to still be very confused but Reina made no indication that she was going to clear things up.

"Reina-Chan you seem to just keep making more mysteries, ya know?" Hikaru pointed out actually making a clever observation. Abruptly Reina stood up and calmly left the room towards the gardens outside. "Umm did I say something wrong?" she turned chibi-like and waved her hands frantically.

Silence swept the room and Clef made his way to follow Reina as Lantis assured Hikaru she did nothing wrong. Umi watched as Clef left fully ignoring Ascot's attempts to grasp her attention. Clef…is she that important?

Reina crouched down as she plucked a single camellia rising as she twirled it around her fingers. She felt his presence before she saw or heard him and making sure his was the only mind that heard her she spoke. 'Why did you follow me?' Both knew she was not speaking about now but rather about the time in the past. He looked around nervously for once not knowing what to say.

"…I-you were….are important to me," he started to say as he looked at her face. She had a neutral expression but her eyes they seemed to be searching his or perhaps searching his soul. He didn't know how to continue or what he was trying to say in the first place and she shook her head understanding he was speechless.

'You're important to me as well squirt…well I can't exactly say that seeing as you're now taller than me which I find unfair,' and she let a small smile grace her lips as she walked towards him. He was unsure what to do as he stood frozen but she only passed him as she tapped his arm before leaving him some words. 'I didn't intend to but I heard some thoughts from someone about you and so I wish you the best of luck Clef as well as my blessings in place of Hanabi and Guren.' He turned to look at her but she had already disappeared further into the garden. A voice called out from the other entrance.

"Hey no-longer-a-shortie! Are you and Reina done yet or do I need to drag you guys back in here?" Umi walked into the garden obviously annoyed. "You know we've been waiting for ten minutes and-wait where's Reina?" she looked puzzled. "Oh…sorry didn't mean to take so long…" Clef replied a little detached from reality.

Umi walked towards him and laid a gentle hand on his shoulder looking up at him. "You okay?" He only nodded but she pursued the matter just a little more. "I mean I may not be the most sensitive person you could talk to, because that'd be Fuu, but I'm here to listen to anything you want to say." Clef sighed and sat at one of the benches in the garden gesturing her to sit next to him.

"It's been so long since I've seen her and I…just don't know what I'm even suppose to say to her…I don't know how to tell her how much I've missed her even though she made me forget about her this whole time, I've always felt like something was missing." He confided in her. She looked at the ground with a sad look before placing a smile on her face and patting him on the back.

"Just tell her Clef, and I'm sure she'll understand what you're trying to tell her. After all you two are family right?" she assured him putting just a tiny bit of emphasis on the word family. He nodded and started to absently walk back into the room. I guess I should tell her about how much I've missed her but besides that who's this girl she was talking about earlier?

Left alone to collect her thoughts she let a small sigh escape her lips. "Why does this have to hurt so much?" she asked out loud to no one in particular but someone answered. "Probably because you're going through the same thing as I am Umi-san." She looked towards the entrance and saw Ascot walking towards her then taking a seat next to her.

Umi took a moment to observe him, he was still taller than her in his current form and his bangs still covered his eyes. He also kept his clothes as well as his hat. She was about to shake her head before she realized that perhaps he was right. "How can you keep trying if it hurts this much then Ascot?" He looked at her with a sad smile before answering.

"Because you're worth trying for Umi-San and you saved me from becoming an even worse brat than I already was." A wistful tone was present as he added, "But I see that if I really do love you I'll support you in what I believe can really bring you happiness. I've seen how you've always looked at him so I'll support you." He was smiling now as he came to a calm acceptance about this.

She was going to cry, she just knew she was so she got up quickly and with a small whisper of gratitude she ran back inside to wipe her eyes before anyone could notice.

"I guess I really am an idiot huh.." Ascot looked up as he leaned back on the bench to be greeted with another sight. 'I don't quite think you're an idiot Ascot.'

Popping out of nowhere Ascot fell forwards and was sprawled across the floor. She smiled a little before putting a helping hand out in front of him which he took. "So you heard all of that Reina-San?" She nodded and did not release his hand as she tugged him forward deeper into the garden. It was a little strange since she was even shorter than Umi making Ascot loom over her slightly.

They walked in silence for a bit as they entered a labyrinth in the garden. "Umm…so where are we going?" he asked a little worried they'd get lost.

'Somewhere…nowhere…perhaps anywhere but here.' It was left at that as they made their way to the very center of the maze where a fountain and even more benches awaited them.

She dragged him to one of them and sat them together as she finally let go of his hand. She's pretty strong for someone so little. 'You should guard your thoughts more carefully because I heard that.' There was no anger in her tone only slight amusement.

"Uhh so…well…I don't actually know what to say and this is kind of strange considering we don't really know each other at all." Ascot began rambling before a sharp look from her stopped him. "You want me to pour my heart out about Umi-San, don't you?" and she nodded.

"How should I start…" but she laid a hand onto the top of his head and Ascot could feel like something or someone was delving into his mind. Memories of Umi-San and the Magic Knights flashed before his eyes and he could tell what she was doing.

Finally she pulled her hand away and Ascot was left in a slight daze before he looked at her feeling a little violated, 'Sorry but I just found it easier and faster than you stuttering throughout your entire story' It was blunt but it was also true so he could do nothing but sigh.

"Well now that you know everything what else am I here for?" He looked at her and understood her reasoning now that had all those flashbacks. "You're trying to tell me that all this time I was looking for a mother figure in her?" and as he spoke he realized that was exactly what he was trying to do. He craved the warmth that her smile had given him as well as praise from anything he did correctly

'I'm not here to tell you anything, just to let you find something out you already knew…which kind of doesn't make sense but oh well.' and she smiled at him making Ascot embarrassed for needing help to find out his true feelings like this in the first place.

"Thank you Reina-San," and he looked at her, his face flushed in embarrassment. 'Like I said, I didn't do anything but you're welcome kiddo!' She ruffled his hair and it occurred to him that maybe she was using him as a replacement for her younger brother but he let it slide as he relished in the warmth her hand left as she brought it back to her. He stood up and placed his hand out towards her, "Shall we go then?" and this time she was the one taking it.

A few hours passed and they seemed to be walking around in circles. 'We're lost aren't we…' "We're not lost! We're just…directionally challenged at the moment!" She stared at him with a disbelieving look. "Okay yes we're lost…" and the most unbelievable thing happened, she laughed. It was only once and it was so quiet it could have been mistaken as a cough. But she actually laughed, Reina realized it too and look confused.

'That didn't happen…just like how we're not lost, agreed?' He smiled down at her and nodded. They started walking again until they finally reached the end of their long journey. "That was actually pretty fun," Ascot let slip out and she looked at him like he was crazy.

'I didn't realize that after all the years I've been gone that it became fun to be lost.' He shook his head, "I meant…never mind. We should hurry and get back so you can tell us what Umi-San, Hikaru and Fuu are suppose to do to defeat Raika!" Ascot started running still hand-in-hand with Reina as she shot him a confused look.

Yes…that's right we need to get rid of Raika so there isn't time for fun but… Reina looked at Ascot's face as she ran to keep up with him and saw he was smiling. I guess it won't hurt for just a little while longer. So she allowed herself to smile as well until they reached the entrance of the room where she let go of his hand.

'Thank you Ascot, I'll be sure to remember today even after everything.' Reina entered turning everyone else's stares at her while Ascot stared at her form confused before following.

'Sorry for the wait everyone, Ascot and I had run through some…difficulty and were late in coming back' This earned some confused stares from Umi and Clef wondering how they had ended up coming back late together.

'And seeing as how late it's getting so late I suggest we pick this up in the morning.' Hikaru and Umi were both about to protest until Clef and surprisingly Ascot added, "I agree with Reina." Clef looked at Ascot before walking towards Reina to show her to where she'd be sleeping. Umi looked at Clef with a sad stare before walking to her old room and everyone else started leaving as well.

'I'll see you tomorrow Ascot,' and Ascot grinned as he watched her leave. He started walking to his own room but not before remembering something Reina had said earlier and had thanked him. Why did she thank me…and what did she mean 'after everything'? But not having anything to go by he let the questions fade and couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

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