It was that time of year again; extra curricular selection time. Students crowded around the board. Reluctantly, Tory Blake was one of the individuals standing by the board, reviewing the choices. With a pen in his hand, really he just intended on glancing at the board and leaving, informing his mother that there wasn't anything that interested him.

He gave his blank stare another 3.5 minutes and jotted down a few scrap ideas and violently crossed them out.

This should be enough to get mom off my back, Tory decided. After scratching his head once, he turned away and began to maneuver through the crowd. But in a mere two steps through the crowd, the red head managed to collide with a smaller body.


"Oh, hey Colin, signing up for something?"

Somehow any train of thought going through Tory's mind seemed to have crashed when the shorter boy look up at him through his dark fringe. "Yeah," there was a pause, and the world continued around them until Colin broke the spell.

"So what're you signing up for?" Colin asked casually.

Six words, or seven if it wasn't abbreviated, Tory internally swooned. On his exterior he cleared his thoughts, willing blood from his cheeks. After coughing once and fidgeting with the pen in his hand, Tory responded, "I was just taking a look, my mom told me to at least see if there's anything that interests me."

Colin was silent, and seemed to be trying to look past him.

"Eh..sorry," Tory said, scratching the back of his head, "I'll move." The red head shuffled to the side, bumping shoulders with another who gave him a dirty look.

Colin shook his head, "It's okay, just turn around."

Confused, but willing, Tory did as he was told and turned the face the board. He wondered if Colin was in the same situation as him; was Doctor Garret just making him more extroverted? That couldn't be right, that would affect the Gaia Project and—

Tory's rambling thoughts were interrupted by a sudden pressure against his back.

"W-what are you doing?" Tory demanded. He turned back enough to see Colin, but not enough to throw the smaller boy off.

"Obviously I need something to write on, just stay still."

Colin kept a hand on the paper in order to steady it. Tory could feel the warmth of his hand through his shirt and paper and shivered at it, hoping Colin would just dismiss it as being tickled.

"Never knew you were so ticklish."

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