Next Wednesday

"Hey Tory?" Colin's voice rose from the silence in their hidden corner in the library. From the hushed whispers of the socializing students around them, Colin's voice only blended with the rest, but was loud enough to reach Tory's ears.

The red head's head turned in interest. His friend normally didn't bring up topics willingly during their time together.

As he spoke, Colin pulled his t-shirt a bit lower, revealing his thin neckline, "I don't know; my collar bone's been feeling weird lately."

Tory scooted over closer to Colin while the other boy was occupied with inspecting the bone and prodding it with his fingers. A moment later, Tory pressed his forehead against Colin's to get a better view of the area.

Without even realizing, Colin leaned back slightly, red painting his cheeks cutely.

"Did you tell Doctor Garret?" Tory asked after some silence. Their lunches were left on the floor in front of them and within the possibly two minutes, they've gotten impossibly close to one another. Tory's words tickled Colin's face as he blinked his eyes a few times in order to not faint.

Unable to speak, with the current close contact, Colin only shook his head, which Tory responded to by lowering his head until his face was centimeters from his collar.

Tory's fingers ghosted over Colin's pale skin causing goose bumps to flare up over the pale plains. Even if Colin thought it was as discreet as can be, Tory was Tory and took a mental note on Colin's reactions; warm face, jittering fingers and goose bumps from the touch.

Without a warning, Tory cleared the space between himself and the bone and pressed his lips softly against them. Colin, in turn, involuntarily gasped at the sudden contact.

Tory looked up and pecked Colin on the forehead, "All you have to do is ask." The infamous pout remained on Colin's face, even after he reclosed the space between himself and the ever willing red head.

"You know…if you wanted that, you could've asked."

A firm fist to Tory's jaw was followed.