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I groaned as I glared at myself in the mirror.

"I hate you Yuki..." I mumbled.

My hair was short but now... I actually looked like my brother. My brother was going to move to Castanet for school... but now he ended up leaving on a trip to America leaving me having to take his place... as a boy. It took a billion annoying "Please" or something like that to get me to say fine. There was really nothing better to do here. Besides, I got good grades anyway and it was three months till the end of the year. Though... this year, Yuki had a few C's, but I could get them up. I know usually someone should just back out of stuff like that but the school had a lot of neat things and sports that I usually wouldn't be able to try. I thought I would do okay looking like a guy, though I don't think it is much of a compliment that my chest was almost flat. In that case all I had to do was stuff my shirt with towel to make it look flat enough, that and I got a new hairdo. Yuki's hair was slightly longer than mine, I had to get it straightened, trimmed slightly, and countless other things to make my hairstyle match his. That and evade going swimming. My uniform looked okay, though seeing myself in a guy's uniform felt awkward. I sighed and went outside the house and toward the high school. I felt slightly awkward because a few people kept looking at me. I smiled slightly at a few but then kept my eye contact straight. I made it to the room number that was my class. I opened the door, everyone's head shot up. I shrunk slightly.

"Um... hi..." I managed to say "Am I in the right class?"

A dirty blond girl got up "You are Yuki right?"


"You are seventeen right?" She asked. Yuki and I were twins... of course not identical.


She grinned "Then you are in the right class."

I sighed in relief "Good... I was afraid I would be in the wrong one..."

"Sheesh what is up with your voice dude?" A blue haired guy my age said.

"Oh um..." I made a face "Why are you talking, your voice hasn't changed either."

A few snickers ran through the class "Yeah Luke, I think Yuki is way closer to a man voice than you." A girl with pink pigtails said.

I found that kind of an insult but I wasn't doing my regular voice, which would take some getting use to.

Luke made a face "At least I'm my normal height range, you look like you could pass as a third grader."

She punched him in the shoulder, I snickered.

"Anyway, I'm Kathy, the whole class is here so I guess you can greet everyone if you want."

I looked up at the class "Hi everyone!"

More snickers, mainly from the guys. I felt a blush coming on, now they probably thought I was gay.

I thought about what Yuki would do "What? I can't say hi to all the pretty girls in here? Some gentlemen."

"That would be a bad idea to try and pick a fight with all the guys on the first day." A guy said, I looked over, he was a lot taller than me, of course all the guys were, he had bright blond hair and blue eyes. It would've been a good turn on for a girl, only the bored expression and snooty attitude drained it all together.

"I'm not trying to, I'm just... trying to stick up for myself, I know I haven't reached full on puberty yet but I'm close."

"That isn't the only thing you have issues with. You have a C average in every class since you were in ninth grade, there was the occasional As and Bs but not enough. You do have enough of a grade point average to pass but if you keep failing like that for the rest of the year you will have to retake the twelfth grade class all over again."

I glared at him, he didn't even seem fazed by it, he just kept the same bored expression, eyes unreadable.

"Well I've been studying a lot more, so you won't have to worry about me failing."

"Who said I was worried?"

"Gill, be nice to Yuki." Kathy groaned "There is a seat right there, the teacher should be here soon."

She smiled, I walked over and sat next to the pink haired girl and Luke.

"Way to go with Gill." Luke said.

"Um... thanks..."

"Where are you from?" He asked.


"Do you have any cute sisters I could date." He grinned.

"Um..." I moved away.

"Luke quit it!" The pink haired girl hissed. She looked at me and smiled "Sorry, we tend to ignore Luke most of the time."

"I can see why." I muttered.

She giggled "You are funny."

"Um... thanks..."

The teacher walked in and we started studying. I scribbled threw notes, I had already learned this stuff. Suddenly the bell rung, I jumped.

"Woohoo! Gym!" Luke shouted then he sprinted out the door.

"Gym?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's activities like soccer, track, softball." Gill said.

I glared at him "I know what gym is."

"Then don't sound so clueless." He walked out.

Crap! You can't go in the boys locker room and undress!

I know that.

Well, you are going to have to find one good damn excuse to not undress and reveal that you are a girl!

I walked down with Kathy, and a few other girls. I froze looking at the two signs, boy and girl. I felt like a person marching to their death going into the boys locker room. I grabbed a t-shirt and shorts from my locker and waited for a stall to open.

"What's with you?" A guy from my class with messy honey colored hair asked.

"Oh... um..."

Luke started to laugh "Don't bother Chihaya."

"Looks like someone is uncomfortable with their body." Gill muttered while putting on a t-shirt for gym, almost jumped because he was built, not like the guy Owen, but he looked like he worked out once a day or so. His arms were slightly muscular, not very, but he had abs, so you could tell he worked hard in that area- I shook the thought out of my head.

"No!" I snapped.

"Then get undressed right now." He said.

Okay, I was pretty sure I blushed, not because of the I had to undress, but because a half naked guy told me to undress.


A stall opened and I ran in. Good thing it wasn't like a bathroom stall where you could hop over and peak at a person, that was good because I'm pretty sure they might have done that. I Quickly stripped off my uniform and put on a t-shirt, it was baggy so no one would notice my breast, or what I had that made me a girl. I walked out, the guys stood there snickering, Gill smirked.

"Shut up!" I snapped at him.

"I didn't say anything." He said.

I stormed out scarlet red in the face. Chihaya followed.

"Sorry, Gill is always like that."

"It's fine, I shouldn't let him get to me."

He was quiet for a second "Why are you uncomfortable with your-"

"I'm not! I just like it better to change in private that's all."

"Huh... so it's others?"

"I think watching other guys get dressed and undressed is gross."

I lied about that, any girl would want to be in a room full of half naked built guys. I'm surprised I haven't gotten a nosebleed yet.

"So anyway what are we playing?" I asked.

"For the rest of the year, soccer."


"Are you good at it?"

"Yeah! I am kick ass good, at my old school our team one two tournaments."

"I'm guessing you didn't know that our high school male soccer team has one ten times in a row?" Gill said.

"Why do you think I moved here, not to meat party poopers like you thats for sure." I said. It was true, I did go here to play on their team, in fact that was the main thing that made me want to go. The girl's soccer league at our school went down hill and I tried to do boys soccer, let's just say that I didn't get in because everyone is sexist.

"I suggest you watch out then, because all the guys in our class are on it." Gill said.

"Well then, that means I'm in it too, I'm trying out later."

"Then I won't go easy on you." He smirked.

I grinned "Well then, I guess that's good because if you did go easy on me you would be rammed into the ground five seconds after the game began. And I don't wanna ruin that fancy looking hair of yours."

He grimaced, I knew I had to go 120% effort on the game.

I ended up going on Chihaya's team, which had Roomi, Luke, Kathy, Lena, Owen, and Tao.

Gill's team had Mai, Jin, Anissa, Kotomi, Selena, Julius, and Phoebe. One of the guys named Calvin, sat out of the game.

When we started playing it was exactly like I expected. All the guys were pros at this, except Tao who hung around. Kathy, Lena, and Anissa were the only ones that were good at it for the girls... that and me if I was here as a girl... of course I wasn't though.

While playing, I ran to block the goal, then someone slammed into me. I felt a huge pain in my shoulder and back and fell to the ground. I looked up, Gill was standing there, he still had the same bored expression but his eyes were dead cold. I frowned and got up, later on in the game Chihaya got the ball.

"Chihaya, over here!" I shouted.

He nodded and skid to a halt and threw the ball behind him by me. While it was in the air I jumped and kicked it. It zoomed past Julius and hit the net. Chihaya, Luke, and OWen high fived me. I grinned then looked over at Gill who frowned at me. I got the ball to throw back in, I decided to show off, I kicked the ball up in the air and did a back flip, kicking it hard to Luke who ran toward the goal. We scored another point. By the end of the game I was sweating like crazy. We one 8-7, all of us were high fiving each other.

When I got in the locker room, I heard Luke yell "I could really use a shower."

"Crap..." I muttered.

Gill was right behind me and snickered "Guess you don't shower at your old school either, that's sad."

I was able to evade the shower by staying in a stall, at the same time, I managed to avoid not seeing any naked guys. Thank God. I used soap to wash my armpits and hair to make it look and smell like I had taken a shower. I dried it under a dryer and put on my school uniform again. I walked out and headed to class. While we were in there, I realized I had missed a bad opportunity to go to the bathroom. I knew well that bathrooms were a whole different story, so I held it, and held it, and held it. After school I said a quick goodbye to everyone then I ran home as fast as possible.

"Hey Yuki!" Luke yelled.

I turned around "Yeah?"

"I didn't finish asking you if you had a sister I could dat-"

"Luke, no offense but she wouldn't be into you, I'm positive, now I need to get home."

I ran toward my house, opened the door and ran in the bathroom. I exhaled in relief. I decided to take a nice long shower. I needed it, my back and shoulder was soar from the game. I sighed as warm water ran down my back. When I was done I wrapped a towel around me and walked into my room, which technically was the kitchen, living room, and bedroom at once. There was only two rooms, the bathroom and this room. I had a TV, closet, a kitchen set, and a few other things. I couldn't wait to upgrade my house enough to have my own bedroom. I slipped on my sports bra and underwear, I decided to put sweat pants on, right when I was about to put my t-shirt on, I heard the door open.


I turned around to see Gill, in a nutshell of all the emotions I felt that moment, anger at myself and defeat was two of them. I forgot to lock the damn door! Both of us stared at each other for a long time, he was taking in the fact that a supposed new guy now had a bra on which meant that he was a she. I didn't have a comeback for this for those moments of us staring at each other, I was stuck.

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