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I stared at Roomi blankly while she was trying to pick out what to eat "Should I do a vegan diet today, or should I try the hamburgers, or I could get just a salad, oh there is also the hotdogs, or I should probably save room for des-"

"Just pick something already please." I said through my teeth, my stomach kept growling like there was no tomorrow.

She huffed "Fine." She turned "I'll take one hotdog, one hamburger, a salad, and some of that cake over there."

I just stared at her, I was surprised her small body could handle all that food and sugar. Lucky high metabolism people.

"I'll have some potato salad..." I looked down and noticed dangos, my mouth watered "And three of those dangos." I said.

Gill chuckled behind me "I'm guessing you have been wanting those for a while now."

I grinned "Yeah. i haven't had them in soooo long."

We made it to the part where we pay, I took out my purse but right as I got the money out I saw his arm reach over to the clerk with some money in his hand "I'll be paying for her too."

I glanced at him "You don't have to do that you know."

He smiled slightly "I insist, I won't be a good boyfriend if I let you pay for yourself."

I blushed "We aren't exactly going steady yet you know?"

"Not yet, but if this goes well then we might."

"You haven't passed yet though." I smiled.

He chuckled "Right. I'm pretty sure the rest will go by nicely."

We sat by Luke, Chihaya, Yuki, Roomi, and Mai.

"Hikari, how come you didn't get one of the hotdogs? They are AMAZING!" Luke said.

I smiled "I don't really like hotdogs that much."

"Wow, then something is wrong with you-" Gill slapped him across the head.

"Watch what you say or you will end up getting beaten up not only by me but by Selena."

He got wide eyed then he just shut up.

Mai looked at me "Isn't the potato salad yummy?"

I nodded "I love potato salad."

Mai looked over at the huge long table of food "I wonder why no one is eating the cookies I made."

Luke looked up "Which tray?"

"The red one right there."

"Oooooh, I thought that was some sort of gel-" Chihaya slapped him across the head "-elly filled cookie. I'm not a huge fan of them, but they do look good."

Nice cover Luke. I thought.

I looked over at Gill who was eating his spaghetti "Do you always get something with tomato related stuff on it?"

"It is something I really like. I eat other things too."

"Have you ever had a dango?"

He shook his head, I grinned, took one of the dumplings off the stick and held it too his mouth "Try it."

He opened his mouth and I popped it in his mouth. He chewed it and took in the flavor "Well?" I asked.

"It's okay." He said seriously.

I glared at him, then he smirked "Kidding. It is actually quite good."

I blinked then turned to the others who were watching us "What?" I asked.

"Are you two... like... dating?" Roomi asked.

Gill suddenly wrapped his arm around me and pulled me toward him, I blushed like crazy "Yes." He said like it was no big deal.

"Part of me didn't expect that." Roomi said "I mean, you looked like you liked her a lot, but part of me kept doubting it."

"I don't believe you." Yuki said crossing his arms "Prove you are dating."

"Alright then." Gill said he suddenly titled my chin up toward him and kissed me on the lips. I let him kiss me, but I was sure my face was in absolute shock. The others were in absolute astonishment. He parted and kept something between a smile and a smirk on his face, his arm still wrapped around me. Yuki looked at me "Are you two..."

I smiled and nodded "Yeah."

Roomi squealed "That was so cute!"

I looked over at Yuki who was staring at something else "Hikari." Yuki said.

I turned to where he was looking, Gill looked too and we saw my ex and his team walking around, snickering and laughing.

"Gill, hide Hikari, I really don't feel like listening to him talk to her."

He managed a small laugh "I can say the same thing."

He wrapped his arm tighter around me and I sunk down in my seat. Yuki got up and walked over to them "Aren't you guys a bit early to be here?"

He snickered "Hey Yuki, haven't seen you in a while, how is Holly doing."

"Broke up with her, anyway what the hell are you guys doing here?"

While he talked we slowly slipped out of our seats.

"What? We can't come to see the sights here, I told my team that this place is really a sight to behold. We just want to hang out here, get some R&R before the big game when we kick your asses." After that he snapped his head toward me "Huh, you thought you could slip away Hikari?"

Gill grabbed my arm and slipped me behind him.

"Aw, looks like you found a new boyfriend." He snickered. I frowned at him "What is with the look?" He asked.

"How about you quit teasing her, you look like a jerk." Roomi snapped.

"Yeah, and you look like a ten year old, how old are you really?" He said.

Yuki sighed "How about you leave, you can do whatever you want after the game."

"Why should we leave, it is a public party, besides... we brought some extra stuff to celebrate." One of the other guys held up a 12 pack.

Gill laughed, it wasn't nice though "Yuki is right you should leave."

He glared at Gill "Again, why should we?"

"Because you aren't as smart as you say you are. You do know you can get arrested for bringing that..." He pointed to the beer "To this party."

The group laughed "This guy is going to tattle on us." One of them said.

"No, not exactly. I'm just saying it would be really bad if your coach found out and you guys got disqualified, making us win the game. Oh and I'm sure you guys could probably go to jail and never play soccer or the rest of your lives."

They all stared at him, finally my ex sighed "Fine, but just because you think we gave up, we don't really give a damn if we never play soccer again, either way we will beat you up, whether you like it or not." He looked at me "And if you two don't exactly work out well, you can always call me."

"She's fine with me." Gill said.

"Heh, well seeya later then." They all followed him.

"Grrrr! That guy is sooooo weird!" Roomi snapped "I want to beat him up so badly!"

"You can when they lose." Yuki said.

"I'm going to kick that guy's ass when the game comes up!" Luke yelled.

"You can when they lose." Yuki said.

"Why do you keep saying that?" They both yelled at him.

"I just want to keep the peace in this situation." He said. (Note: Through the whole time he is talking he is just smiling randomly -_-)

I looked down and noticed Gill was holding my hand tightly. I looked up at him, he was watching them in the distance, his face full of frustration.

I smirked, Gill looked down at me "What?"

"I have a idea, but we need to ask coach if it is okay."

"So... you want to play in the game?" Coach said.

I nodded "It would give us even teams, plus I'm good."

"Well, usually we don't allow girls to play in guy soccer."

"What about if I'm good enough to play with the guys, let me come to practice and I'll show you."

He sighed "I don't know."

"Okay then... looks like I'm gonna have to tell you."


"Did you notice Yuki has been playing differently?"

He nodded.

"Well, Yuki has only been playing since about a month or less ago. That is because he has been in America."

He blinked confused "He was with us most of the year though..."

"Or was he?"

He got wide eyed "Don't tell me you..."

I nodded "Yuki was supposed to attend here, buuuut instead he was offered to study in America so I took his place. I was pretty good the whole time wasn't I?"

"Does... anyone know this?"

"The team does... and you now but that is it."

He sighed and chuckled finally "It might be difficult but the rules say that you can play if you are eligible to face off against guys. I'm guessing that is okay."

I smiled "Thank you!"

"But just this game." He said.

I grinned "That is all I want."

"You better work your ass off during the next two practices."

"I will, don't worry."

I walked out to see the team all looking at me, I stuck out my tongue and made a V with my fingers. They all grinned and gave me high fives.

"Woohoo! We will kick ass now!" Luke shouted!

I looked at Gill who grinned, I grinned back, we were definitely going to win.

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