Chapter One

First Day + New Student = Disaster


I felt as if my intestines were twisting together painfully as I kept walking down the empty baron street. Nobody was there. It was so silent. All the cars were empty and looked like no one had driven them in five hundred freaking years.

The street lights weren't even on! Everything felt so empty as my feet kept walking against the concrete sidewalks. The shops all listed closed and the lights were turned dim off.

I bit my bottom lip so hard that it almost bled red liquid filled blood. Everything was so eerie and quiet. It felt like the "Twilight Zone" or something.

"Plop . . . . . . ."

That was the first sound I heard ever since I came here. I didn't even know how I got here. Is this even a dream?

I pinched my skin. Nope, I'm in reality.

"Plop . . . Plop . . ."

There it goes again! What is that noise? It can't be me? Every step I take is so quiet here. I looked up at the grey skies. There was not a drop of rain falling from the heavens. Not only that but the sky was clear, no clouds or anything! But it was grey and dim like a thunderstorm cloud.

"Plop . . . Plop . . . . Plop . . . ."

The dripping was getting faster! Where the hell is everyone? Why am I the only person here? Am I going crazy right now?

"Plop, Plop . . .Plop . . . Plop . . Plop . . . "

It kept speeding up! What's making those dripping noises? It's not raining, there's no one here who could make those noises. Is there?

I waited three more seconds. It stopped . . . Finally! How troubleso-

"Plop. Plop. Plop. Plop. PLOP. PLOP. PLOP. DUSH!"

The "raindrops" were getting bigger? What the heck is happening? I looked down and saw the concrete below me. It was so grey and whitish. Except for this mark covering the southeast of the square. It was dark liquid. Dark red Liquid.

'This place was no longer safe, I had to get the hell out of here. Now! Before "something" else might happen!' I thought. Where though?

Wind blew against my face cooling down my sweating, peach skin. My face was blushing red from the heat. This town . . . it was so fucking hot here.

This isn't even normal!

My feet started running by instinct as the wind sliced through my body with ever step I took. The air seemed heavier than usual and my stomach was aching with cluelessness. Every step I took made me weaker and slower. My pace no longer had the acceleration speed I was hoping for. My legs finally started from darting through the streets to walking in a jog. I finally stopped. This was going nowhere. I was right in front of one of the empty Ramen shop.

Biting my bottom lip I rested my arms to my sides and then sighed one frozen breath. Everything was the same. So grey, no color at all, like the Fairy Odd Parents where Timmy wishes to everyone to become grey blobs. I went inside the ramen shop and then sighed as I sat down in one of the chairs. My legs were so tired. I couldn't move one finger anymore. I wasted all my energy just for that freaking jog. Was I going freaking insane right now?

Was this even a dream. I keep pinching my skin but whenever I open my eyes there's nothing but grey stuck to my sight.

I bit my bottom lip, this time so freaking hard that blood trickled down it to my chin. I wonder if my blood looked grey right now.

"Hn. . . ." a voice huffed.

I turned around and stared out in open space. I know I just heard a stubborn huff right behind me. Was I really that insane to imagine it?

Turning my body's weight to face the shop I felt a cold breath tickle the back of my neck. I grimaced from the ticklish feeling and then when I was just about to turn my head around . . . . .




I stuttered a groan and raised my head up from my Skelanimal comforter and slammed my fist down on the stupid alarm clock.

It couldn't be today, could it?

Turning my head to face the calendar I saw my worst fear. It was August the 26th. The first day of school. . . .

You know that really sick feeling in your stomach that feels like the butterflys in your tummy are literally beating their wings against your tum tum? Or when you have your period on the wrong day? Well that kind of feeling when you move to this new neighborhood and new home and go to a new school? Yeah, I'm having that sort of feeling right now. And it ain't doing too good.

I'm Sakura Haruno, new person, new girl, new student. I just moved to this new neighborhood called Konoha Ohaku in Japan. I mean I've lived in Japan before, I just haven't you know, lived in another place in Japan before. Difficult right? I would say I moved with my parents but no. That's another story that I'm not really interested to share with the likes of YOU.

So let me just start the fucking story because I'm sick of waiting for no freaking reason:

"Nyaaaaaaaa!" I yawned as I stretched my back muscles.

The sun was greeting me good-morning as I looked up at my window. The light blinded me, shining bright yellow embers to my face. I blocked the shine from my eyes as I pulled off the covers from my body and then sat up from my bed. My comforter was on the ground ruffled and chewed on. Ugh. That dream popped into my head again.

This time I huffed and ruffled my bubble gum pastel pink hair together, put my feet on the ground as I stood up and walked over to my Apple big screen computer to click on the white mouse thing. It immediately turned from black to a white screen with dozens of little black hearts covering it with a sort of pattern of stitches. My screensaver.

I grabbed the remote and pressed "Home Page" for my Itunes to pop up. The remote was like the control keys of an Ipod. I clicked down, down, down until I finally got to Personal Jesus by Marilyn Manson. Call me crazy but he's the new shit.

The music blared out as I walked over to my large wardrobe. In it, there were sets of Lolita corsetted dresses for special occasions. Ripped up skinny black and blue jeans, some not ripped but just so damn gorgeous! There were tube tops, striped shirts, studded belts, Skelanimal purses and key chains. Chains that hung to your knees. A set of piercing earrings for my ears and other places.

Chokers, studded or just yeah, fake tattoos, and the works.

I sighed and then scratched my back as I took one of the hangers with a charcoal and crimson tight tube top saying "Kiss Me, I'm Hot Gothic" and a pair of black skinny jeans with a red and black studded belt. There was no struggle with the skinny jeans or anything. My body was really slender and skinny so I could fit into mostly anything. I slipped on the shirt and adjusted the bottom of it and slipped on a few metallic bracelets on every wrist. I put a smiling skull and crossbones barrette in my hair and I was all ready. Well not completely. I still needed to put on the finishing make up to my face.

Usually I disagree to make up but I actually wear a certain kind. As long as its black cosmetics then I would definitely wear it.

I hurried into the bathroom trying to save time. Running so fast, I took one step that ended up making me go flying down to the ground. I slipped on the dark purple and neon green bathroom carpet, and ended up falling on my ass. Ouch.

Scrambling back to my feet with trembling hands, I faced my mirror and took out multiple amounts of eyeliner, eye shadow and cherry red lip-gloss. I puckered my lips and put on the gloss through every corner of my lips. Afterwards I used dark red eye shadow and brushed against my eyelids and added eyeliner to give its edge and tone and then applied mascara.

I curled my lashes up and making them curl straight up making the white in my eyes really pop. I grinned at the figure I was staring at right now and turned around to walk back to my room.

It was the first day so that meant that we didn't have to wear our uniforms. But we still had to wear something appropriate. Like something not too short or no swears and shit like that. Grabbing my backpack and slunging it across my back I started walking over to the door and slowly turned it open. I needed some fresh air. For real. The apartment I lived in was so hot and it felt like an oven. There were six rooms. Dining room, Kitchen, Living room, my room, bathroom and guestroom. Oh and the porch but it wouldn't be a room but whatever right?

I stepped out of the building and then tossed my long cherry bloomed pink hair out of my eyes as I kept walking. The town was just like my dream. There were shops, stores, and houses everywhere. There was no crack of space that was undesturbed. The whole town was covered and platted. The wind brushed against my face making my hair go back in a slow motion.

Closing my eyes, I breathed in the fresh air. I smelled roses, pine trees, fresh ramen, corn, chicken, perfumes, and that was pretty much it. I kept walking down the firm grey concrete floors and then finally halted to a stop when I finally was right in front of it. The school. Right there, two stories of learning and "excitement" just waiting for me to explore. There were no students crowding the doors so I must be early.

But I was wrong. Dead wrong.

The reason why the students weren't inside is becaue the students were actually inside! They said 7:00! SEVEN! NOT EIGHT! NOT SIX! THEY LIE! THEY LIEEEE! Oh god I shouldn't have had Mountain Dew last night.

Ignoring the first default in my morning, I started walking up to the school and finally grabbed the door handle and opened it.

At least THAT was easy to understand. I sighed and then opened the other door that led inside the school and saw everything. People were rushing forward with their stuff grappled into their arms. Some girls were already in their red and black uniforms. And some were just in short skirts and cammies that really showed their cleavage. I hate that mostly about some girls.

They have this little click to short stuff to make guys attracted to them like drooling dogs.

I took out the map from my backpack and unfolded the piece of paper. I had to take the left corridor and then take a right to the east. My nose was scrunched up when I smelled the sweet Jennifer Lopez perfume that everyone was into. I coughed and ran away from the corridors and turned left to right trying to find the office.

Groaning, I threw up my arms in the air when I realized I was lost. I had to ask for directions, because this crappy map was getting me NO WHERE! I looked around the school for anyone that might help.

Someone friendly at least.

But I found no such luck.

Everybody was rushing to their friends to talk or heading over to classes early to see their teachers.

"Um, excuse me. . . ." a soft voice startled me.

The person poked my shoulder, which made me flinch and turn around.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, but you looked lost. Can I help you in any way?" the girl asked.

Her black hair tumbled down to her back and was up to her waist. She wore a black skinny hoodie with faded baby blue stitching to form a heart on the rest side of the hoodie.

"No problem, and yeah, can you tell me where the office is?" I asked.

Her pale hazel clear blue eyes stared at me for a moment and finally her lips moved, "Um, the office is through that hallway."

She pointed to the hallway behind me, "And then take a right and you should see it there. O-ok?"

I turned around and there I saw it. Oh god was I stupid. I turned back around and looked back at the girl.

"Thank you! I feel so stupid, it was practically right in front of me!" I burst out randomly and she giggled lightly.

"It's ok, I a-almost cried the time I couldn't find the cafeteria because all these teachers were yelling at me to get to class on time. I was so confused!" she put on a warm smile.

Jeez, thank god I didn't.

"My name is Hinata Hyuuga." She smiled and showed her hand to me.

I stared at her hand for a moment and then grabbed it with mine and shook it, "My name is Sakura Haruno."

"Sakura? How pretty! It means Cherry Blossom right?" she asked.

"Yeah, what does the name Hinata mean?" I asked.

"Sunflower." she giggled.

"Your name sounds so pure! I thought it would mean angel or something like that." I complimented.

"Is it because of my eyes? P-people say that I'm so soft and w-weak." She sighed.

I snickered, "You're nothing like that, shy yes but I can tell you're not weak or anything."

She looked up at me and stared, "Thank you, but didn't you need to go to the office?"

My eyes widened, "Oh CRAP! I FORGOT! I'll talk to you later then!"

I turned my body weight around and started running to the office until after about seven steps I stopped and yelled back at Hinata.

"What's your first period class!" I asked her.

"Gym! You?" she yelled back.

"Gym! I'll see you there!" I smirked and then ran back to the office.

I pulled open the door handle and walked inside to see a white painted room with vanilla colored carpeting. There were desks aligned in front of me and one spot empty so that the student can go through to the principle's office. I walked up to one of the desks to see an assistant with black hair, short just to her shoulders but it was really straight and she had a teal blouse on with a black skirt.

"Um, hello, I'm new here can you help me?" I asked.

The woman looked up from her computer and smiled when she saw my light green eyes.

"You are Sakura Haruno, correct?" she asked.

I managed a weak smile and nodded.

"Hold on one moment," she asked and turned her body to the principles office and yelled out;

"Director Tsunade – sama! Sakura Haruno is here!"

"What?" a firm voice yelled back.

"Sakura Haruno is here!" she yelled again.

"Well send her in, damn it!" Tsunade – sama yelled back.

"Haii!" she yelled and then went back to me and mumbled, "She doesn't have to swear, and she's forgetting this is a school building."

"Ahaha." I laughed nervously, scratching the back of my head.

"Well, good luck. I hope you come out of there alive." She sighed.

I grimaced and went through the gap of desks and turned the knob of the principles office and walked right inside. The room was different then the office. It was painted apple green with charcoal black carpeting. The seat of the principles was faced to the wall so that I was facing the back of it.

"So you're Sakura Haruno. Correct?" she asked.

I nodded, forgetting that she couldn't see my face but quickly responded, "Yes, that would be me."

Her seat slowly turned around to so that she could face me. The woman stared into my teal green eyes and her face was firm. She had long blond hair that was tied up in a ponytail. Red lipstick chapped into her lips. She was wearing a white blouse with a black soft jacket on top of it with a black skirt up to her knees calves. She had heels, and her blouse showed more of her cleavage. A gemstone pendent necklace was hanging from her neck that seemed to gleam over me.

She smiled when she saw me looking at her pendent, "Welcome to Konoha High School."

My breath finally slowed down from the stress as I looked up to her eyes.

"We hope you enjoy your time here, you already got your schedule list of classes and passing breaks right?" she asked.

"Yes." I assured.

"Good. I wish you the best of luck, you already know the rules, and I repeat, I hope you enjoy your time here, Haruno." She grinned.

"Thank you, Director Tsunade – sama." I thanked and stepped out from her office. I closed the door behind me and I saw the assistant smiling at me giving me a thumbs up sign.

It said on her nametag Shizune. Nice.

I stepped out of the office and walked to the gym, which was on the right side of where the office was. I kept walking and looked around the school as I did.

The lockers were every where, students were filling up the school and emptying it out of interest. There were cheerleaders, skaters, and other people. The only person that I saw close to the gothic Lolita style that I had was Hinata.

She had the same skinny black denim jeans as I had and the sweatshirt stitching had to come out of Hot Topic.

Finally when I reached the gym entrance I opened the door and saw what my first period class looked like. The room was big. There was a big ass track line around the whole gym and six basket's for a game of basketball, I was guessing that there was a pool in the next room but I wasn't that sure. The blue bleachers for the gym were folded out against the walls and the students were seated talking to each other while waiting for their coach to come out.

I looked around for Hinata but saw no sign. Hold on. No wait! A hand was waving right at me. I looked directly at the person and saw it was Hinata all along!

I smirked and ran to Hinata with my full speed, so I didn't end up embarrassing myself any more. If a girl was alone and people stared at her, its obvious that they thought she was weird. That's how I felt in my old school anyway.

My old school, oh god. I had no friends there at all. That was because of so many reasons, the only friends I had were guys. Nothing else. The girls wouldn't even look at me with having a glare to do with it. Guys kept asking me out through school, email, text messaging, and other impossible ways. I always said no. True story. I never dated any guy before. Guys were. . . .difficult.

I already know what love is like, I had a lot of guy friends and the girls never really talked to me because they thought I was stealing their love. Which was half true except I didn't do anything but chat with them.

The guy was doing everything! He kept asking me questions like, "So is it true you like Rafell?" or "So I heard you weren't going with anyone to the dance.".

I didn't even go to any of the dances at all! They were so pointless, and none of the people couldn't really break dance or freestyle or do anything but bob their heads up and down. I really hated that. I could really dance good. No problem with that, its just that everybody stares at me so much so I can't help but stop and blush.

I can do so many things that not one girl in my school can do. I can paint, not a lot of girls in my school like getting their finger nails messy with paint. I can dance, girls end up doing things like the funky monkey or trying to crump and grind. They do it so slowly or too fast. They need to keep up to the rhythm. That's the whole point of the dance anyway. I can write songs and poetry. It's true I can. But I end up using too many swears or really bad cussing so I can't really put it up for a talent show thing or anything like that. Most girls can only rhyme with the sound "at" or "ation".

My school really sucked, it had no independent reason for being there. The girls were sluts and the guys . . . . they were ok and everything but they had to get over boasting and shit.

"So did you work out things in the office?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah, I ended up meeting Director Tsunade – sama." I giggled.

"Oh, she's not that bad, but if she's really mad then. . . ." she continued off but stared into thin space.

"Um, Hinata? Hinata – chan?" I called out to her. But she seemed to be in her own little world at the moment.

I turned my head to try and see what she was staring at. Finally my eyes didn't prove me wrong. There was a guy, blond spiky hair. Well, not really Mohawk spiky but yeah. He had sky blue eyes and he was wearing a black forehead band that tied around his head following behind him in a long cut. He had one of those long jackets with no sleeves but it wasn't black like the others. It was white, with red flames at the top and bottoms of it. He was wearing a t-shirt with the logo of a bird swirl thing. He had faded blue denim jeans that were cut and ripped at the knees.

He was talking to a guy with a ponytail that looked like the top of a pineapple. I had to laugh at that! I giggled but nothing else.

"Do you like Mr. Pineapple head? And I don't mean the one in the ponytail." I joked.

"Huh?" She finally realized she was staring at him and blushed, "Don't joke a-about things like t-that."

I giggled but just kept my mouth shut.

"Ah! I-ino is here!" Hinata realized.

"Ino?" I asked and then turned my head back to the door.

Right through the door a girl with long blond hair passed and saw Hinata waving at her. Her soft baby blue eyes sparkled. She was wearing a Purple and Neon green skinny hoodie with Skelanimal skinny jeans. She tossed her ponytail back making the straight hair soar across the air in a second. All the guys stared at her entrance as she sat back down with us.

"Hey, Hinata. Is this the new girl?" she asked and then smiled at me.

Hinata nodded slightly.

"This is Haruno, Sakura." Hinata introduced.

"Hi, I'm Ino Yamanaka." She smiled and held her hand out toward me.

"I'm, Sakura." I smiled back and took her hand and shook with her.

"So you're new here? You'll actually like it here in this school. If you hang out with the right people, you'll survive." She snickered.

"Heh, thanks." I smirked and then turned my head to look around the gym.

"There are a lot of hot guys here for you to look for." Ino assured. That sent me laughing.

"It's ok, I'm trying to find out who the cheer whores are in this school." I grinned.

Ino smirked and laughed hard along with Hinata who giggled, "Nice! I like this girl! She's not like Karin and her pack of bitches."

"Who's Karin?" I asked.

Ino looked at me for a moment but then smirked at herself, "What period do you have Math?"

"Seventh, why?" I asked.

She grinned even more, "Then you'll find out soon."

I was confused but I was quickly interrupted when the bell rang shrilly. I guess I was going to have to wait to see what happened next in Seventh period class.

"Alright, you pipsqueaks! It's time for first period Gym! We're going to teach you about the three S's! Strength, Stamina, and Safety!" a voice yelled.

A man came out from one of the locker rooms with a pea green uniform. He had a long sleeved green shirt with a green vest. Green sweatpants. And a green sweatband on his forehead. How could he even be wearing that and not be sweating at all right now.

He had a bowl haircut and really bushy eyebrows so I really had no idea what his designer was thinking.

"Guy – sensei, stop showing off to the new students." The blond pineapple head groaned.

"Gah! Guy – sensei was not showing off, Uzumaki Naruto!" another voice yelled out to him.

"Dude, Lee. Just call me Naruto. Don't need any full names here." Mr. Pineapple groaned again.

So Hinata liked this kid Naruto. This could get interesting.

"Still! You are changing the subject! Gai – Sensei is an honorable coach and he is only working to make us as strong as we can be! Isn't that right Gai – sensei!" Lee asked.

"T-that was beautiful, Lee." Our coach said wiping away his tears.

"Oh god, more like Gay – Sensei." I muttered.

"WHAT WAS THAT!" our coach demanded pointing up at me.

The whole gym was filled with laughter from my comment. But Gay - I mean Gai – sensei didn't appreciate it as much as my audience did.

"Why should I repeat what I said, it was loud enough for you, Gai – sensei." I muttered.

He growled, "First off! I'm not gay! I'm a single man that is still looking for the right woman. Second! IF YOU KEEP THIS ATTIUDE UP, I'LL SEND YOU TO DERECTOR TSUNADE – SAMA!"

"But I never said you were that type of gay. I meant, happy and joyful." I lied. People laughed anyway and Naruto just smirked my way.

"Oh. . . I'm sorry for shouting then." Gai apologized nervously.

Ugh, I had to spend my gym class like this? Eh, it was worse in my old school. The gym teachers made us do dare devil stunts. We WERE going to go bungee jumping in Six Flags but the school disagreed with the coach. I was actually looking forward to it but too many of the girls were scared of smashing their heads open. Again, true story.

"Ok! Everyone line up to the wall! NOW!" he yelled. That sent everyone grabbing their stuff and scrambling their backs against the walls before he bit their heads off.

I was the last one with my back against the cold wall. My skin trickled with goose bumps as tension swept through my mind.

First a firm but friendly principle and now the most cheapest gym teacher in the history of cheapest gym teachers. Hinata was trembling though.


Of all people to fall nervous to this kind of idiot! I groaned and just slumped to the wall and slumped down so I was sitting down. Personally I really hated the skirt. Because I can't crouch down without a guy's eyes glancing at me trying to get a glimpse of my black panties. If this wasn't school right now, that guy would be a dead man. Luckily just sliding to the floor and having your feet just lay there in front of you was the easiest way to go so yeah.

"We will now put you into gym classes based on how fit and motive you are." The green teacher yelled over, "We will assign lockers to you and inside those lockers are the gym uniforms you have purchased in the summer. NOW! BOYS GO IN THE LEFT LOCKER ROOM WHILE THE GIRLS GO TO THE RIGHT! NOW MOVE!"

Within moments my I stood up on my pushing the floor below me with my hands to get me up and then ran to the gym locker with Hinata and Ino. The hordes of people were just slamming through to the tiny room. It wasn't really tiny but still. In this kind of condition. It would be difficult to dress in such cramped space.

Not only that but people would mix their stuff with yours, some people would be such jack-offs that they would even steal your stuff while you were too busy to notice, and they might even step on it while you're too busy. And we couldn't even stuff our junk in our lockers because they were so tiny! They were about a postal mailbox size.

And the smell was even worse. Oh god. It smelled like the roast beef that I cooked last week but it gotten bad and I had to throw it away. Flies covered it immediately after I set it outside in the trash bin.

"Ugh! It reeks in here! Ino, I think you might need to check your perfume label. It smells like La Skunk." a voice hollered over.

"Or it may be the gas from your fat ass, Karin!" Ino shot back up.

I turned my head to glance at a couple of girls that were had already picked their lockers. There was a red headed girl with glasses, black short shorts. With a cammie, over it was a long sleeved light purple sweatshirt. Next to her was a girl with long black hair tied in a short ponytail down to her waist with a short cut pink and grey tube top and denim shorts to match. And another girl that was still trying to get her locker open that had red hair covered by a hat and red hair that flowed to her waist with bangs that were between her eyes in a messy style.

"You shouldn't be talking. Ino-pig!" Karin fired back.

I growled turned my whole body over to face her giving her a glare right in the eyes, "Oh god, I have no clue who you are, WHAT you are, but you're face needs some coverage. Less makeup and take care of that mole while you're at it."

At first she still had that stupid smile on her face but them her face scrunched up like after sucking on a lemon and her face was as red as a tomato.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY, BITCH!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"You hear-" I was interrupted when I heard running footsteps in the locker room.

"What is going on here?" one of the female teachers asked and looked up at me, "Oh you must be the new student! Shit! I forgot what I was going to say. Oops I shouldn't have swore in the first place."

She was wearing a light green jacket with a cammie with fishnets and dark blue denim jeans. Her hair was up in a ponytail that was really out and spiky but it still looked good. Her bangs were in the ponytail so that her hair didn't get in her eyes and she was chewing on dango on a stick.

"OH! I just remembered! What seems to be the problem, ladies?" she asked in one of those Amanda Byne's guy voices.

I don't know. I don't really watch Amanda Byne movies, I mean this is JAPAN for god's sake and the only movie I've watched from the actor was She's the man. And the teacher really sounded and ACTED like her. Weird.

"Me and Ino were TALKING. And this "new student" interrupted our conversation and started talking shi- rude things about me." Karin immediately spoke up.

"First of all, you guys were fighting and Ino was winning. Second. Conversation? Are you serious? More like catfight. You called Ino a pig and at least she doesn't have your FAT ASS." I shot back at her.

Everyone stopped dressing and stared at me. Oh god. I wish I didn't know why they were staring but I knew EXACTLY why they were staring.

"Nice one- OH CRAP! Why do I keep doing that! Mrs. Haruno we'd appreciate it if you didn't swear in school. I will have to write you up for that if you keep that up." The teacher corrected herself.

"But whyyyy? Ass is just a word. It can mean lots of things! Like Karin's fa- . . . butt. And a donkey. And maybe those federal thingamajiggers like CSI." I explained.

"I don't think there is such a thing as A.S.S." the teacher wondered aloud.

"Really? I thought it was. Oh wait, that's A.D.H.D." I scoffed at myself.

"What does A.D.H.D. mean?" the teacher asked.

"I. . .don't kn-" I was once again interrupted.

"HELLO! You're talking about federal thingamabobbers while one of your students just commented on my a- butt!" Karin yelled.

"Mrs. Karin can't you see that me and Mrs. . . . .What's your name again?" I asked.

"Just call me Anko." The teacher replied.

"Thank you, nice name by the way. Can't you see that Mrs. Anko and I are having an interesting discussion about the principles of A.H.A.D.!" I shot back at Karin.

"It's A.D.H.D." Ino corrected suddenly interested in the topic.

"Thank you, Ino. Karin, can't you see that we're discussing about A.D.H.D." I said.

"But- " Karin started.

"No buts, young lady! I WANT THIRTY PUSHUPS! ON THE DOUBLE!" Anko yelled.

"What the f-" she started again.

"NOW!" Anko yelled at the top of her lungs.

"But she jus-" Karin didn't stop.

"DO YOU WANT ANOTHER THIRTY! SIXTY THEN! AFTER THAT YOU'LL RUN FOR THE REST OF THE PERIOD! NOW I WANT TO SEE YOUR HANDS ON THE GROUND NOW!" the Mrs. Anko yelled and threw her dango's toothpick at Karin but it only brushed at her cheek before it hit the wall.

At that moment, Karin dropped to the floor and started struggling to get one pushup done. After that she dropped to the floor and started up again. Then dropped flat on her stomach and looked up at us through her glasses with mercy in her eyes. Her friends just stared at her and tried their best not to laugh or grin.

Too bad we were already heading for the door because we already got in our gym uniform. It was black and red, my two favorite colors, the shirts were a cherry red color with the name Konoha High on the back of the T-shirts. The shirts down to a quarter of our thighs and the shorts were black and dangled to the halves of our legs. Anko, our main gym teacher was going to the front of the room and cleared her throat.

"Everyone, my name is Anko Mitarashi! I will be your gym teacher and your Health teacher! We'll start with a few running laps. Girls in the right side of the room. Boys in the left side!" she yelled.

Ino and Hinata sped over to the wall with me. We ran so fast that we hit hard into the white placid wall.

"Go!" Anko hollered and that started the boys running. Their legs sped fast through the air in a fast motion. Hold on. Who else was in my gym class.

Naruto was of course. But that's the only one who I really knew in this class. Ok I didn't know him but I knew his name! That has to count right?

When the boys rushed back to the wall, Naruto's shoulder hit the wall hard and he laughed out loud with the guy beside him. He had dark brunette short hair. Steel dark brown eyes that almost looked brown and scratches on his cheeks as if they were whiskers. Another guy next to Naruto looked almost like Anko. He had a ponytail shaped into a pineapple. His eyes were faded black but he looked so dull and tired. Poor guy.

Pineapple head was talking to the guy next to him who was . . . . chubby but yeah. He had circles on his pink round cheeks and his hair was sort of spiky on the ends. He was the last guy to get to the wall since he was struggling so much not to faint. That was pretty much of the guys that really stood out. I mean Pineapple head, and the guy next to Naruto where hot and all but I wasn't attracted to them like Hinata was attracted to Naruto. I don't know. I'm not really attracted to guys anymore. Not ever since. . . . well I'm just like that.

"Girls NOW!" Anko yelled.

In an instant my mind snapped out of it and my legs took action. My long legs started darting to the wall focusing on the wall and nothing but the wall. My chest heaved from short breaths as the boys stared at me as I ran. I kept going and going until I stopped at the red line. Then turned my body around trying not to slip on the waxed floors and headed back to the other wall. The girls were following behind me as I finished the run.

"NICE RUNNING, NEW GIRL!" A voice yelled over.

I lifted my face up and glanced at the person who just commented my running. Naruto. He was smiling ear to ear at me.

"Wow, do you think she's faster than, Uchiha?" I overheard the chubby guy talking to Pineapple head.

He just yawned, covering his mouth and replied, "Maybe, maybe not. It's none of my concern really. Women are too troublesome to be dealt with."

"I guess. . ." his chubby friend spoke.

"BOYS! NOW! TWO LAPS!" Anko hollered over.

The boys started out their run as soon as the girls stopped behind the red line. Hinata and Ino ran over to me in such a rush. Ino was grinning wide while Hinata just had her friendly smile on.

"Where'd you learn to run like that?" Ino asked.

I smirked, "Before I came to this school I was on a track team of five student's including me. I practice with them every morning just to beat the other team."

"I would die if I had to run like that!" Ino said exasperated.

I just giggled and looked over to Hinata, "You're sure quiet, Hinata-chan."

"Huh?" She turned her head over from the group of boys running to the side of our wall to me.

"Ah! Oh sorry, Sakura-chan!" she apologized.

"You don't need to apologize." I snickered. "Are you still staring at that hyper active guy?"

She blushed into a million reds and hid her face behind her hands trying to hide away her blush. Me and Ino just laughed out loud and I poked Hinata's shoulder. She smiled and rubbed her shoulder as if brushing the pokage away.

"GIRLS! GO! TWO LAPS!" Anko called for us.

Just like before, my body turned on it's own and my legs sped over across the room in an instant. My instincts turned on their own account as I turned my body and I ran back to the wall I was leaning across on then back again and speeding back to the wall hitting my shoulder hard on the white wall.

"Nice job, Haruno!" Anko yelled over to me.

I grinned back at her as if giving her a thank you.

Suddenly the gym speakers blasted up one of the most random songs I've ever heard. OH WAIT I KNOW THIS SONG! So what by Pink. Wow this school had good song choices. But my fun dulled when they stopped the song. SHIT!


As if they heard me, they turned back the song and everybody cheered as some girls sang along while others just stuck out while they ran back.

"You weren't fair, you never were, you wanted it all, but that's not fair, I gave my life, I gave my all, you weren't there, you let me faaall." I sang along.

Finally Ino and Hinata ran over to me panting and breathing hard.

"Sakura –" Ino stopped to breath and then continued, " do you want to come over to my house sometime with Hinata. We'll have a sleepover and everything. Just the three of us."

"What about Temari and Ten Ten?" Hinata asked.

"Them too." Ino smirked.

"Erm. I'll think about it. I don't do sleepovers that much." I replied nervously.

"Ok! What class do you have after this?" she asked.

"Science with Orochimaru - sensei." I replied.

"Oh good luck with him! I have history with Asuma - sensei." she giggled.

"What about you, Hinata?" I asked.

"I h-have drama with, Kurenai – sensei." She stuttered.

"Lucky. By the way, Ino. What's so bad about Orochimaru – sensei?" I asked.

"Let's just say he's strict and vile and ugh. I had him last year and he kept yelling at me for no freaking reason! The only person he's really nice to is Sasuke Uchiha." She grinned.

"And who's Sasuke Uchiha? Is he one of those geek teacher pets?" I asked.

She dropped her mouth, "HELL NO! He's like the sexiest guys in school! He even has a fan club! Who Karin is the president of! Everybody loves Sasuke! But he keeps rejecting girls."

"Why? Is he too good for them or something?" I scoffed.

"Maybe. People think it's because he's secretly dating someone else or that he's gay. But nobody found out for sure." She replied.

"Nice. . . .Hinata you're quiet again." I smirked and glanced at her again. This time she wasn't even next to me! HOLY CRAP! That's because the bell is going to ring in five minutes!

"INO! LOCKER ROOM! NOW!" I yelled at Ino mimicking Anko – sensei.

I grabbed her wrist and we both ran into the locker room in full speed. I walked to my locker and twisted the dial for its combination and put opened it right open. I slid off my gym uniform shorts and grabbed my black skinny jeans and slid them on.

"So how are you liking Konoha High?" Ino asked.

"It's ok so far." I grinned and put my shorts away and started for my shirt pulling it up and sliding it off. Ino suddenly paused from dressing and stared at me.

"Wow, are those real?" she asked pointing to my cleavage.

"Hm, let me check." I pretended to look down at my chest and looked up. "Yep, no plastic surgery intended to make these."

She snickered, "I can see why the guys in our gym class are so attracted to you!"

"What do you mean by that?" I asked irritated.

"Oh nothing." She smirked and waved her hand in front of her in defense.

I grabbed my stuff and headed out of the locker room with Ino and Hinata right beside me. I started thinking about what Ino meant by that until it hit me! We were just leaving the gym and I scoffed.

"OH MY GOD. Ino you have the most p- " I was just about to finish my sentence until I accidently bumped into HIM.

"Shit!" I said by mistake as I fell on my ass as my stuff spilled out on the floor.

"Damn it. Watch where you're going." The figure scowled at me.

I picked my stuff and myself up and looked up at the figure that bumped into ME.

"Watch where I'm going? You're the one who came out of no where and decided to knock me AND my stuff down." I shot back.

"I didn't come out of no where and you must be blind as a bat not to see me coming your way." He scoffed.

"Well EXCUSE me Mr. Mary Sue but I bet I have more keen eyesight than you do." I scowled.

"Um. Sakura. I think you might want to-" Ino started but was quickly interrupted.

"Mary Sue? And you must have mental disease if you think that you have better eyesight than I do." He smirked.

"At least I have manners. At least I don't come out of no where and randomly bump into someone pushing them down and not even giving a sorry to them." I stuck my tongue out.

"Sakura, you're talking to Sa-" Ino started but again Mr. Mary Sue just interrupted her.

"Well, then I apologize . . . .that you're too blind to know who you're talking to." He raised an eyebrow.

"And who might you be, Mr. Mary Sue?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"Uchiha Sasuke." He answered.

"Yeah. . . ." Ino gave up.

"And you're point?" I asked still not getting his actually meaning to "You have no idea who you're talking to".

"SASUKE – KUN!" A voice shrieked out of nowhere.

"Oh Kami…." He grumbled and slapped his hand on his forehead.

"What? Oh her." I mumbled and glanced at the screaming girl.

One of Sasuke's "fan club members" ran over to Sasuke and grabbed his arm almost yanking it off and started randomly snuggling it like a teddy bear.

"I've been looking EVERYWHERE for you!" she yelled as if trying to be dramatic.

"Looks like Mr. Mary Sue has a stalker!" I grinned.

He just glared at me but his "girlfriend" just attacked me, "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL MY BOYFRIEND!"

"Boyfriend? Ok you have a girlfriend as a stalker, Sasuke kun? Wow.. Even I thought you could do better than that." I scoffed.

"She's not my-" he started but was quickly interrupted.


Jealous? My eyes were scanning him and he wasn't really much to look at. He had black steel onyx eyes, spiky end hair that looked like duck butt. Skinny black jeans overlapped with two belts. One studded with metal and the other checkered with black and white. A cotton white dress-shirt that wasn't tucked into his pants like most men would appeal to with a crooked black tie clung on to his lean and slim figure as was his dark eyes staring at mine.

"Not really. He's not even much to look at. . . ." I said plainly. She just gasped and almost exploded over what I just said.

"I mean Naruto and his friends look much better than THAT." I grinned.

"Heh, if you like that hyperactive idiot then your taste of guys must really suck." He smirked.

"Nope. My taste of guys is their bite. Not their face. But your taste in girls are their asses, not their personality." I snickered.

At this he frowned and he would've totally choked me if his fan girl wasn't clinging on to him so much.

"Well I'd love to stay and chat but your presence is dull and boring and I just can't take it anymore. Come on Ino, Hinata. Ta ta, Cockatoo – Kun." I grinned and walked away with my two friends.

As soon as we crossed halls Ino literally exploded to me, "HOLY SHIT, SAKURA! YOU'RE LIKE THE FIRST GIRL TO SAY THAT TO SASUKE!"

"Ino, if you scream any more I'll be deaf and I won't be able to keep up my singing career if you keep this up." I giggled.

"Oops, Sorry. BUT STILL!" she started again.

"Ino. . ." I grumbled.

"Sorry!" she apologized again.

"G-gosh, I-ino, calm d-down." Hinata giggled.

"Heh, and so what? I don't see why people think he's the "sexiest" guy in school. He's ok but I bet he's prude like all the other guys I've seen." I replied dully.

"P-prude?" Hinata asked.

"Shy, Hinata." I replied.

Ino snickered, "Oh he's not prude, and he's like the bad-boy of Konoha. He's best friends with Naruto and the two of them rule the school. Well almost. They are still lower classman to the higher grade students."

"Well that's about to change because my goal is to rise to the top. Not to stand down just because a few guys are in the top league." I scoffed.

"Maybe we should make our own band to get started." Hinata suggested.

"Wow, Hinata, you didn't stutter in that sentence. And that's not such a good idea. . . ." I almost whispered.

"Why?" she began again.

"Yeah? Why? I mean you're such a great singer plus Hinata and I already play instruments. Hinata can play piano and violin and I can play guitar and drums! It'll work out perfectly!" Ino didn't give up.

"I dunno. I'm just not into the whole band thing anymore. . . ." I sighed.

"Sakura please! We can't do this without a great singer like you! I personally suck and Hinata has stage fright! Please!" she pleaded to me.

"J-just give her some time to think, I-ino." Hinata assured.

"Fine, but you better make the right choice!" Ino giggled and poked my shoulder.

"Ok, Ok! Just let me get to my Science class before I'm late! Oh never mind I'm here. Room 222." I stared at the door.

"Later! We'll catch you up at lunch!" Ino smiled and ran with Hinata out into the halls.

I grabbed the doorknob and creaked the door open. Hold on it was stuck. Shit. Cheap teachers. I kept putting all my strength into the door until it finally burst open with me almost falling on my face. I kept my balance and looked up. The room was empty except for a teacher with long hair in a ponytail and pale white face. His eyes were bright green and in vain like a reptile. His long hair was down to his back for god's sake. It almost looked like a girl if he wasn't flat chested.

"Oh, I see that some students made it to my class early. Come in and take a sssseaaat." He hissed.

I just nodded and walked in the room and made my way to one of the desks and pulled out the chair from it's place and sat in dropping my stuff on the desk. The teacher was reading a black book with the initials S.U. on it. Weird.

His office door creaked open and out came a teenage guy almost my age with short- long silver white hair with glasses, "Orochimaru – sensei, the principle hasn't sent in the request for new test tubes yet."

Orochimaru whispered something I couldn't quite hear and began, "Kabuto, ask her again to fill out the forms for the science materials or I'll go in there myself. And I know how much she despisesssss my company."

"Yes, Orochimaru – sensei." He sighed and then glanced at me and gave me a friendly smile and went out of the classroom to the office.

Great, I'm alone in this classroom with a replica of Michael Jackson. But God answered my complains when the door creaked opened again as HE stepped in.

Black scene hair that just slipped into a spiky duck feathered butt in the end had just entered the room.

"Crap, I have Science with you? God must really hate me today." I groaned and put my face in my hands.

"Girl, I suggest you do not speak that way towards my A straight student." Orochimaru – sensei hissed and then glanced at Sasuke. "Take a seat, Sasuke kun."

HOLY SHIT! AGAIN WITH THE SASUKE – KUN crap. This school really does love Cockatoo Kun. First the girls and now the freaking teachers! That my friend, is NOT normal. At all. No way.

Cockatoo glanced at my direction and gave me a dangerous look and then walked to his seat pulling the chair out and sitting down. He folded his hands together and just closed his eyes as if thinking.

That's when fifty students rushed into the classroom taking their seats before the bell rang. Naruto was one of them, so was the brown haired boy. But this time a boy with long hair, which made him look like a girl if he wasn't flat chested. I giggled at that.

AH! A certain long black haired shy girl stepped into the room twiddling her two fingers in both fingers. She looked around the room to find a place to sit and when her eyes passed my face she immediately had her attention to me.

Her eyes widened and a small smile formed across her peach face. She must be happy that she had somewhere to sit that wasn't awkward. Still. I bet she wanted to sit with Naruto-kun.

But she didn't.

I turned my head and saw Hinata already in her seat.

Next to me. I grinned up at her and snickered.

She looked confused, "W-what's so f-funny, Sakura-chan?"

I held in my laughter with my hand and looked up at her, "Nothing. I just thought of it as funny that you stopped by to this class when I got in and now of all times you showed up. Didn't you have drama with Kurenai?"

Her pale faded eyes stared at mine as if confused until she finally snapped out of the gaze understanding what I just said.

"I'll tell you about it later. The office had an error in my class list." She smiled.

I swear… She was like silver bells with that beautiful voice of hers.

Smirking to myself I smiled at the thought of her voice. I had one just like it.

"I see everyone's seated. Well, to start out with the first day of this school year, my name is Orochimaru but please call me Orochimaru-san." He coughed as his deadly lime green eyes scanned the room.

"To start the day, I would like each of you to grab a science note book when called up. Do I make myself clear?" he snapped.

"Crystal." I sighed as I buried my head in my arms.

"Row 1 will go first." He instructed as he sat back down to his desk.

I pursed my lip biting it intensively a little like a pout. My feet were burning and I felt like twisting my body a bit to loosen the kinks in my back.

The students started grabbing book after book trying to get it over with. I heard thumps of accidental drops with the covers.

"Careful with those! They're thirty dollars each!" he hissed but I heard him mumble a few other words after that.

I bet you those books were not even a cent each. They were thick and full of more science junk that I already knew about.

My mind was curious, and I started learning about more things when I was little besides math, science, reading and writing. I also learned astronomy along with . . . art and music.

After that, I decided to finally enroll here.

"Second row is up next." Orochimaru rasped out.

Hinata's chair screeched as she pushed it back to its spot on the table. I picked my head up and did as she did with her chair and followed her to the large shelf of books.

Her pale lavender eyes were scanning the books as she grabbed one from the shelves.

She turned over and saw me behind her and smiled softly. I smiled back as she walked away. I reached for a book and held it between my arm and side. I turned my body and walked back to my seat with Hinata waiting for me.

"Miss Haruno. You have the wrong book." A voice snapped out.

I looked up to see Orochimaru's eyes glaring into mine.

My eyes looked down at the book that I set on my desk and saw it was orange and said Genetic Engineering. I peered over to Hinata's book, which had a yellow cover and said Astronomy. Crap.

"Are your really that color blind? Or are you just a dimwit?" the teacher muttered as he sighed.

The whole class roared with laughter from the teacher's remark. However, he shot them a glare and they immediately shut their mouths up.

I grinned however, "Orochimaru-sensei, I don't think it's appropriate to have such attitude into calling one of your students a harsh word such as dimwit."

"Excuse me?" he hissed.

Grinning wide I continued, "I don't think, Director Tsunade would be happy with that kind of remark don't you think?"

"What are you –" he started but I interrupted him.

"Answer the following question with the following answer. Yes or no do you think Tsunade-sensei would be happy with that kind of remark." I replied smugly.

Hinata stared at me in shock with wide eyes. She wasn't alone though, the whole class was staring at me.

"No. I don't." he replied in a low tone.

"Then I ask that you don't respond in such a harsh, hasty, and unstable manner." I respond, rephrasing on the unstable.

"And what makes you think you can speak in such a hasty manner, Miss Haruno." The teacher asked simply as he crossed his arms.

"Orochimaru-sensei, I don't think YOU of all teachers should be asking a student questions since we only have thirty minutes on the clock and I think everybody would like to pick up their correct text books." I casually changed the subject.

He scoffed and looked up at the clock only to see I was right. I heard him curse under his breath as he looked back at my face in such an angry manner.

"Very well then. Third row AND Haruno get your books." He responded.

"I don't think I should waste time in getting another book, besides the shelf is so far away from my desk." I faked a yawn.

"It's called daily exercise, not like you've had any in a while." He remarked.

The class didn't smirk or snicker but just waited for what I would come up with next.

"Unfortunately, I have gotten the right fitness exercising. Unlike you, whose skin is so pale you might be mistaken for Michael Jackson." I sighed.

Everyone in the room let out so many gasps and laughs at the same time. Happy with my work, I smiled casually at my teacher.

He sighed, "Just get your book for god's sake."

I looked around and saw everybody staring at me. Except Sasuke, but he was a baka anyway.

Looking back at the teacher I simply stated, "But Orochimaruuuuuu."

That made him snap and he grabbed a book from the shelf and threw it as it bolted towards my head.

I instantly fell backward, dodging the book before it could reach my head.

My head poked back from the desk as I yelled out, "That's child abuse!"

"No! That's called annoyance!" he hissed.

"Tsk tsk, Sensei. What would Tsunade-sempai say." I grinned.

Sasuke grinned cocking his left eyebrow up.

The teacher threw up his hands in the air and just slumped back to his seat opening up the book to the page.

I grinned. If anybody messed with me, they got screwed up. Just like this guy right here…..

By the time the bell rang everything that just happened seemed almost like a dream. I mean it passed by so quickly that you kind of would guess.

I sighed and started walking in the hall, watching as people kept whispering and staring at me with those owl like eyes. So wide and annoying. Damn it, I shouldn't have told a teacher off like that. It would only react to more unneeded attention. I blame DuckButt hair for that.

Hinata was right beside me so it was kind of comforting to know I wasn't the only one alone in the situation.

Reading and Writing passed, then next you know I had Social studies and then. . . .


Books slammed on their desks as students gathered their stuff from their desks for their next class. I bundled my arms around my books as I walked off to class. Lunch was next so there's something I should be satisfied with.

My legs passed each other as I stared at the map on the back of my assignment notebook that the school gave me to find my way through school. If I'm next to 132 then the cafeteria should be to the left. But I don't see any doors to see that possible?

I looked back at my assignment notebook and saw the problem.

'It's upside down…..' I mentally slapped myself in the face.

But if 132 was the opposite of where the café was then wouldn't that mean I'm just on the other side.

My legs dashed down the halls running across from other students, I couldn't be late just because of a simple, easy, mistake!

Just as I saw the next hall I saw a whole layer of black that covered my atmosphere.


My whole books splattered around the empty hall with notes and books laying into random pages. My orange number 1# pencils were rolling around the whole carpeted floor along with my black and red pens. My head was just zooming with empty air and space of thoughts. I tried opening my eyes but then my head stung again with pain.

I tried counting to three before I opened my electric green eyes again.




Light shrouded around my gaze as I saw the lit halls of the hallway. Four pairs of eyes were staring at me curiously wondering who on earth was I. I blinked four times just to clear my head as I leaned my knees back to the carpeted floor to pick up my stuff.

"I-I'm sorry." I apologized as I groped around the floor for my notes, books, textbooks, and pencils, which were everywhere.

The charcoal black eyes just stared at me as straight locks of coal black hair covered them. A smile ripped from his mouth as he kneeled down to my height on the floor to help me pick my stuff off.

I looked up to stare at not his face because it was directed to the floor but the top of his head where it was facing me.

"Ha. Sorry, we didn't notice you coming our way." Another voice came up.

I looked back up at the voice that spoke out. Baby blue eyes sparkled into mine as I stared at his one eye. The other was covered by a large amount of long golden blond hair. He smiled at me with another smile and kneeled down as the other had and lent his hand out to mine.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Deidara un." He smirked.

Staring at him just baffled I just gave him my hand in return as we shook.

"Here's your books." The dark brunette said as he handed me my books.

I grabbed them with the small pile I had and stood up so I was away from the floor.

"My name is Itachi." The boy had replied in a low tone. He smiled crookedly again as if telling me, 'Don't worry, I don't bite. Much.'

I looked at the two other boys next to them and saw locks of flaming, red hair that almost covered the boy's amazing wood-sap brown eyes. There was a glaze of honey gold in them that kept them shining in an awkward way. He had a black hoodie that reached to his waist that read the words 'Pinocchio' on the sleeve of it. Along with his hoodie was a pair of skinny, grey dull jeans. His hands were slipped with fingerless gloves or arm-warmers that faded into his hoodie.

Itachi's look was much more mature but a tint of aggression. His hair was in a low ponytail that was tossed across to his shoulder. His shirt was low but clung onto his slim body. He looked almost like Sasuke but a little older? Except Sasuke didn't have any sidelines next to his nose. It seemed that way for Itachi and I had to admit, it did look attractive in a way I couldn't quite describe. He had baggy black jeans with chains down to his knees. Chains that had silver and grinning skulls attached to every rectangular form. Along with checkered black and white converse shoes.

Deidara pretty much looked like the average poster boy for a band. His long bangs reached to his neck and he had a low ponytail like Itachi had before. His skinny grey jeans along with his grey Aiden T-shirt was making his body look a little masculine but a touch of feminine with his long golden hair. It almost made me giggle but I hushed up.

And then there was this guy next to Itachi grinning at me like the cocky bastard he must be. Still, it was funny to see a girl accidently fall. I would've been worse than him and started laughing instead of smiling like that. He had black spiked hair that had light blue streaks in the messy do'. A shirt that was dark blue but with light blue letterings had the words 'Fish are friends, not food.' Along with plain ripped jeans that kind of fayed to his legs.

Grinning at them both I bowed low as I greeted them when I leaned back to my original stance. Smirking I replied, "Nice to meet you, I'm Sakura Haruno!"

"Ah, are you new here, I don't think we've seen you here before, yeah." Deidara grinned as he leaned closer to me.

Stepping back a few steps I replied, "Yeah, I'm pretty much new here so I guess you can kind of see why."

"Idiot, you're gonna scare her if you keep leaning that close." Sasori sighed as he looked away from me. But I could see a hint of red creep to his cheeks.

"Eh. She's not scared, un." Deidara whined with a cute little pout.

I almost let out a squeal!

"Erm, well thanks for carrying my books!" I smiled.

"No problem, maybe you could repay the debt if you sat at our table…." Itachi suggested.

"Heeeh, that's not such a bad idea. Konan won't be the only girl at our table any more if this continues." Kisame snickered as he walked into the cafeteria.

I thought about it for a while. I don't really see why not, but maybe one of my friends were at the tables….

BUT STILL! They helped me with my books! I can't just leave them like tha-

"HEY! YOU WITH THE PINK HAIR!" a voice hollered.


That voice sounds familiar.


A hand grabbed my shoulder from behind and almost made me fall back down to the steel, cold ground.

Turning around I saw those light blue eyes full of life with the messy mop of golden blond hair.

"So I see you again. I see you're in my lunch period too." He grinned.

"Oh so you're the one Hinata was telling me about!" I smirked.

"Hinata? What did she say about me?" Naruto stared confused.

I didn't want to give her cover away so I simply stated;

"Nothing, she just told me that you were one of the fasted track runners in our gym class!" I smirked.

"Yeah. ONE of them. Sasuke is at least the top one." He smirked proudly.

"Baka with the dandelion hair, yeah. Can't you see we're having a conversation with our Cherry Blossom, un." I heard Deidara's voice come up.

I felt my cheeks heat up at the fact that Deidara just called me a "Cherry Blossom" and the fact that he said…. "our".

"Ehh! Who said you even owned her, upperclassman! Or I should say, UPPER CLASS WOMAN!" Naruto cracked up.

I giggled as I saw Dei-dei's face burn up with red blush.

"S-SH-SHUT UP B-BAKA, UN!" he stuttered and hit Naruto upside the head.

Naruto tilted his head back and rubbed the sour spot behind his head, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR!"

"FOR BEING AN IDIOT, UN!" Deidara shouted.

"Deidara, don't get so mad because of a lower class idiot." I heard Itachi mutter as he walked next to me.

Sasori just rolled his eyes, but when he saw me look at him he just shifted his head away and blushed. I couldn't help but chuckle softly at such a face.

"Well, erm, shouldn't we get to lunch?" I coughed out.

"Ah! How could I forget! Sakura, want to sit with the others and me?" Naruto smirked wide.

Just as I was about to answer, I felt an arm entangle with my own with a small tug. I looked up to see Itachi smirking at Naruto with those onyx orbs of eyes.

"If you can excuse us, we have already asked Sakura if she could come to our table." Itachi smiled curtly.

Blushing red, the blood rushed to my cheeks as I felt how close I was to Itachi. Seriously! No guy has ever pulled me THIS close to them before!

I prefer it if I was even farther from them both.

"Hinata! She's over here!" a voice suddenly shouted out, startling my senses.

I turned my body around, slipping my arm away from Itachi's as I saw Ino and Hinata standing at the point of the hallway behind us.

"Hey, Sakura!" she giggled as she grabbed Hinata's wrist and rushed to me.

They stopped when we finally were closer as Ino then grabbed my wrist winking at me slyly as she turned her stare to the upperclassman and Naruto.

"I see you've caught even older boys' eyes." She smirked and then started walking to the cafeteria grinning at the guys behind us.

"Excuse us, boys. But we'll steal your little cherry blossom for now. You'll have her back when we're done talking to her about the principles of dating OLDER guys! Including YOU Itachi! And Naruto you should've helped her escape from them, so you have even more to blame for!" she hollered and we rushed into the cafeteria.

Confused, I looked around and saw a large area of tables and chairs filled with so many students. I swear.

Finally, Ino let go of my wrist from dragging me around the whole cafeteria and we stopped at a medium sized blue plated table.

The table was already filled with two other girls as they were talking with their trays were filled with either green Jell-O or vanilla flavored pudding.

One of the girls had a sort of rolls on her hair. Two rolls on each side of her hair, almost like chocolate donuts from her brunette hair. She had dark brown eyes with a tint of honey light to them. Her smile was so warm and comforted. She had a black tank top with an A slash in the center with a long men's tie that hung down to her waist. The tank top fit her slender torso perfectly as did her grey ripped skinny jeans with her black and white striped arm-warmers. She wore jet-black combat boots with studs on each strapping's that really suited her style. It was as if she was dynamite. She just made her whole appearance go BOOM.

The girl next to her on the other hand just had this whole electricity look. Her hair was streaked with purple and blond highlights like falling purple rain on her sunny blond hair. Her hair was tied up in . . .1 . . . 2,3 . . . 4. . . 5? Wait no, there were only four ponytails in the back of her head. Two of them were standing higher than the other two, and the other two were just lower in a total spiked look. She had a chain filled choker with a corset of studs on the center strip of ribbons that tucked the corset tightly. The corset was black of course. I think something close to leather except it didn't shine as much. It was a genuine black kind of fabric, not leather at all. With light purple stitching of a long ribbon tucked and laced through the holes of the corset. She had dark blue skinny jeans, which formed her curved look with so much through it. Instead of wearing combat boots she wore purple and black, checkered converse shoes.

Hinata sat down next to the girl with brunette hair with swirls and motioned me to sit next to her. So I slid into the seat next to Hinata and Ino whispered something to the blond and purple streaked hair girl's ear. I couldn't quite hear it but I can tell she was explaining something to her.

The girl nodded and Ino moved away from her ear as she grinned at me.

"Sakura, this is Temari." Ino introduced. "Temari, this is Sakura."

"Pleased to meet you." Temari smirked, her green eyes electrified from the florescent lights that beamed below us. She offered her hand to me, obviously to shake.

Smiling I grabbed her hand and shook, "The pleasure is all mine."

The brunette girl smiled wide, "My name's Ten Ten."

"Nice to meet you." I smiled.

"So Ino tells me you're new to Konoha." Temari smiled.

So that's what it was about…

"Mhmm. But I'm getting along fine so far. This is much better than my old school." I grinned.

"I'm glad you see it that way!" Temari laughed out.

Her voice was so strong and fluent. I can tell we were going to be close as the school days pass by.

"So, what classes do you have next?" Ten Ten asked me trying to speak up.

"Well after this I have Social Studies with Kakashi sensei, then I have Reading and Writing with Iruka sensei, and Drama with Kurenai. . . SPEAKING OF WHICH!" I finally realized.

"Nande? What's up?" Temari asked a little startled.

"Hinata!" I pointed to her beside me. Startled her pale baby blue eyes widened as she stared at my finger. "Me?"

"YOU HAD SCIENCE WITH ME! You said that…You said that YOU were going to drama with Kurenai!" I yelled at her.

"I….I did?" she muttered to herself trying to remember the circumstances.

"Don't tell me….Hinata has an evil twin!" I cried out burying my face in my hands.

"Ah! I did tell you!" she giggled, "It was my mistake, I accidently took Neji's schedule when I went to my locker… He's next to mine so…." She suddenly muttered.

"Who's Neji? Could it be….you're secret lover!" I giggled.

Her face looked shocked and just….shocked! Her eyes were wide as saucers and you can't really tell if she'll be paralyzed like that or not.

"Hehe, Sakura, Neji is Hinata's cousin." Ino giggled to herself.

"OH! Eheh, sorry Hinata." I chuckled nervously to myself.

She giggled, "It's ok. But I'm not so close with Neji, he's actually more closer with Ten Ten."

"With Ten Ten?" I looked at the brunette as she smiled warmly at me.

"Neji and I are best friends. We're in a Tai Kwon Do class together and we're part of the team members. I just help him after school with his fighting experience." She explained still smiling.

"I see." I giggled.

Hinata was just about to stand up before grabbing our trays from the table but I paused her by taking my own to the trashcan. She seemed a bit flustered by she paid no attention as she dumped the trays along with mine.


So far the day was doing pretty well. I have to admit, Konoha wasn't as bad as I thought at first… Except for the eerie asshole "Sasuke" everything turned out pretty well. I still can't believe that I made two friends on the first day. Now THAT was odd… Still… I'm glad my school day ended up how it did, because if it weren't for that, then I wouldn't feel so happy right now.

I drummed my fingers against my desk, staring up at the clock waiting for it to ring.

Seventh period was next and I knew who I would be meeting in there. "Karin" was her name. I knew I had to deal with some bitchy attitude in that class so I might as well gain the relaxation I need right now in study hall.

Then I thought about Sasuke for a while.

Ino was right about one small thing about his features. He was good-looking. But in a cocky little way that made it disgusting. I hated people that were vain about themselves just because of their boy-toy faces.


Taking that as my cue to leave, I gathered my stuff, standing up from my seat and started to the door.

More than half the students had already left the study hall to their own classes as if they had been waiting years for freedom. I casually stepped out and headed off to my math class with no expression upon my face.

As I walked down the halls of Konoha, I discovered something interesting about the school here. There had been a large plaque of the school principles. They had their own faces plastered at the end of one of the halls, which was labeled as the "Hall of Fame" for every student that passed with flying colors for grades in Konoha. I noticed that Tsunade was the last one and smiled at the face's stern expression. If the face smiled her wise and mature grin then I could barely even tell the difference of which.

As soon as I got the door of the class I had been heading to, I wondered more and more about my last classes. But my mind was immediately interrupted when I heard more loud voices.

"Well, well! We meet again!" An enlightened voice came up.

I looked up only to see Naruto's grin plastered on his child-like face. He was sitting on his desk with his friends, as if he was the king of the classroom. His bright blue eyes were enchanted and sparkled with enthusiasm when they met my light pastel jade orbs. My lips couldn't help but curve into a smile as I grinned back as if I was greeting him.

"Jeez! Are you stalking me or what! First the gym, then lunch! Now math? How many classes of you do I have to deal with!" I chuckled as I walked over to his desk.

One of his friends smirked at my comment and laughed out loud. He looked familiar somehow because of his dark sharp eyes.

"Hah! Naruto, she got you there!" he teased his friend.

Naruto snickered and punched his friend playfully on the shoulder before he threw another response at me, "Are you getting tired of old me, already?"

"Not one bit!"

They all howled with laugher like wolves.

"You sure have attitude, Hun." The brunette winked at me flirtatiously but that didn't stop me from grinning coyly back.

"Jeez, Naruto. How'd an idiot like you meet such a pretty Dollface." He chuckled at his friend.

The guy was a flirt but he was pretty decent. His hair was ruffled and shaggy like a wild dog but it suited him a lot. His brown chocolate eyes were sharp enough to keep you intact with his orbs for hours on end. He had been wearing a sleeveless white hoodie to contrast with his tan skin and baggy black denim jeans that reached to more than half of his knees. His wrists were adorned with wristbands of bands and chains that made him look really edged out. Naruto on the other hand looked like he stepped out of a rebel magazine with his short-sleeved uniform shirt and aloofed tie. His lean waist was wrapped with two studded belts as his body fitted so nicely with black skinny jeans with checkered converse to boot!

Two of his friends that were beside him showed off as much as they did. This one guy with light brunette hair had a beanie hat to cover his shagged hair but looked overall adorable even if he was a bit pudgy. His cheeks had swirls that looked like they had been sharpied on his face. He wasn't as rebellious as his friends but he had a nice way of dressing for school.

His other friend on the other hand looked the opposite. He had a baggy hoodie set aloof with skinny denim faded jeans with his dark brunette hair tied back into a spiky pony tail as if he didn't want to have the chances of letting it down. I noticed that he didn't show off as much emotion as his other friends and reminded me of Sasuke a bit.

"Isn't she in our gym period?" the one chubby guy had answered in place of Naruto.

Now that I see them more clearly, they did look like the classmates I had in gym!

"Oh? Interesting. And what's your name then, Dollface?" the boy turned his attention to me with a wolfish grin pasted on his face.

I could tell just by his eyes that he was looking me up and down as if he was the wolf from "Little Red Riding Hood".

"Sa-ku-ra." I replied coyly.

The boy whistled out loud like the dog he was.

"Damn, Kiba!" Naruto snickered at Kiba's wild act and ruffled his friend's hair.

"Well ain't that a pretty name. Sa-ku-ra, huh? Doesn't that stand for… Cherry Blossom?" he smirked casually as he lingered from Naruto's desk to my back.

I turned my head back to catch view of him, "I guess you can say that.."

"Oh? And tell me…" his husky voice overwhelmed my ear, causing me to blush violently. His lips were practically touching my neck!

"Has your cherry "popped" yet?"

Immediately I threw out laughter as I smacked him playfully on the cheek and grinned back at him as I sat next to Naruto's spot on the desk.

"Goddamn, pervert…" the dark brunette with tied up hair muttered to himself as he shook his head in embarrassment.

"Hmm. Yes. No. Maybe So." I replied coyly as he rubbed his cheek as he eyed me.

"Alright, alright. No trash talking around Sakura or I'll kick your ass till it's numb, Kiba." Naruto replied firmly, indicating some blush around his cheeks.

"HAH! Like you can!" Kiba retorted with a rude snort.

"I've kicked it once haven't I!"

"That was just a punch in the jaw! Plus I bruised you so badly, you were only black and blue when I was finished!"

Naruto scoffed, jumping off his table, "Wanna go again, then!"

"HEY! Jeez! Stop! Go do it outside if you have to, but not here!" I chuckled lightly, throwing off the two's focus over the fight.

The blond threw off an easy warm smile over at me before he walked over to me once again, ignoring Kiba's ignorance.

"Well, before we do, the least I can do is show you around the school before the fight." He smirked.

I chuckled at his welcoming stance, "No thanks, Hinata has helped me plenty around."

"Hinata? You're friends with her?"

I nodded my head, "Mhmm. Why? Do you have something against her?"

He shook his head and just smiled goofily again, "No, I'm just curious."

"Oh. Well, you can at least introduce me to your friends here." I smirked back.

Naruto's smile spread wider until it reached the corners of his ears.

"Well then…." He started looking around to his accomplices, "I guess you already know Kiba, here… Guys introduce yourselves!"

"Jeez, Naruto, you make such a big deal out of it!"

My eyes lingered off to the dark brunette that had his hair tied into a spiky fringe. His dull eyes darted to mine and he smirked sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.

"I'm Shikamaru, this guy next to me is Chouji…" he gestured to his dark brunette chubby friend.

"That one guy over sitting next to the idiot in the green uniform is Neji Hyuuga. You can say he's pretty popular around here because his family is really famous around Konoha for it's events. Since you know about Hinata, I think you can say that she's talked about her cousin…" Shikamaru muttered.

I nodded at him and he continued once more.

"Then as I said, the green idiot over there is Rock Lee. Just to let you know, he's been staring at you for quite a while now. Either you've caught his attention or he's just dozing off." He grinned lightly.

I couldn't help but smirk back at his small effort in humor.

Kiba continued without Shikamaru's help, "The guy with the afro-like hair is Shino. He's one of my friends but he doesn't like to talk that much around here because he's too stooped up with reading. I have to say, I don't like Neji that much but his sister is fine with me so I don't mind him that much."

"Hey. If you know Hinata, you should know Ino Yamanaka, right?" Shikamaru asked.

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"Jeez, she's just so annoying. Everyday she sees me it's like her freaking period. She nags to me everyday about how I'm so boring. She just makes everything so troublesome." He sighed out.

"Maybe that's because you make it troublesome yourself."

He looked back at me with a blank stare in his eyes, but this only made me want to laugh.

"She probably just wants to get to know you better." I smiled back up at him warmly.

Kiba scoffed slightly as he raised his hand to my head, ruffling my hair.

"As if. Ino Yamanaka only has on person on her mind to get to know better." Kiba smirked slightly.

I stared back at him, fixing my hair from his rude gesture.

"And who's that." I asked impatiently.

"Sasuke Uchiha."

There was an awkward silence as soon as Kiba disclosed that name.

Sasuke, eh?


Ino-chan did seem like the one for eye candy. But Sasuke of all people? Jeez, how insanely obsessed with this guy was this school?

"Psh. Are you white trash little shits bad mouthing mySasuke again?"

Oh Kami… Now where have I heard that voice before?