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Victims of Rage

Chapter 11

Emmett POV

I looked up at the stage, watching the girl, Kali, winding herself around the pole. She wasn't bad, had a few moves I'd love to see my girl use. In fact, she even kind of looked like my Rosie, with her blond hair and blue eyes. She was a little shorter than my lovely's five foot, eight inch frame, and her tits were obviously the gift of a surgeon rather than God, like my girl, but she was cute and could dance. I sighed and turned to accept the whiskey another girl was bringing me. Leah, I think, was her name. Cute, but not as good with her moves. Truthfully, there weren't any girls here at the Pink Poodle that I could see bringing back to dance at the club back home. And I was bored stiff.

I'd been cooling my heels here for a few days now. I knew that Alec was staying here in San Jose, and I'd managed to spot him a few times. He knew I was keeping an eye on him, but that was fine. I wanted him to know I was around. This way, he thought he was keeping out of my clutches and that we weren't as close to reeling him in as we were. I still had a hotel suite rented out in my real name in Berkeley, but I also had a room in a seedy place here, near the airport. That one was not in my name. Alec wasn't the only one with multiple aliases, after all. And I, sure as shit, wore them better than he did. Today I was going by Jeremiah Halstead, IT department head on a business trip for my company. I was fairly sure there was a computer securities conference happening in the city this weekend, there was one most weekends anyway.

I was maintaining my cover sitting in this club, since I knew that Alec had spotted me today and got curious. I caught him tailing my car almost immediately after I left his favorite coffee shop this morning. So I played up to what he thought I was, a bumbling idiot, and headed to a strip club. He would never consider that I knew what he was up to and was just throwing him off the scent. I'm not as stupid as everyone seems to think, you know. It's just more useful for me to let them think I am.

I smiled to myself as I thought about my accomplishments today. It had been very smart to start going in to the coffee place every day. I chose to go in just before noon, knowing that Alec usually went earlier. But I needed to get to know the people who he saw when he went in, so it couldn't be too much later than him. It's surprising how helpful people can be when you flash them some dimples, a fake badge, and treat them like a human being.

You know, I have nothing but respect for people who work in customer service, restaurant service, or anywhere dealing with the public. Why, you ask? Because people in general, and Americans especially, have this attitude that they are the center of the fucking universe, and like to look down on anyone who has to serve them. Word to the fucking wise here, folks: when someone is handling your food or drink, be nice and tip them well. They have memories like elephants, and can be vengeful assholes too. Remember, without your tip, service people only make $2.13 per hour, according to the federal minimum wage. How much do you really think their job is worth without you supplementing that income? But treat them with a little respect and a good tip, and they're putty in your hands.

At least that's how Sammi (with a stupid mother fucking heart over the i on her name tag, girl should be a stripper) acted when I requested her help with a little project. She knew who Alec was, and that he doesn't tip, and is a rude son of a bitch. He has a tendency to take up a table that could seat 4 for over an hour of their rush, while ordering nothing more than coffee, rather than just taking a seat at the bar that would be a better fit for him and his laptop. Needless to say, Sammi didn't like him. Apparently, he went so far as to call her "girl" and whistle for a refill. Stupid prick.

Ah well, Alec's stupidity and lack of manners is my opportunity. When I stopped in yesterday with my usual charming demeanor (and over 30% tip), Sammi was in quite the mood. Alec had been rude to another customer, and threatened to call the health inspector because one of the regulars had his dog at an outdoor table. Go figure, the big, bad marine is afraid of poodles. Classic. I laughed myself stupid over that one. So I took advantage of the situation and asked Sammi to do me a little favor. Next time he came in, drop a little button into his laptop bag. He was never without it, after all, so it was the best way to track him. I had already managed to get a tracking beacon on his car, but this one also contained a microphone that I could use to get a better idea of any plans he was making.

It took a little convincing to get Sammi to agree to help me out. She's not as dumb as she seems truly, but she wanted to buy my story about being a detective and tracking him for a murder case. (Hey, it's plausible and shit!) I did warn her not to get caught, whatever she did, but that if she simply dropped a small black button into the folds of his laptop case, she'd be helping take a murderer off the streets. Not untrue at all. I was a little impressed with how she'd gone about accomplishing things though.

Apparently, Alec had made another rude comment today, and insulted the girl. When will he learn? But in retaliation, she not only spilled coffee on him while refilling his cup, she dropped the chip into his bag while wiping up the spill. Pretty ingenious of her, if you ask me. She hadn't been sure she wanted to help me, but after his treatment of her today and their regular yesterday, she was cemented in her desire to help, or at least to get him back. When I entered the shop today, she was practically bouncing in her excitement to tell me. Perfect.

So here I was, playing the part of the coked up buffoon (yeah, I like the blow, but I'm not stupid) and cooling my heels in a strip club to throw Alec off the scent. I'm sure the sight was a little strange, me sitting with my laptop out and Bluetooth headset in, in a strip club, but the whiskey was good, and the whole thing served my purposes well. The girls had seen just about everything in this biz, and weren't paying me too much attention, just enough to keep my glass and my belly full. I tipped them every time they came around. And as a bonus, the wings here were out of this world.

I was still bored here though. I missed my house, my bed, and my wife. And the pole she had had installed in the bedroom so she could dance for me herself. Rose would do just about anything I asked of her, it was great. I hadn't initially been thrilled with the idea of marrying her, but after I got her thawed out a bit, she was quite passionate and kept me quite happy. Though she was disgusted the first time I asked her to suck my cock, now she is a master at giving head. Seriously, she should teach a class on that. Beyond that, she was loyal to a fault, smart enough to know when to shut her trap, and she even liked watching the same horrible movies I did. It was kind of a game with us to see who could find the worst one. Shit, I wanted to go home. When the hell would that idiot do something so I could end this fucking babysitting trip?

I was poking around on my laptop, looking at the design specs Edward had sent me for the gift he was planning to give Bella for Christmas. I had already started on the chips, now I just had to design the activation mechanism and get them implanted in the watch he had chosen. I had to admit; this was a brilliant gift from my brother in law to his sister who doesn't want to be protected, but certainly appreciated being rescued. I couldn't wait to see her reaction though. Hopefully, it will be on par with her episode when we tried to explain the alarm system in her condo. That shit was epic!

I would never have thought I'd see big bad Edward Masen pleading desperately for a chance to explain himself to a woman twelve years younger than him, who was severely injured, and weighed a buck twenty soaking wet in her clothes. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Fuck that! Hell hath no fury like Bella Masen/Conti/whateverthefuckshe'scallingherself when she thinks she's being spied on. I thought I might have to get involved and restrain her, something I definitely did not want to do, since I think Sarge may have disemboweled me if I touched her. He was another protective motherfucker. But Bella, she was over the top. It took a long time to get her to see reason and understand that we all had similar systems in all our places. Cameras are not for spying, just for catching anyone who trips the alarm. It was just standard operating procedure for us.

I was giggling to myself (yeah, I giggle, get over it) when suddenly my ears perked up. I had been routing the bug that was on Alec to my Bluetooth headset, and up to now, it'd been pretty quiet. But now I could hear a cell phone ringing. About time for some action!

I had never been so happy for the invention of the speakerphone as I was right now. Damn, Alec really should know better. Never take your important calls on speaker. It's just way too easy for anyone who might be eavesdropping, be it the Feds, or another criminal! Or me! That's just smart business.

As I listened to their conversation, I couldn't help but be a little bothered by the voice of the caller. It was too familiar, I had heard it before. Faces I'm not so good with, voices and asses though, those I can id every time. That shit gets programmed in and trapped in my brain or something. And that's a voice I've heard. Now I just have to place it. I'll know it if I hear it not distorted by two phones and the material of the computer bag.

I quickly took notes on what they were discussing. I was glad that she thought I was still in Berkeley, and he didn't seem to be disagreeing with her. Good, he thought I was still based there. These names would be useful though, Felix, Molly… I wonder what warehouse they're talking about? I was happy to hear they were indeed planning something. That meant there would be something to do, some action to take care of. Way better than the psycho-sitting detail I've been on for the past few weeks. Even though they're clearly planning to kidnap her again, the good news was that they were only planning on drugging Bella with ketamine. No lasting effects from that drug… not that they would ever get their hands on Bella anyway.

The phone call ended quickly, but it was enough. It told us what they were planning, and that even though Alec was here, there were people working for him who were much closer, too close. But at least we had some names now. I'll have to ask Rose if she's heard of any Felix or Molly hanging around somewhere, and warn her to stay away from them while she's at it. I didn't like the idea of my wife anywhere near two losers who worked for that psycho. You just can't predict what people will do when they realize they've been caught, and Rosie needs to steer clear of that mess.

I had assumed that things would be quiet again after the call ended, but boy was I wrong. It sounded like World War III was breaking out in that hotel room. Where's the thorazine when you need it? And psycho boy was screaming! This shit is hilarious! I wonder if he knows that he talks out loud in different voices? Very Gollum vs. Smeagol if you ask me. But his delusions about what Bella wants are more than a little troubling. If he truly believes, and I think he does, that Bella wants him, I don't see much that will dissuade him from this fucked up plan he's hatching. And the things he's saying about James and Jasper are fucked up. Of course they bossed you around, you twat, they were your commanding officers. But when he threatened Rose, that's my limit. Call me whatever you like, but no one fucks with my woman but me. That wasn't even because I love her, just that I'm a possessive son of a bitch. And there was no way in hell I'd be helping split personality boy. How the hell did this nutcase get into the Marines and get someone to hand him a gun? Ah, the wonders of the military, post 9/11. They just weren't screening as carefully anymore.

All joking aside, I can't help but feel like it's time to circle the wagons. This guy was several peanuts short of a Crackerjack box, no doubt, but he was still dangerous. Possibly even more so than we thought. I called Edward.

"Masen here," he answered in his usual brusque manner.

"Edward, it's Emmett. Got some news for you. Can you talk?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm alone. What have you got for me?"

I proceeded to update him with all the new information, including the bit about Molly, Felix, and the planned abduction.

"Edward, this guy is considerably less stable than we thought. He's definitely something to worry about. I think we need to bunker down and figure out a way to flush these flunkies of his out into the open," I advised.

Edward was silent for a moment, and I knew he was considering everything I'd told him and compiling it with all the information he had in Seattle. I waited.

"Alright, Emmett. You already put a GPS chip in his car?" he asked.

I answered without hesitation. "Yup, got my own design hidden on the frame, and also hacked into the OnStar system to get the id that way, in case mine loses power or is discovered, thought it won't be. Plus, the bug in his computer bag has a locator as well. There's no way we're going to lose him."

"Okay, here's what we're going to do. I'm sending Mitch down to take over your spot. He looks enough like you, if he's sticking to your general schedule, and stays checked in to the hotel in Berkeley, there's no reason for Alec to suspect anything's changed. He'll be getting off a plane in Oakland International at… noon tomorrow. You know how to get a hold of him and set up a transfer of keys and crap. As soon as you switch things with him, you get on the return flight, scheduled at… 2:28 from Terminal 2, gate 5. Tickets are ready in your alias' name at check in. Call me once you land and we'll all meet at James' place. I don't want to go far, but I don't want it in Bella's, in case that Molly person gets too close. It sounds like she's already too close for comfort." I could hear his fingers clicking on the computer keys as he spoke, making the reservations no doubt.

I replied quickly. I was excited to be coming home, and gearing up for a fight. "I'll be there, boss. I'll call Mitch this evening to set things up. See you tomorrow, Edward."

I hung up, with a strange combination of tension and ease running through me. Things were finally starting to move along. We had a plan, and I knew we were going to get that psycho, one way or another. That thought made me feel a lot better than just sitting and waiting. Everything together coming perfectly for this plan. Now if it only stayed on this perfect course, we'd be all set. But I couldn't stop the voice in the back of my head. How often do things work out exactly as they're supposed to?

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