Snap Shots

Chapter 16: The Right Way

By: Rosewaters

He could feel the pressure rising, his lungs tighten as anxiety was crawling from his stomach to his throat.

Red eyes narrowed, his mind reading each iron number 666.

His lips went up in a strained twisted grin. Wasn't it all just a bit too ironic?

He took a deep breath, long thin fingers gripping the brass knob until the skin stretch over his knuckles and turned a frigid white.

He was repeating the mantra in his head, "this is the right way."

He was a classy cool guy and he was going to do this. He turned the knob slowly and walked in. His eyes shifted around the empty apartment and before he could stop himself he released a breath he didn't even know he was holding.

He turned around getting ready to run to his motorcycle like his life depended on it.

Then his eyes landed on the figure in the door way. His fist clenched as their eyes meet and the older man spoke.

"What brings you here Soul?"

Red eyes darted to the floor as his well thought out script left his mind. He had planned every word perfectly and now facing down Spirit had made him forget everything.

"Hmmm, why don't we sit down in the kitchen?"

Soul followed meekly through the house; his body falling heavily into the wooden chair in the small kitchen. Spirit reached into the fridge grabbing a bottle, his hand motioning In Soul's direction.

"I need some liquid courage, want some?"

He spoke for the first time.

"No thanks. It's too early for a beer for me. I got a job this afternoon."

Spirit took the seat across from him, the wooden legs screeching against the tile and leaving an eerie silence.

His head tilted back as he took a long swig of his drink, letting the bottle hit the table top and the condensation to slide down the neck of the tinted glass.

"Is it bad news? Is she hurt? There is only so much I can handle, so don't drag it out."

The realization of his words hit Soul and he quickly answered.

"No, Maka is fine. I came today for my own reasons."

He ran a hand through his red hair, a shaky sigh escaping his lips.

"Dear god my heart just dropped."

Soul gave a half grin and the words he lost came back to him.

"I want to do this right. Partly because she needs it, but mainly because I want it done the right way."

Soul looked up, red eyes meeting a deep blue green hue.

"I am dating your daughter and I want your approval. I understand the fact that you will now beat the shit out of me. However, Spirit, I want you to know this isn't half hearted."

Soul's whole body went tight, his jaw clenched as Spirit dropped his head.

"Fuck. Fuck it all."

Soul glanced across the table a wave of fear gripping him; the words playing through his mind, 'the right way'.

Spirit walked across the table, his hands firmly on Soul's shoulders. His eyes locked with Soul's, an intensity he had never felt before shaking him.

"I'm so fucking happy."

Soul simply watched as tears streamed down Spirit's face in a comical manner.

"I was terrified she'd pick that stupid fuck Black*Star, or that OCD manic depressive Kidd. I actually thought she'd never pick you. Fuck, for a while there I was terrified that I gave her daddy issues and she fell in love with Stein. That crazy fuck as my son-in-law gave me nightmares. NIGHTMARES. Then there's the Ox kid, but he's so fuckin lame, they'd just sit in the house and read. Fuck, my worries are lifted. You're a cool fuckin' guy!"

Soul sat there stunned as Spirit sat back in his seat.

"So it's ok then?"

Spirit waved him off, "Yeah, yea, you have my blessing. I respect my daughter's choice."

Wait didn't that mean he was ok with anyone? Soul stood up, a small grin on his face. Whatever, he was a better choice than those guys.

"Oh, Soul."

Soul looked back, his body going stiff as the cold look covered Spirit's face.

"You make my little princess cry and I'll castrate your bitch ass. You got that you pathetic little fucker."

He nodded slowly.

"I didn't hear your answer!"

It was sudden and hesitant, "Yes. Yes, I heard you."

Spirit glared in his direction, "Get the fuck out."

Soul quickly left the kitchen; he was already at the door when Spirits voice made him pause.

"Take her out tonight. It's the night her mother and I divorced."

Soul smiled as he walked out. He did it the right way and he learned how a father does it the right way.