AN: So, this is the first chaptered story from me in this fandom. I don't know how this came along, but it wouldn't go away until I wrote it out. So this is this baby was created. I don't know about you, but the idea of John and Teddy is hot to me. I hope you all enjoy.

Lonely No More.

I don't want to be here. I don't want to be here. I. Don't. Want. To. Be. Here.

Was John Morrison's mantra as he wandered through the corridors of the arena. Monday Night Raw was over and he learned that Raw was going to be his new home.

"I don't want to be here," he muttered under his breath.

It's not that he didn't like the Raw Superstars or anything, it was the fact that he felt out of place. Raw was the place for main eventers like Cena and Randy. Not guys like him.

Sighing, he turned the corner only to run into somebody.

That somebody being Mike.


He grunted as Mike pulled him into a bone crushing hug, but smiled none the less at the sight of his old friend.

"I'm so happy you're back!"

"Me too, Mizzy," he said as they pulled apart. "As much as I would love to catch up with you, I have to go back to the locker room and get my stuff."

Just as he was about to turn away, a hand on his arm stopped him. John spun around and stared at his friend.

"What, Mike?"

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you."


"Ted is in there."

Now John was really confused as he stared blankly at Mike, hoping the younger man would explain why he couldn't go in there just because Ted was in there.

But he didn't.

John forced a smile as he took his arm out of his friend's hold. "I don't really care who is in there. I'm getting my stuff."

"Just be careful around him!" was Mike's parting words.

Entering the locker room, John could see no one in there besides Ted. The blonde was sitting on the bench, head in his hands. He was still dressed in his wrestling gear so John assumed the younger man had just got there and was about to change.

"Hey Teddy," he greeted and almost had to laugh at the startled look on the blonde's face.

He walked past Ted to where his stuff was, hearing the other man clear his throat and the sound of a zipper before he turned around to face the younger man. Ted had stood up, his gym bag on his shoulder.

"Listen, I can leave if you want and come back -"

"Teddy," John cut him off with a smile. "You don't have leave. I'm not going to make you. You're free to change here like every other superstar."

A look of relief came upon Ted's face as he slumped back down onto the bench.

It was a comfortable silence to the two men as they both changed out of their wrestling attire.

John secretly watched Ted as he changed, noticing the way his muscles moved every time he went to put something on or take something off. He couldn't deny that Ted was a gorgeous man. With dark blue eyes, hay colored hair, muscular but not too muscular body, and not to mention his voice. If Ted wasn't a wrestler, he should have been a phone sex operator. John was sure of that.

But as he watched him, he couldn't miss the look of sadness on the younger man's face and the loneliness that radiated off of him.

Did no one want to be around Ted anymore?

At first, John thought it was only Mike, but the more he looked at Ted, the more he could tell that it was the whole roster that treated him like this. Why else would he suggest to leave when John entered the locker room? Why else would he look so startled when John greeted him?

Because everyone treated Ted like he had some disease.

"Hey, Ted," he called softly.

"Hmm." Ted turned around, a shirt in his hand.

"Do you want to go out for drinks?"

"With you?"

"Who else?"

"Oh! I...I don't know."

"Say yes." John smiled.


"Good." John grabbed his sunglasses from his locker before putting them on top of his head. "Just finishing packing and we'll go."

Ted nodded, quickly stuffing his items into the bag.

Maybe being on Raw wasn't a bad thing, John thought.