Chapter One: Sunday

Leah lounged on her couch watching the 11 o'clock news. There was nothing new or interesting going on, just some news about the heat wave that swallowed New York and recaps of those two new superheroes. Kick-Ass and Red Mist.
Kick-Ass. Red Mist. "Masked crime fighters." "Vigilantes." "Superheroes." These words were being tossed around a lot to describe what was going on in the news. Call them whatever, Leah didn't really care for them. She folded and unfolded her hands and then sat up thinking of how silly it was to put on a mask and try to help people. However, these thoughts didn't stop her from sending that Red Mist character an email a few days ago about the group of guys that have been stalking and harassing her. In fact, just the other day they followed her home after attempting to assault her, and with her mother and her step-dad off on a weeks vacation, leaving her home alone, she felt rather unsafe. This lead to her keeping a large wooden baseball bat by the front door, and eventually emailing Red Mist her name and address. She stood up and pulled her long dark hair into a pony tail and smoothed her t-shirt down. It was way too hot out to wear anything besides her t-shirt and underpants. She clicked her TV set off and walked into the kitchen.
The door bell rang. Uneasy, Leah started towards her front door. Shit shit shit she thought to herself, its those fucking guys, they followed me home and now they're here to harass me. She grabbed the wooden bat and held it in position, ready to hit someone. She nudged her front door open.

"Dude! What the fuck is that for!" Red Mist exclaimed as he jumped back a foot.
"Red Mist...?" Leah asked, stunned. She still had the bat pointed at him, he nervously eyed it. She took the chance to look him up and down, and burst out laughing.
"What. What's so funny" he demanded, flustered, his face beginning to get red.
"Man, its like, 80 fucking degrees out." She giggled. "And you're in full body leather!" She dropped her bat and doubled over laughing.
Angry, Red Mist exclaimed, "Listen, I'm here because you emailed me saying you needed help and..and...I will not stand here and be made fun of like this!" His slight speech impediment only made her laugh harder. "I'm sorry" she gasped clutching her belly, "come inside, you must be dying of the heat." She giggled as she opened her door up and led him inside.

Once in her kitchen, she hoisted herself on to the counter and observed Red Mist walk around. His boots made a heavy clunking noise on her kitchen floor. She bit her lip trying to bite back the giggles, but it was too late, her laughter slipped out again. Red Mist whipped around. "What this time?" he growled.
"I just think its funny that there is a guy in a cape and mask in my kitchen, and its not Halloween" Leah mused.
Red Mist's cross look was quickly replaced by blushing as he looked her tiny thin frame up and down. He looked away from her. "You aren't wearing any pants" he mumbled, his face as bright red as his wig.. "Yes, I'm aware of this" Leah said calmly, looking at him. He wouldn't meet her gaze.
After a pause Red Mist finally sighed and started for the door. "Look, if we aren't going to talk about these guys that are harassing you, I'm going to leave."

"No, wait" Leah said jumping off the counter. "Stay, I have a plan on how to get them."