Chapter Six: Wednesday Night

Leah was at home when she got the text message from Erika. At first she thought to ignore it, after all she was just fuming with anger that Red Mist hadn't shown up yet. And it was getting late.
After a minute or so, she flipped her phone open and viewed the text. It simply read: "Get to a computer now."
Concerned, she quickly opened up her laptop and the first thing scrawled across the homepage was: KICK-ASS IN TROUBLE, NOW STREAMING LIVE.

Terrified she clicked the link. To her horror, she watched the live video of Kick-Ass and a Batman look alike getting the shit beaten out of them. Tears started streaming down her face.

Where was Red Mist? Sickness overcame her as her mind raced with horrible scenarios. This was evidently why he hadn't shown up that night. She watched the heroes being thrown about by the punches of men in ski masks, not being able to take her eyes off the screen. Where is he? Why isn't he there helping them? Is he in trouble? Oh please God, please let him be okay! She yelled to herself, crying harder. Through her blurred tears, she had some difficulty making out what happened when gun shots rang and the thugs were killed. The darkness of the video didn't really help. Finally, a young girl in a purple wig came on camera and said "Show's over motherfuckers." And shot out the lens.

Sickened by the images of torture, and even more sickened by the images of a young girl killing a bunch of men, Leah raced to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. She cried herself to sleep that night.

Only hoping Red Mist was okay.


Leah didn't bother getting out of bed for school.
She felt sick and scared.
Where was Red Mist. Was he in trouble? If he wasn't, did he help Kick-Ass - a better question, why didn't he help Kick-Ass?
She spent a good part of the day in bed crying. Red Mist made no attempt to contact her to let her know he was okay.
It made her feel sick.

That night there was a knock on her door.
She scrambled out of bed and ran to open it, only to find there was no one there. Instead, there was a package addressed to: LEAH.
She picked it up, looked around, saw no one, and brought it inside, opening it hastily.
Sitting on her living room floor, she tore open the small cardboard box and looked inside at its contents.
She sat back. Inside there were two issues of Spider-man comics, both featuring Mary-Jane, two issues of Batman comics, and a note that said "I'm sorry, don't worry about me."

And there was Red Mist's mask.

Leah didn't know how much time had elapsed when the back door finally opened.
"Leah?" her mom's voice echoed through the house. Leah looked towards the door, her face slicked with tears. "We're home."