Boy Wonder Sick
By Robin Girl
Chapter 1

11/15/07 – Betaed and also being rewritten. I'm not claiming this is any less cornier than the original but at least less mistakes to take away from the actual story.

Disclaimer: I own no one. Batman © Bob Kane. Burt Ward and Adam West © themselves. Story and Idea © me.

It was a nice day in Gotham City. All the criminals were in jail except a few. At Wayne Manor, Dick Grayson was struggling to get his algebra homework done before dinner so Aunt Harriet wouldn't nag him about it.

Bruce was also in the study though he was not doing homework he was reading a novel.

Then the batphone rang. Bruce went over and answered it, "Hello?"

Dick looked up he wasn't feeling the greatest. He already had a headache and he didn't want any trouble right now. He all of a sudden felt tired. Dick put his head down on his book and soon he was fast asleep.

"Yes, ok. We'll be right there." Bruce turned back to Dick and started laughing. He shook the young boy waking him up, "Come on we're needed."

Dick nodded not his normal excited self and followed Bruce down the Bat Poles.

Once in his Robin costume he shivered, it was so cold. Robin pulled his cape around himself trying to keep himself warm.

Batman looked over worried, "What's wrong chum?"


Batman didn't push the issue but something was wrong with Robin.

When they got to headquarters Robin trudged out of the car, he was ready to go to sleep.

Commissioner Gordon looked up at the Dynamic duo. He gave Batman a questioning look, "The Cat Woman has escaped again."

Batman replied back with a I know look, "We'll start right away. Do you have any clues to where she might be?"

"Yes, Come over here Batman I'll tell you." The tone in his voice said that he wanted to talk to Batman alone.

Once out of Robin's hearing range, Commissioner Gordon gave Batman a piece of paper, "That's where the Cat Woman is supposedly hiding. Now what's wrong with Robin? I've never seen him so pale. You need to watch him Batman. Babs has a mixture of the flu and fever. It's going around."

Batman nodded, "Yes. I'm aware of it. I asked him what was wrong but all he said was nothing."

"That's what Babs said before she collapsed. What ever is going around is serious. So please watch him."

"I know. Thank you sir for worrying."

In the Batmobile Robin figured he'd better be on the same page as his mentor. "So what did the Commissioner want Batman? Did he tell you where Cat Woman was hiding?"

"He wanted to show me something that you're not old enough to see. And yes he told me where Cat Woman is hiding which is where we're going now."

Robin nodded and sat back in his seat. He was ready to get this over with and go back home and sleep.

One hour later they arrived at Cat Tails Lane. The Dynamic Duo waked in to the old fur house. "Come out Cat Woman. You're caught."

Cat Woman looked over the edge of the balcony, "On the contrary Batman you are."

"What no one is here." Robin was not in the mood for her tricks.

"Guess again Boy Wonder." Catwoman pointed to the huge group of Henchmen walking towards the Caped Crusaders.

[Insert Corny Fight Music Here

Batman's first thought was protect Robin. That all changed when he had to fend for himself. "Hang in there Robin."

As Robin was fighting he noticed how slow he had gotten. And also how many more times they were actually hitting him than normal. Then one henchman got a good aim and hit the Boy Wonder square in the face with a huge wine bottle.

The Boy Wonder hit the ground dazed. The other henchman came and knocked him out completely.

Batman watched helplessly as the Boy Wonder got his numerous times then finally knocked out.

After a long 1 to 10 fight Batman was finally beat.

He awoke in the Catwoman's lair. The only thing that came to his mind was Robin. Where was Robin. He looked around and didn't see him anywhere.

Catwoman walked in, "Hello Batman. Nice to see you're awake."

Batman glared at her, "Where's Robin?"

Catwoman's smile turned to a frown. It was almost like she was worried about the Boy Wonder. "He's in a warm bed two rooms that way." She stood right in front of the Dark Knight. "I thought you were better than this Batman."

"What do you mean?"

Catwoman shrugged, "I thought you cared more about him."

"But I do."

"Then why is he so weak Batman?" Catwoman had raised her voice but brought it back down, "Batman that boy is so weak he couldn't have climbed a flight of stairs with out blacking out. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did against my henchmen."

Catwoman had caught Batman off guard. He didn't know exactly what to say, "Well then why didn't you go and get rid of him?"

"Batman I might be a villainess but I'm a mother at heard. When a mother sees a child hurting she cares for them. Which is what I am doing now Batman."

Batman still didn't trust her all the way, "How do I know you're not lying?"

Catwoman shrugged and went over to a small table. On the table was a bowl of water and a cloth. "You'll just have to judge hat for yourself Batman. Right now I've got to help a child in need." She walked out with the bowl and cloth not waiting for Batman's answer.

Batman got up and followed her, "I'm coming with you."

She smiled, "I see you do care."

He followed her down the hall then she turned into a room. He looked in scared not knowing what to expect. "Robin?" Batman saw a bed. Then he saw his partner, his friend, his son, lying in the bed. He looked week.

Robin was sleeping, it looked like he couldn't get warm.

Batman sat down on the side of Robin's bed. He took the wet cloth from Catwoman and placed it on the younger boy's forehead.

Robin groaned, he felt something cold touch his forehead. "Cold..."

Catwoman leaned against Batman from behind. "Talk to him honey."

"Honey?" Batman didn't feel comfortable with her calling him that. But he took her advise an held Robin's tiny hand, "Robin I know it's cold. But I've got to bring down your fever."

Robin nodded weakly, "Kay.." He opened his eyes and saw Catwoman grinning at him. He tried to get way but it didn't work. Batman pushed him back down.

"Calm down chum. She's not going to hurt you. She's the one who put you in this bed."

Robin couldn't believe what he had just heard. Catwoman had been taking care of him. Something was wrong with that picture. "What?" He croaked.

"It's ok Boy Wonder. I'm not going to hurt you." Catwoman saw the fear in the Boy Wonder.

Robin didn't completely trust Catwoman but if his mentor did then he would.

Batman noticed that Robin still didn't trust Catwoman, "Just go back to sleep I won't leave I promise."

Robin nodded and closed his eyes.

After Batman was sure that Robin was asleep he followed Catwoman out side. "I'll let you go free. But only if you get Robin to a doctor."

Batman stared at her in disbelief, "You are willing to let Robin and I free?"

"But, only if you take Robin to a doctor. It hurts me to see a child so sick. Batman you nor I can help him. He's gone past that stage. Now his only hope is to go to a doctor. And I want to come too."

"If I let you come along will you let me turn you in?"

"Fine. Now go get Robin."

"Where are you going?"

"To get blankets it's cold out there."

Batman walked in to the room where Robin was. He bent down taking Robins frail body into his arms. "Calm down Robin I'm taking you to a doctor."

Robin stopped moving and let Batman carried him.

End Chapter 1