Boy Wonder Sick
By Robin Gurl
Chapter 4

11/15/07 – This chapter has been betaed and cleaned up. It is also being rewritten as we speak. This no way claims that the story is better than it was, this copy is still the original. Keep checking back for the new and revised copy.

Disclaimer: Batman © Bob Kane. Adam West and Burt Ward © Themselves. Story and Idea © me.

"How??!" Both Hero and Villainess asked at once.

"I don't know. Bruce do you mind if I zip through your house real quick?"

"No, no ones home. I don't think..."

"Kay be right back."

A few minutes later Superman came back down holding one of Dick's text books. "Can I borrow this and take it to Star Labs?"

"Yes, Yes of course...But Why?"

"I think this was the source."

Cat Woman was confused, "But if that is the source how come you're not weak?"

Superman smiled, "I'm weak but not to weak. Come bring Robin. Better yet everyone into the Batmobile."

Batman picked Robin up along with the blankets that were wrapped around Robin. "Come on Catwoman I think I get what he is going to do."

As soon as everyone was in the Batmobile Superman bent down and picked the car up. "Welcome to Krypton air lines. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Next stop Star Labs."

Batman shook his head trying not to laugh at Superman's nonsense. He wished Robin were awake. The boy would have enjoyed this.

Once in the air Robins at up in surprise. "Wha? Batman?"

Batman looked down at the Boy Wonder. 'Hm..?"

"Where are we?" Robin thought he saw blue sky and white clouds.

"We're going to Star Labs. Go back to Sleep..."

At Star Labs Superman put the car down then walked inside. A few moments later he came out with a stretcher, "Put Robin on this..."

Inside Doctor Kline met them at the door, "Jane will take his temperature and see how much Kryptonite poisoning Robin has in his blood. You two go into that room.

A lady came in followed by three other scientists. "Hurry get him in that room."

Batman tried to follow but Cat Woman held him back, "Batman calm down.

Let's go wait. If you go then we'll just be in the way."

Robin awoke, he sat up in a strange room. "What the?" He looked up and saw bright lights shining down on him.

"Good you're awake!" A smiling face appeared.

"Where's Batman?"

The lady stuck an IV into Robin's arm then checked his pulse. "Pulse ok..."

She turned towards the door. "Get B-75 Ready..."

Batman looked down from the observation room. Robin looked scared. "Hang in there chum."

"Batman he's going to be fine." The doctor reassured.

Superman followed Dr. Kline into the test room, "How do we get rid of this poisoning?"

Dr. Kline sighed, "I don't know that is the problem. I've never seen this before."

"How do you suppose he got it?"

"Some at his school? Or during Science Class? Go get Batman."

A few minutes later Catwoman and Batman walked in. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, what high school does Dick go to?"

"How do...?"

"We had to take his mask off, we had no other choice..."

End Chapter 4