Chapter 1

"I'm not going to talk about it," Jackie said not bothering to look up from her magazine. Donna had spent the past two weeks trying to find out who Jackie was dating now that her and Fez had broken up. Jackie had on the other hand, spent the past two weeks trying to avoid the topic completely. When the gang found out (and Jackie realized that they would find out eventually); there would be hell to pay. Especially from the 'happy newlywed' Donna Foreman.

"Come on, Jackie. Who's the guy? You can't keep him a secret forever," Donna wheeled sitting next to Jackie on her cream sofa. "You've been acting all happy and nice. Jackie, you are never nice especially to Laurie and just today you gave her a compliment on her hair. Though now she's convinced herself you're gonna kill her and that's pretty funny," Donna added with a laugh. "I thought we were best friends," Donna reminded her.

"Yeah. Then that braless slut with the trans am showed up," Jackie reminded her turning her magazine page. Although Jackie tried to pretend that Donna's befriending Sam hadn't hurt her, she couldn't keep up the pretense all the time; even for the sake of peace. Jackie still felt the sting of hurt and betrayal every now and again. She didn't bother to bring it up to Donna though, as it would do more harm than good to their friendship that was already in critical condition. "Don't worry I don't want to start that conversation up," Jackie assured her with a small smile. "I just don't want to introduce every guy I date to the gang right away. I don't want to scare him off," she added half truthfully.

"You've been dating the same guy for two weeks, Jackie. That's not some random guy, that's a boyfriend. And what are you scared of anyway? Exactly what do you think is going to happen?" Donna asked in exasperation.

"You've met the rest of the gang right?" Jackie said sarcastically. "Lets see, Micheal's a moron, Eric's a geek, Fez is a pervert and Steven's a jerk. You don't see how that might scare a guy off?" Jackie questioned giving her friend an incredulous expression. Donna opened her mouth to say something but had to close it while she thought of a come-back. "Exactly my point. Let me make sure this guy has staying power first before I introduce him to the wolves," Jackie said with a sigh. "I really like this guy, he doesn't really match up as far as my list goes but I still like him. The list was more of a guide anyway," Jackie said dismissively.

"Can I meet him?" Donna asked after a moment. "Come on, what embarrassing thing do I do?" she asked defensively.

"Okay, Okay. I'll ask him if he wants to meet you guys when we go out tonight," Jackie said taking a deep breath. "Maybe we could meet down at the hub sometime,"Jackie added with a small groan. Well, I had better just get it over with, she silently reasoned.

"Okay, Jackie's gonna introduce us to her new boyfriend next Friday night," Donna said flopping down beside Eric on the basement couch. "She must really like this guy, she's been spending most of her time with him lately," Donna said giving Eric a quick kiss.

"Poor Guy," Hyde said with a grunt. "When Jackie's done with him he'll be a souless husk of the man he once was," he added with a sneer and a chuckle.

"Oh, you were like that before, Hyde," Fez assured him completely unaware that he'd given his friend a burn of a lifetime. Donna and Eric couldn't suppress their laughs as Fez gave them a look of confusion. "What did I say?" Fez asked.

"You completely burned Hyde. And surprisingly well, considering its you," Eric said sneaking a peek at Hyde's annoyed figure. "Okay, what I don't get is Satan usually keeps no secrets. Why start now? Did this guy go to prison with her father or something?" Eric asked Donna as he put his arm around her.

"Actually, I think Jackie's worried that we're going to embarrass her or chase this guy off. She seems to really like him," Donna said putting her head on her husband's bony shoulder. Donna wasn't looking at Hyde at the time so she didn't catch the way he tensed up when she mentioned that Jackie really liked her new boyfriend, but Fez did. Fez smiled but kept that bit of information to himself, who knew if it might come in handy later.

"What do we do that could possibly embarrass her?" Eric said sounding mystified.

"What don't you dumbasses do?" said Red foreman walking down his basement steps. "I wouldn't bring anyone over to meet you either. Leave the Loud One's boyfriend alone. She's the only one of you kids that might make something of herself," Red continued to grumble as he rummaged through the freezer. "We're having corn and pot roast. Don't ask me why," he snapped as he grabbed the frozen corn and stalked upstairs.

"Hey, Casey. What are you doing here?" Donna asked waving over Kelso's older brother to their booth.

"I'm waiting on someone," he answered with a grin. "Is Micheal still with that girl he knocked up?"

"Brooke? Yeah, he is. Since when does a Kelso wait on anyone? I thought you Kelsos made people wait on you," Eric said trying to sound nonchalant. He sighed and put his arm around Donna making sure that Casey got a good look at their wedding bands much to Donna's amusement.

"Yeah we usually do," Casey agreed sitting down at the gang's table with them. "But this girl's not only hot but has me on a short leash. As both a man and a Kelso I have to respect that," He said earning a chuckle from Fez and a nervous smile from Eric. "We need to be told what to do. Its in our nature," Casey added giving Donna a wink.

"So we didn't work out because I wasn't bossy enough?" Donna asked incredulously. "I wished I'd known that at the time. But I guess its a good thing I didn't," she added giving Eric a kiss to reassure him.

"So you're hot bossy lady friend is going to be meeting you here?" Fez asked munching on a french fry. "Would she happen to be well endowed?" he added eagerly.

"Fez!"Donna and Eric admonished as Hyde slapped the back of Fez's head playfully.

"We're waiting on someone too," Eric said looking at his watch. "She's late as usual," he grumbled.

"Maybe Mystery Man had cold feet," Hyde offered with a snicker. "But then again Jackie likes to be late and make a grand entrance," he added sarcastically.

"I wonder if that's him," Donna whispered looking at a guy who just walked in looking nervous. He had reddish brown hair and appeared to be looking for someone. "He's kind of cute in an ordinary way," Donna said with a shrug. All the guys were craning their necks around to get a good look at this guy, who caught Hyde's eye and swallowed hard at his heat-filled stare before dashing out the Hub door. "Way to go Hyde, scare him off, Jackie will never forgive us now," Donna said with a groan. "Eric let me up. I'll go after him and explain that Hyde's not gonna beat his ass," she added. "You dill-hole," Donna said giving Hyde a reproving look.

"Hey, I might be a dill-hole but at least I'm not a wussy boy like it looks like Jackie's dating. But we can't expect any better from her now can we?" Hyde said earning a high-five from Eric and a snicker from Fez. "Oh, speak of the devil," Hyde said with a groan as Jackie burst in looking slightly frazzled.

"Hey, guys," Jackie said pulling a chair over and sitting down with the gang. "Its starting to rain out their. Watch out for your hair," Jackie warned everyone. "So how's everything going?" she asked draping her coat on the back of the chair.

"Fine, Hyde's just been intimidating people. Same old same old," Fez joked.

"He's been leaving you alone, right baby?" Jackie asked giving Casey a quick peck on the lips. As if in slow motion, everyone turned to look at one another in shock and in Donna's case horror. "You guys were all sitting together. I assumed it'd come up," Jackie stated slightly confused.

"I didn't want to ruin the surprise," Casey explained putting his arm around her affectionately. "It was kinda fun to watch Hyde over here intimidate a complete stranger for no reason. I get my fun where I can," he said casually. "You want anything to eat? " Casey asked standing up.

"Yeah, our usual Friday special would be nice," Jackie said with a smile. Casey quickly nodded before hurrying to the Hub counter to place their order.

"You can't be dating Casey," Donna said in a low voice. "Its just wrong," she added with a hiss.

"So out of curiosity, Jackie. Are you planning to work your way through the entire Kelso clan or just try out a couple for kicks?" Hyde said crossing his arms angrily.

"Casey and I have a lot in common as it turns out," Jackie said defensively. "Look, guys this is precisely why I didn't want you to meet my new boyfriend okay. I knew you'd make a big deal about it," she added sending Hyde a death look of her own. "We kinda got thrown together and hit it off. No big deal," she said in a bored tone and gave a shrug.

"You were with his brother," Donna insisted in a low tone. "Its wrong," Donna hissed. "Why are you laughing?" she demanded turning to her husband who was shaking with barely contained laughter.

"I just think its funny. Jackie and Kelsos'. That's hilarious not to mention a full circle," Eric said taking a deep breath.