NOT A CHAPTER UPDATE, I needed to change Harry's age to what I originally wanted.

Summary: Harry's brother Erik has been claimed the boy-who-lived blah blah blah and Harry grew up neglected by his parents and most of the Wizarding World until his brother's fourteenth birthday party. For the first time in his life, he gets recognized for being just 'Harry' by a certain someone. They strike up a deal where Harry will no longer be neglected and Viktor gets what he always wanted; someone that loves him for reasons other than fame. Really crappy summary.

Pairings: Viktor/Harry, James/Lily, Remus/Sirius, Erik/Ginny

Disclaimer: I don't own HP, tried asking nicely, but it didn't work! T^T

Warnings: Child neglect, OOC, AU, Underage (14 [but not until later you pervs!]), Mpreg later, Het, SLASH, Character bashing, and alcohol use. ._. I hope that's all.

Author: Xela

CH. One : The Party

In a lonely corner of the Potter Manor's ballroom sat a sad boy at the age of fourteen with stunning emerald eyes and shoulder length raven hair. You are probably wondering why the boy was upset at Erik Potter's, the Boy-Who-Lived, fourteenth birthday party. Well, because the boy's name is Harry James potter, he is Erik Potter younger twin, even though half of the Wizarding world is unaware of his existence. So young Harry is forgotten by everyone except his godfathers on his and his brother's fourteenth birthday.

Like he had been told, Harry dressed for the occasion. He was wearing black leather pants and an emerald shirt made of silk. His shoes were black-tinted green dragon hide he had gotten for his birthday last year from Sirius. His hair had been pulled up in a leather strap at the top of his head, and he wore a leather choker around his neck. He had traded his old round glasses for black rimmed rectangular ones. All in all, he looked pretty good even if he had borrowed the clothes from his godfather. 'Probably the only good thing about coming to this party.' He thought bitterly.

He had no idea that someone else was thinking the same thing about him.

You see Harry was not the only one forced to go to the party. Viktor Krum, Seeker for the Bulgarian international Quidditch team, had been forced by his team's manager and Albus Dumbledore. Erik Potter had wanted Viktor to make an appearance at his party, and Viktor had said no. But then the Boy-Who-Lived threw a hissy fit that rivaled a baby dragon and hippogriff fighting over the same meat. So naturally Albus Dumbledore had pulled a few strings, a dozen threats, and now here he was.

He stood in front of the three Potters in long khaki pants, a light blue button up shirt, and white sneakers. He really did not want to be there, especially after the brat had gotten his way.

"Welcome to our son's party Mr. Krum." Said a redhead woman in a cream dress. "We are so pleased that you could make it!"

"Yes, I would not haff missed a party for the Erik Potter." Viktor said while thinking 'I do not vant to be here.'

The redheaded savior sent a triumphant smirk his way. "Oh yes I'm sure he would not have missed it."

"Please enjoy the party." Spoke the man who was so clearly the boy's father. They shared the same messy just-rolled-out-of-bed look and hazel eyes.

"Thank yoo."

The Bulgarian had spent most of the party wandering around and avoiding fangirls and their mothers. Honestly don't they read the newspaper? There had been at least ten stories about him liking males. So why were these women trying to get him to marry their daughters? 'They only vant the fame. Not me.'

Of course after he had said that his eyes had landed on the most attractive person he had ever seen. The boy, for it was rather obvious despite the almost feminine air about him, looked to be in his mid-teens. He was on the shorter side and rather lean. He had the darkest hair and the greenest eyes that Viktor had ever seen. The Bulgarian felt his pants grow a lot tighter just by looking at his face. He did not help his not-so-little problem when he looked at the mystery boy's outfit.

'That, is the only good thing about this party.' He thought as he started walking towards the boy.