This isn't really a chapter, but I couldn't get it out of my head.

Warning: Spanking of a small child.

Chapter 6: Interlude

He didn't do it! Honestly! Harry had been eating lunch with Erik in the kitchen, quietly eating his sandwich and carrots, when Erik saw the cookies on the table. They were on Mummy's favorite crystal plate, the one she only used when they were going to have important guests over.

Erik tried to take a cookie, but the house elf that was watching over them had told him no. He moved the plate farther away from the boy, making him fuss more. Large crocodile swelled in Erik's eyes. His face reddened and his pudgy hands balled into fits and slammed onto the table. Loud, piercing screams emanated from the three year old. He was so loud! All that Harry wanted was a little bit of peace and quiet while he ate.

Honestly, why couldn't Erik just be quiet?

As soon as that thought had passed through his head, the chair that his brother had been sitting on toppled to the floor. Erik stopped screaming for a moment, surprise evident on his face, but as soon as the shock wore off he was screaming twice as loudly.

Harry was not pleased.

The house elf watching them picked up Erik and bounced him. Erik stopped crying, but his focus turned back to the plate of cookies lying innocently on the table. Harry wasn't paying attention, quiet content to nibble on his carrot sticks. The plate slowly levitated off of the table. It didn't move, just hovered. Erik stared intently at the dish until is carefully started making its way to him.

Harry, for some unknown reason, glanced over at his brother. If he could have died of shock he would have. "EWIK!"


Harry, Erik and the house elf all stared at the shattered plate. Cookies were scattered all over the floor, some even crumbled.

Footsteps stormed into the kitchen, two pairs. Lily and James ran in and over to Erik, panting like they had just run a marathon.

"Oh sweetie," Lily cooed "What happened love?"

Erik was silent, then pointed a small finger at Harry, much to his surprise. "Hawwy dwopped the bowl Mummy!"

James, seeing his wife's beloved plate in pieces, walked over to Harry and without a second thought, picked him up and spanked him. Hard.

Tears pooled in Harry's eyes. Why did his daddy hit him? Harry did nothing wrong! It was all Erik's fault! Why did they believe him?

"Say sorry to Mummy Harry."


Harry was placed back on the floor. Lily took Erik from the house elf and James told him to take Harry to the nursery for a time out. Harry didn't mind. It got him away from Daddy who had hit him even though he didn't do anything. Daddy was scary, and his hit hurt Harry's bum.

It was almost ten minutes later when James came to get him. Harry shied away from the hands that had hurt him before.

Daddy terrified him.

A/N: I don't condone hitting children at all. But for the sake of the chapter I put it in.