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Mew narrowed her eyes again. She turned her face to the sky and did a Superman pose. "UP, UP AND AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" and she disappeared. Turbulence hit her face and her lungs popped open.

"Nevermind...", she said, using Recover to fix her deflated lungs.


Mewtwo screeched in horror. Somehow. His vocal chords...died and he became MUTE. "...!", he tried to say, "...! ...!". He sighed and closed his eyes. *POOF* he went in a cloud of pinky-bluey-purpley smokey stuff. He reappered in Heaven, with Arceus.

"Ahh...my man-made son. Cloned from Mew. Aged 1444444 days. Adult. Pessimistic. Negative. Hiding from Mew. Tried to steal sugar." Arceus nodded sadly as his already massive ego inflated slightly. "We have all tried at some point. All of us. The Lakers, the Elements, the Whatchamacallits, the rest of 'em. Yes. Mew caught us all. We can offer you no refuge my son. Get out before Mew kills us all, got dat?"

Mewtwo stared in shock at the slightly senile, ancient, sleepy, cruel, evil, kind, fatherly, strange, mysterious, loving, evil and surprisingly small Pokemon standing beside him. "Bu...wha...NOOOOO! PLEASE, YOU CANNIT DO THIS TO ME! I HAVE NO SAFE HAVEN - but I do have a Heaven so I can I-"

"Hell no. Go hide in Hell if you gotta."

"Okay. Anyway- SO I CANNIT LIVE ANYWHERE, PLEASE YOU ARE MY FATHER AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY SAAAAAAAVIOR!", ¬¬ went Mewtwo. "Nowhait. That's a good idea, ya know? Go hide in Hell. Take me to Hell!" he paused dramatically with one bulbous finger-thingy pointing up in the air.

"Screw 'chu, my son. Get there yourself, okay?", Arceus said kindly to his son. (A/N: How does he tell someone to get out and insult them...kindly? O.o)


Meanwhile, the pursuer was getting ever closer. She was close enough to see and hear a little purple speck being ejected out of a portal, screaming for mercy and trying to swim back to the portal. Mew grinned and a crazy, crazy-angry gleam lit up her eyes so that they shined like bacon over the whole world.

O_O said Mewtwo's little, purple, specky face. said the rest of his body.


"Now, now that isn't a very nice thing to say to your older sister, is it, sweetie pie? I think I'm going to have to PUNISH you..."

The End of This Chapter. So long!

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