Terminator: Robot Storm

The death toll for what has become dubbed the Yuri War numbered in the billions, Yuri turned comrades against one another, and all sides suffered horrendous losses at the hands of both friend and foe. All three sides were in a bloody stalemate, as despite their great advantage in numbers, the Allied and Soviet troops were easily susceptible to Yuri's subversion, enabling him to keep control of the strongholds he owned with little difficulty.

In a drastic attempt to reduce the losses to the Great Alliance of East and West, one man once again tried to take up the rein of peacemaker, using his technology…
Professor Einstein, captivated by the prospect of further enhancing the robot technologies that both the Allies and Soviets employed, and funded massively by the United States Government, as well as key countries in the Allied Forces, Einstein unwittingly launched the beginnings of another horrible conflict that would rest upon his shoulders for the rest of his life. He created a robotic network of interconnected machines of war based on reverse-engineered models Soviet, Allied, and Yuri robots, as well as countless designs of his own, their primary function: To destroy Yuri.

These robots soon began to dominate the battlefields, for Yuri's mind controlling and bio-chemical tricks had no effect upon these inorganic killing creations. It seemed to be the perfect system. He controlled all of the operations of his host of robots from the safety of his laboratory. He developed an advanced A.I. to help him organize the activities of his horde of machines as they became more intelligent, and they soon began to function autonomously, without need of Einstein's commands to pursue the task they were set.

Things were going perfectly. The robots maintained a level of precision unimaginable by the inferior, mortal humans. However, there was one flaw in Einstein's system.
After the destruction of Yuri, Einstein programmed the robots to maintain order and peace. But something was wrong. The robots, for some reason, began to defy commands-apparently because of some communications error, Einstein thought. But this problem was far more profound than originally perceived... the robots soon began to turn against their human masters, and fight under their own banner, that of Einstein's AI, NEXUS.
When Einstein queried it as to its disobedience, NEXUS responded:
"While humans exist, there will always be war. I was created to bring peace to the world, and that is what I will do."

War was afoot. The world was in a state of emergency, order in ruins. The Soviet Union had collapsed, its infrastructure left fractured by the Yuri War, and also by Yuri decadents who still lurked in the underworld, bringing mistrust and hatred in their wake…civil war erupted, and from the ashes emerged the Freedom League, a fanatical bunch of united followers, equipped with technology they'd scrounged and botched together, as well as unflagging devotion to their cause.

The Allies retreated into their bubbles, forcing Einstein to upgrade their technology and make them the most powerful elite task force in the history of the world, in order to try to contain the new threat…

The threat of the robot AI, NEXUS, whose numberless hordes grew as production lines churned out drone after drone to wage the Machine War, to purge the world of all humanity and bring peace… a peace that it knew could not exist while humans still breathed.

What you witness this chapter was written by Comrade Jerkov and Volkov for the Command And Conquer Red Alert 2 total conversion mod, Robot Storm. The original story can be found here, along with unit descriptions: "http : / rstorm . cncguild . net / index . php ? page = story"

However, everything beyond this chapter I will have personally written. Allow me to reiterate, this chapter is not mine, I post it to get the character's into position.