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Just Another Day…

Chapter 1

The morning seemed to have come way too quickly for the depressed girl who sat soundlessly in front of her cracked mirror in a white vest and a pair of boxer shorts. The windows in her room were shut tightly, causing her reflection in the mirror to be shrouded in darkness.

"You're looking pathetic as always," she mumbled, her bangs shielding her eyes as her bruised lips curled up into a rueful smile. She gave a loud sigh as she ran her hands through her long dark mane before getting up with a small box in her hand.

Her dry laughter bounced off of her bedroom walls as she looked at the contemptuous box in her hand before stuffing it into a ripped part of her large stuffed animal backpack.

"Kagome, breakfast is almost ready!"

"Hai…" she mumbled with a roll of her eyes. She rushed towards her bathroom to get ready for the pathetic morning that was just waiting to embrace her lovingly.

Minutes later, Kagome came out, already dressed in a black fitted long sleeved hoodie and a pair of dark jeans that ended just below her knees. She shoved her feet into some dark flip flops before rushing downstairs to meet her family.

"Morning…" she said, grabbing a toast, her bag pack and heading straight for the side door to get to school.

"What's the rush Kags?" her dad asked with a cheery edge to his voice. "You still have a good hour before school begins."

"Right, like I'd want to spend any more time than I have to with this so called family," she snapped with a roll of her eyes. She gave her father an annoyed look – both her father and mother had mixed expressions of slight sadness and shock.

"Kags… Don't be like that," her mom pleaded desperately, walking towards her daughter who inched back slightly. "I know how you must be feeling right now…"

Scoffing loudly, Kagome shook her head in good humor. "You don't know how I'm feeling!" she shouted angrily, tears springing to her eyes almost instantly. "All you do is talk, you never listen to me!" she screamed.

"You know he didn't mean to hit you, right sweetie?" Her mom asked cautiously, looking back at her family where her son, who was fresh out of the military, ate his breakfast silently.

"Every time he hits me, he doesn't mean it? Is that what you're trying to say?" she barked, glaring angrily at her older brother, who ignored her. "Just look at my face mom!" she wept, shaking her head frantically. "I have to wear make-up to cover this shit up, and because no one is trying to stop this, or get that ass help, I'm being subjected to this sort of abuse! I just can't take it!" She bowed her head, gripping her arms tightly as her bangs made a veil over her face.

Hitomi walked slowly towards her daughter, her hands out stretched in preparation to embrace her hurting daughter.

"Please – the last thing I want is for you to touch me – any of you to touch me!" Her head snapped up to show the blazing anger and neglect swimming in her bright blue orbs. "I'm going," she whispered softly, ruffling her bangs over her eyes even though she had put on her shades as she secured the hoodie on her head.


"All set for school Inuyasha?" A short, wrinkled old man asked, standing at the front door as he watched Inuyasha head towards his red Ferrari with tinted windows.

"Yeah, yeah…" Inuyasha grumbled with a wave of his hands at his guardian, Totosai who had a huge grin on his face before disappearing inside his car. "Wish I was sick," he muttered as he brought his ride to life, pushing out of the driveway without paying much attention.

"Inuyasha…Look out!" Totosai shouted frantically, rushing towards the girl who was now on the pavement behind Inuyasha's ride. Inuyasha had barely managed to press the brakes in time, and scowled at the people behind his car.

"What the ffff…?" Kagome reached for her bag angrily as she mumbled, annoyed. She looked at the back of the offensive car just inches in front of her. She noticed that one of her flip-flops was missing and kicked the car in aggravation.

"Are you alright, young lady?"

Totosai eased down next to Kagome with a worried look on his face as his eyes searched her body for any signs of injury.

"I'm alright Ojisan…" she whispered softly, just as the idiot owner of the car chose to make himself known. Today had already started off ever so bright and dandy, so why not throw in some idiot and his stupid expensive car to add some icing to it?

"I believe this belongs to you," Inuyasha said, snatching her flip-flop from the ground where he had stepped on it and throwing it at her.

Getting up with a huff, Kagome shoved her foot into her flip-flop while fixing the hoodie on her head. She noticed that her shades were missing and looked around for it. "Where are my shades?" she questioned, hesitantly hiding her eyes as she avoided eye contact with the strangers before her.

"The sun is barely up, what do you want with some stupid shades?" Inuyasha asked, folding his arms as he watched her move around recklessly, looking for said dumb shades.

Kagome rolled her eyes in his direction, pausing in her actions to glare fully at him. She cursed silently at doing that, regretting her actions when she saw Inuyasha drop his hands slowly as his eyes bulged out in shock.

"What happened to your eyes?"

"Um…" She turned around quickly, her hair slapping her in the process. "I fell. Anyways…" she said, changing the subject quickly, "I have to walk it to school and it's getting late so… um… have a good day!" She rushed out, bowing respectively at both males before walking briskly down the road.

"I can give you a ride!" Inuyasha offered in a shout, with his hands out stretched towards her. What was up with that chick? He silently wondered as he saw his guardian holding up the same shades that the mystery girl was so pent up on finding.

"Maybe she's attending the same school you're going to."

"Let's hope not," Inuyasha growled out in annoyance, snatching the shades out of Totosai's hand and then getting into his car. With a loud exhale, he took a glance up at his new home as he drove slowly out of the driveway - Totosai making sure he didn't make a repeat of just moments ago.

"Have a good day - and go to all your classes!" Totosai lectured to the young teen, whose response was to crank up his stereo system and throw the old man a huge grin. Shaking his head, Totosai watched silently as Inuyasha disappeared down the road quickly. "Ah… that boy…"

"Hey - hoodie!" Inuyasha shouted over the blaring music as he stuck his head out of his car. "My offer still stands!" He grinned when she just gave him the middle finger while walking with her head down. "Now that's just rude! I can give you a ride."

"Shove it you idiot!" she growled, hurrying down the road to see if any of the small stores that were open sold cheap shades. She was not going to school with a black eye that shone for the whole universe to see.

"So I guess you don't want the shades?" he asked, already wearing the feminine shades atop his snowy white hair that was being held in a low rubber-band. When Kagome turned her head hesitantly in his direction, still trying to hide that black eye carefully, she noticed her shades with a gasp.

"Give me back my shades!" she growled, stomping her foot in frustration.

"Get in the car then," Inuyasha pleaded jokingly, tapping his fingers on the outside of his car door, almost coming to a stop when Kagome slowed in her stride.

"I don't even know you!" she argued, still continuing her walk towards school with her arms now folded. "Just throw me the damn shades and we'll get on with our lives."

"I'm Inuyasha Taisho and I'm seventeen years old. I just move last week with Totosai - the old dude you saw moments ago." He grinned widely at her. "Oh, and as of today, I'll be attending Shikon High - sophomore year."

"So you are stupid," she snorted, a small smile playing against her bruised lips.

"I'm whatever you want me to be, hoodie," he grinned as he looked her over with a slight lick of his lips. "So how about I give you that ride?"

"How about giving me my shades?"

Inuyasha pressed gas a couple time in boredom, loving the way his car purred in approval. He took off the shades, dangled them in front of her a few times before throwing them in the back of his car. "Why not go get them?" he asked softly, stopping his car when she came to a complete stop.

The road was practically empty; it was still early in the morning, so the hindrance of other cars and masses of people were lacking, and both of them were grateful for that.

Kagome shook her head slightly, trying to play off the smile that was trying to overtake her bruised lips. Sighing softly, she ruffled her bangs over her eyes until she could barely see in front of her. "Can you see my eyes?"

Knitting his brows in annoyance, Inuyasha pursed his lips as he watched the petite girl across the street with a smug look on her red lipstick covered lips. "You should cut your bangs you know?" He scratched the side of his face as he started up his car. "You're difficult to deal with." Replacing his pensive look with a wide grin, Inuyasha slapped his car lightly. "What's your name?"

She simply smiled at him, actually smiling for real for the first time in a long time. She had a feeling this guy would be a pain in her ass, but the distraction made her feel a little better about herself. "Goodbye Inuyasha," she sang lightly, rubbing her arms as she continued walking towards school.

"Awe…" He moaned, holding his chest tightly. "You're killing me over here, hoodie. Now I can't even know your name?"

She brushed him off with a wave of her hand. "You seem to have given me a name already." Sticking out her tongue at him, she crossed the road in a light jog, passing by Inuyasha's car since he was driving at a snail's pace. Without a final glance his way, she disappeared into a small alleyway, a shortcut that she usually took to reach school quicker.

Inuyasha brushed his tongue over his top lip with a smile on his face before speeding down the road as he headed to his first day in Shikon High.


"Hello there, Hell." Kagome sighed, heaving her bag over her shoulders as she walked up the stairs that lead to Shikon High.

The halls were clustered with students who apparently had the same idea as her to come to school early. Whether they were just chatting animatedly with one another or putting on making while standing in front of a mirror they'd placed in their locker, Kagome didn't care. All she cared about was getting through the day without much interruption like usual.

"Hey, hey, hey!"

Kagome watched as her only friend came sauntering in her direction with a sway in her hips. She wore a simple white tank-top, red jean shorts and white sneakers. Her long brown hair was up in a high ponytail, showing off her bare neck.

"Hey yourself, Sango," Kagome greeted her, a small smile on her face. "How was your weekend?"

"It was great!" she shouted with enthusiasm. "I had this awesome date with -" She broke off her excited sentence as she got a closer look at Kagome, noticing that her lips were bruised and her eyes were probably messed up since she had her bangs covering them. "He hit you again?" Sango gasped. "Oh honey, why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you spend the weekend with me?" Sango asked, worry etched all over her face. "You know you're welcomed anytime you want."

"I knew you were excited about that date so…"

"That's no excuse Kags!" she shouted, anger taking her over. How long did Kagome have to endure such abuse? Did she have to wait until she was of age to move out, since her mother didn't feel the need to give her the consent for it? "God, how I wish I knew karate - I would beat him to his death just for laying a finger on you!"

Shrugging, Kagome walked towards her locker with her head slightly bowed, knowing that Sango would follow her. "I'm dealing with it," she said softly, opening her locker to place her belongings in it.

"What you're doing is not dealing with it!" Sango shouted, but then pressed her fingers to her lips quickly when Kagome snapped her head in her direction for talking so loudly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"Yea…" She slammed her locker door hard. "Let's get to homeroom quickly for that boring lecture that comes every single day in the week." With a roll of her eyes, she and Sango both walked along the busy halls of Shikon High.

"It's not all that bad," Sango poked her playfully in the side before throwing her arms around Kagome's shoulders.

Both of them entered the classroom just as the bell rang and students started to shuffle in before the teacher. It was an everyday ritual for Kagome to see such actions that bored her to death. All she cared about was getting to her seat at the back and disappearing the best way she knew how to.

"I heard there's some new older guy who's transferring from the states!" Sango whispered, her voice laced with elation when they'd both taken their respective seats, with Kagome sitting at the very back and Sango in front of her.

"Hmmm, swell." Kagome faked a smile, not giving two flying kicks about transfer students, or anything for that matter.

"He used to attend this school before, but left last year," Sango continued, bypassing Kagome's lack of interest. "I wonder why he's going to be in our class, since he's older."

"Who cares, Sango?" Kagome rubbed her arms while looking out the window. "Maybe he's some big retard who repeated."

"I'm only going to let your attitude slide because I know what you're going through."

The smile playing on Sango's lips only made Kagome stick out her tongue at her, although a slight smile was also playing on her own lips.

"You know you love me."

"Okay class!"

A female teacher stood in front of her desk as she clapped her hands loudly to get the attention of the rowdy students.

"We have a new student joining us all the way from America," she started, straightening her dark green blazer as she signaled with her head for the student to enter. "I want you guys to welcome him openly."

Kagome yawned in boredom as she tapped her foot rhythmically against Sango's chair. The classroom went silent for a moment, and she looked up curiously when she heard her boy-crazed friend in front of her gasp in awe.

There, in front of the class room stood a tall male dressed in faded black baggy jeans, black Timberland boots, and a red muscle shirt. He had an unbuttoned black dress shirt over the red shirt. She found herself sinking more into her seat with a groan as she watched the way he pushed her shades low on his nose to scan the classroom.

"I'm Taisho - Inuyasha Taisho," he greeted loud enough for everyone to hear. "I used to go to this school before, but I went to live in America. Now I'm back – repeating the grade and excited to meet new people."

"So how old are you?" someone asked openly.

"I'm seventeen years, about a year older than most of you in here I think." Turning his head to the teacher he winked at her openly while scratching his hand, which had a wrist warmer with red and black stripes on it. "Please take care of me."

The girls in the classroom erupted in rounds of whispers as they openly gossiped about the new hottie before them. The teacher cleared her throat as she scanned the classroom for empty seats.

"Well there are three empty seats, you can sit…"

"I'll take the back seat, Ms. Satomi." He didn't wait for her to agree, he simply squeezed his way through the rows until he reached at the very back of the classroom on the left hand side in the corner. "Hey there, hoodie," he said as he leaned over towards Kagome's desk, which was right next to his. "It looks like we're classmates."

"Ugh…" Kagome placed her head on the desk, with her face away from Inuyasha, blatantly ignoring him.

Sango shifted her gaze from Kagome to Inuyasha openly. When had Kagome met this sexy beast and why was she so rude towards him? Sango sighed with a shake of her head, knowing that Kagome was always rude and distant to practically anyone - except her.

"She is so rude," Inuyasha whispered to Sango, laughing softly while tugging on Kagome's shirt as he watched Sango openly catch flies from his actions.

"Stop it you idiot!" She hissed, not even turning her head to look his way.

"Hey," he called out, ignoring her as he continued to tug on her shirt. He couldn't help the enjoyment he got out of nagging this gloomy looking girl. She was so easy to annoy!

"Leave me…" she started, pulling her hands away from him roughly, "…the fuck alone Inuyasha!" she growled out. She didn't know why this guy got under her skin so easily, but she wish he'd just quit it. She could already feel the quizzical gazes on her and Inuyasha as the teacher chatted away obliviously.

"Gosh, you're so uptight." He pushed his desk and chair closer to her so he could reach her better. "Are you willing to give me your name now?" He grabbed her sleeve again, but before he could tug lightly on it, Kagome snatched it away with all her might.

His hold was firm, so when Kagome pulled her arm away, she only succeeded in ripping her shirt in the process.

"Oh shit…!" Kagome and Sango said in union, alarm in their voices.

Inuyasha reeled back in surprise when he saw the multiple slashes decorating Kagome's arm before she moved her hand to her chest and hugged it closely, trying to hide her wounds with the ripped sleeves.

"Maybe we please be excused, Ms. Satomi?" Sango shot up out of her seat instantly with her hands raised high in the air. "Um… My friend is feeling a little ill, so I'm going to take her to the nurse."

"Why not send her to a mental institute and get it over with?"

"Yeah, one less freak ought to make this school more appealing."

Inuyasha looked around as the insults only continued while students snickered openly at Kagome. He turned his head to look at her, noticing that she didn't even try to say something in her defense; all she did was kept her head bowed while holding her arm tightly. He watched as she eased out of her seat slowly, not looking up for even a second.

"Come on, just ignore them," Sango mumbled, hugging Kagome closer as they hurried towards the only door in the classroom, not even waiting for the teacher to give them consent.

"What's up with her?" he wondered aloud.

"Trust me new guy…" A guy next to him spoke with deep ocean-blue eyes. "You do not want to get mixed up with that girl."

"Why… is she really sick?"

He laughed. "If being a total freak and a loner can be called a sickness - then yup, she is." He slouched in his chair with a wolfish grin on his face. "The name's Kouga Ookami by the way." He held out his hands at him. "You should be honored that someone like me actually spoke to you."

Furrowing his brows in disgust at the arrogant guy next to him, he turned his head from him, openly refusing his friendship. The last thing Inuyasha wanted was to be friends with some hotshot who talked rubbish. His amber gaze lingered on the now empty seat where Kagome once was, silently wondering who she was and what was up with her.


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