Chapter 9


It was hard to believe that the weekend, followed swiftly by the week came and went so quickly. And now this weekend seemed to have ran into one, making Kagome wonder where the time went. Although she knew where exactly her time was spent, she couldn't believe how much grounds were taken up. If she was being honest with herself, then she'd admit just how comfortable being around Inuyasha felt. With her avoidance of Sango every chance she got, she found the company of Inuyasha rather welcoming. The pressure was lessoned during their break since she always insisted on spending it under the bleachers. Even though Inuyasha had insisted countless of times to sit at his table with his groupies, she'd kindly refused. She was shy and closed off, not stupid. When she was home, she'd spend most of her time over at Inuyasha's, only leaving his comfortable confines to head home and sleep. The day after they'd wash the dishes together, he'd told her flippantly that she could crash at his place, shocked when his guardian had easily agreed without so much of an inquiry. But she knew she couldn't do that – especially when it was Inuyasha. Blushing at the times she'd dozed off, only to catch him watching her, or the times when they both fell asleep? She couldn't help the sigh that escaped her lips as she dressed in a brown short khaki and a red long sleeved camisole. There was that effortless interaction – the stupid games they'd play, or the way they'd argue with each other on what to watch or do at a given time. She bit her bottom lip as she grinned, remembering how easily he'd fall asleep every time she got to watch her "chick flick".

"He looks so beautiful when he sleeps." She mumbled, humming a broken tune. Kagome knew that her fascination, her crush on Inuyasha would only prove to be painful in the future. The fact that he was still in love with that teacher, and not to mention her lack of appeal in comparison, she knew that she had no chance. If only her stupid heart could get the memo then Kagome knew she could move on and be in his presence without any risk. Alas, the little things he does, he smiles, his complete understanding – they were all confusing her mind and heart and it was too much to handle all at once. She sighed with a shake of her head. There was no point in dwelling on it any longer, she rather like the whole 'ignorance is bliss' theory and like the coward she knew she was she'll bask in it as long as it allowed her.

Today looked like it was going to rain cats and dogs, and although Kagome don't usually make a habit of skipping school, she figured she refused to break ritual. Rainy days were her days to dedicate her time to her drawings and nothing else. There was an abandon house a couple of minutes away that was dubbed her solace, which had a view of the mountains in the distance. She smiled, remembering how picturesque it got every time it rained or if the sun was rising or setting. "What they don't know won't affect me," her lips tilted into a small smile as she shoved her feet in some vans, snatching up her leather duffle bag that had already been packed the previous night.

Making a swift exit, she locked her room, rushed down the stairs before making her way towards the kitchen door.

"Honey, aren't you going to eat?"

Looking up, she noted that everyone was already seated. Souta stuffed his face hungrily, probably got so high last night that his need for consumption was almost unbearable. Her father like always hid behind his newspaper while her mother smiled too brightly at her. She internally gagged at the oblivion of a mother. Her lack of…everything disgusted her, and just the thought of even being in the same room sent Kagome into an itching fit. They were the trigger that aided in her addiction and in the past, Kagome welcomed it – the excitement of running another trail along her arms soothing her, making this fucked up reality bearable.

But she'd promised Inuyasha.

"I'm running late…." Her voice was as meek as a mouse, her fingers already flexing. They were already yearning for a touch of the welts on her arms, perspiring for a feel of the blade pressing against them as they swiped across a fresh, smooth path.

Souta snorted, a few chewed up food flying across the table. "She gotta work in some time on that boy she been with the past couple of days." Revealing the bile in his mouth, he looked her over in disgust. "Dude's been fucking her all every day since last weekend – why you think that bitch only comes home at night and go straight to bed?"

Kagome flinched at his sharp words.

"That's not true!" She argued, a sudden anger and shame overtaking her. The fucking nerve of that idiot to think so lowly of Inuyasha! Kagome didn't know why she felt the need to defend Inuyasha. Maybe because deep down she wished it was true, but alas, the fact of the matter – he wasn't in to her… at least not completely. She was just a distraction and as much as she liked his company, and got to know a lot about him over their time spent together, she hurt every time that thought crossed her mind.

"Now she speaks back!" Souta slammed his hands against the table. "Getting filled has opened up that mouth of yours huh." He smirked, looking from her screwed up face to the way her hands balled up into a fist. "He's probably giving that mouth of yours some well needed exercise." He goaded, his eyes flashing with mirth.

"See what I'm talking about, mother?" She bit out. "You say nothing when he's spouting shit!"

Her mother sighed softly, massaging her head with her eyes closed. "I wish you guys would just get along," With a shake of her head, she looked at her daughter. "Honey, you need to stop doing things that will have people assuming certain stuffs."

Gawking in disbelieve at her mother, Kagome seriously wondered if she was fucked in the head or actually really hated her. Did her existence mean nothing to her mother? If that was so then why the hell hadn't she thought of contraception while spreading – 'Don't say it, Kagome.' She schooled herself, finding it harder by the second to not insult the woman who gave her life.

"I'm gonna be late for school." She mumbled, rolling her eyes before making a quick exit. When she heard her brother shouting, and his chair falling backwards, she made a surprise noise before breaking out into a run. How pathetic of her to be running from her brother! Just the thought of running into altercation really wasn't something she needed, if ever.

"I just need some 'me' time." She grinned as she skipped down the steps, making a left – away from the direction of Inuyasha's house – heading for the house situated near a lake in the woods. Her solace called for her and the sky was about to cry happily at her return. Breaking out into a run, she grinned even wider when the first droplet of rain kissed her cheek.

"Gosh that feels good!" She sighed jubilantly, stopping when the droplets increased, her face turning towards the sky as her arms spread eagle wide. Turning into a slow circle, she accept the cold drizzle with literal open arms, the tears of the sky kissing her visage, causing her lids to close with a soft hum. She didn't know why, but there was just something about the rain and its gloomy look that bathed her in the absent warmth she rarely got. Most people saw the rain as something of inconvenience, but Kagome eagerly welcomed it – the feel of the tears enveloping her, reminded her that she's not alone. The tears she shed doesn't compare to this vast beauty that's left behind. Call her crazy, but she didn't care – her love for the rain would never seize to exist.

Clutching her bag closer to her frame, she made her way to her destination, looking out at the distance at the dark clouds overhead. This wasn't no ordinary passing cloud – she knew it was going to rain for a few hours if not all day, and she needed to reach her destination before she got too drenched.


Skidding in the empty hall, Inuyasha gripped the opened classroom door to stop himself from sliding and falling horribly. "Fuck," He grouched, his eyes filled with sleep, a piece toast dangling from his lips as he righted himself. The old bat knew he had a habit of sleeping in when it's raining and today of all days had to be the day when he wasn't home.

"Language Mr. Taisho," The homeroom teacher chastised, her eyes narrowing when he aimed a sloppy grin her way.

Despite his sleepiness, Inuyasha found himself winking at his teacher in silent apology while he ate the last of his breakfast. "The rain held me," he added, noticing that majority of the students were already seated.

Clearing her throat, the teacher went back to calling names while Inuyasha made his way at the back, noticing that Hoodie's seat was empty. "Hey,"

Sango looked in his direction, her brows quirking in surprise. Even though her heart belonged to someone else, and she knew that in some way he was spoken for Kagome, she found herself blushing as her heart skipped a beat. Dang guy was just too handsome for his own good! Shaking her head with a touch of a smile she looked at him expectantly.

"Hoodie," He jerked his head in the empty seat. "What gives?"

Shrugging, Sango felt the sadness washing over her. The absence of Kagome felt like someone tore her limps off. Sango was glued to her phone every chance she got, desperately trying to get into contact with her friend. It was bad enough that she was given the silent treatment all of last week, but not even answering the phone or saying a simple hello? What gives? She just wanted a chance to explain herself and Kagome not giving her really heart her like no other. If it wasn't her clueless parents answering her phone, then that drug head of a brother would spout some shit about her not having any time for anyone because she was banging the neighbor –

Gasping, Sango suddenly looked up at Inuyasha. She did recall him living close to Kagome, and although her brother may have been exaggerating, the hurt stabbing her in her chest seemed almost excruciating. Did Kagome replace her company with Inuyasha's? Dread mixed with fear and sadness. Kagome was Sango's best friend, she was irreplaceable and even though lately it seemed as if she'd become distant, the boastful thought of Kagome only having her, and knowing that she will always be there no matter what, settled in her thoughts. But now… there was this Inuyasha guy. The same guy who got close to Kagome way easier than it took her, which still felt as if she was in the process of chipping away her friend's defenses. There was an unspoken connection between her best friend and this guy that Sango didn't have, and it wasn't even about anything sexual or close to attraction. That something felt tangible, addictive in the sense that everyone wants it – the effortless friendship… that smile you get simply from being in their presence or the will to listen and do because their advice seemed like the fucking anthem.

"Sango was it?" Inuyasha scooted his desk closer, worry etching his features. "Did she come to school or not?" His gaze shifted to the homeroom teacher, noting that she's wrapping up her mundane speech so they could all head to their respective classes. "I'd hate to think she's home with that brother of hers…" His brows furrowed, remember that he wasn't due to leave for a two more weeks, and if her parents were off to work then it'll only be natural that the dolt would be home alone with Kagome.

"She told….You know about her… her brother?" The emotional hurt laced with her words had Inuyasha easing back in his seat.

Shrugging, he made it a point to look nonchalant from the tone of her voice. "I just don't like the dude."

Pressing her lips together, sad eyes shifted to the outside world through the foggy windows. By now the rain was pelting down hard, slamming against the window like hail. "She's drawing." Sango breathed, her vision clouding over as her emotions reflect the day. Gloomy and somber. "I hate the fucking rain." She cursed, an anger suddenly drenching her. It was probably due to her growing jealously, which was laughable if anyone were to hear about it. Wasn't she supposed to be the supportive friend and be glad that Kagome finally noticed a guy? Hadn't she been the one to throw the idea of inviting Inuyasha along when she introduced Miroku officially as her boyfriend?

So why was she now drowning in regret?

"Hey, mute," Tugging on a lock of Sango's hair, Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at being ignored. The fuck wrong with this chick and her blank look. Did she think this was the fucking miming school?

Flashing him an angry glower, Sango snatched her hair from his grip. "Don't start." She warned, earning her a smirk in response. "And don't worry about Kags – she's probably taking a personal day to draw."

Snorting, Inuyasha leaned forward on his elbow. "Seriously 'spect me to believe that?"

"I don't care if you believe me or not." When the first bell rang, signaling the end of homeroom, Sango started to gather her belongings. "Kags love this type of weather, so she usually head out to this abandon place to draw all day." Shrugging she smiled at her weird ass friend. "Says it sooths her troubled soul." Sango laughed slightly, remember when Kagome had uttered those exact words to her, as if she was some damn poet.

"You tryna tell me that Hoodie skip the whole day just because it's fucking raining?" His shock couldn't have been more evident. "And the teachers allow this?!"

"How stupid can you get? You really think those dimwits know that her absence is intentional?" Shoulder her bag-pack she stood abruptly. "You must be something perfect, telling the teachers when you skip I bet." Her sarcasm dripped with dark dryness before walking to an exit.

Yeah, the bitch really hated him. For what reason, he didn't know nor did he really care. Sheesh, to think Hoodie puts up with that girl all her life and she's still going strong. More importantly, Miroku is still alive and kicking! Her pussy gotta be that gold at the end of the rainbow for Miroku to put up with that walking ass who walked with the stick jabbed so far up…. He sighed tiredly, closing his eyes while he sent a small prayer to the heavens above. Slipping out of his seat, his bag strap choking in his grip, he grabbed her hand to stop her. "Which abandon house?"

"Excuse me?"

"Where Hoodie draws." He clarified. "Where is it?"

"Why the hell should I tell you?" Her hostility towards him may seem irrational but deep down she knew, and she hated herself for it.

Moving to the side to grant room for students to get by, Inuyasha's brows dipped low. He really wanted to tell her off, put her in her place and then find Miroku to cuss some well needed sense into him. This chick was off the straight and narrow! But he bit his tongue – he wanted to find Hoodie for some reason. Knowing that this afternoon was art didn't settle well with him. If Kagome wasn't going to be in class then he saw no need to be there. "I… I want to make sure she's alright." He partially lied. There was no way he was going to say any sappy shit about wanting to see her. The time alone spent with her had ended way too quickly for his liking, and even though he wished it never ended, he knew reality was knocking on both of their doors.

"She does this all the time, what makes you think she wouldn't be alright this time." Rolling her eyes, she snatched her arm from his grip. "I'm going to be late for class."

Huffing with annoyance, Inuyasha breathed slowly.

Inhale, Exhale. Repeat. And again….

"Sango." He evenly called out.

Pausing she looked back at him, watching the tick in his jaw, the way his eyes narrowed daringly at her. The infuriating bastard thing his look scared her? She was just about to open her mouth and lay one over him, but then he sighed suddenly, raking his fingers through his thick mane while his eyes fell closed. It was the look in his eyes after he opened them that halted her words. That pleading look that shock her. Instantly she could tell he was desperate, but for what purpose she hadn't a clue, although she would bet her prized car that Kagome knew…

She sighed.

"The old building facing the mountain near the woods."

Breaking out into a smile he hoisted his bag on his shoulder. "You mean the one people claim that's haunted?"

Nodding slowly, she was kind of sad that he knew which house she meant, but then again the town wasn't that big and not many abandoned houses were in walking distance. "So they claim."

"The irony." He chuckled. "Leave it to Hoodie to find a haunted house her place of solace."

Despite her feelings, Sango found herself laughing. "I give her shit for that all the time."

They both shared a moment of silence together, their appreciative smile mirroring the other.

"Thank you." Walking past her, he nudged her lightly with his shoulders. "You're a hard ball to play."

Her only response was a shrug as she watched Inuyasha rush in the direction of the emergency exit. She'd love to see if he'd actually make a clean getaway with the way those teachers emulate hawks, but the empty hallway reminded her that she was most likely late for her class.

"Awesome balls." She grumbled dryly.


The blanket of rain casted a blurry scenery outside the window Kagome was facing in a room upstairs the abandon house she was settled in momentarily. A soft smile touched her lips as she just sat there on an old couch, her knees drawn to her chest as her blue gaze took in what nature had to offer. Her goal was to draw that very scene playing out before her, cement it on her papers and stash it away with her other collections until the need to remember arose in the future.

But the beauty didn't call for her eyes to break away for even a second.

Hugging the oversized blanket she walked with, the occasional drop of water that glided from her wet strands were instantly soaked up by the fluffy softness around her.

"If only I could stay here forever." She whispered, her wish drowning in the heavy droplets of rain against the house.

Thoughts of her life, her peers…everything always seem to bubble out of her, almost as if the rain was feeding off of her darkness to show her how beautiful such things can be. The faint outline of the mountain in the distance called to her, as if wanting her to reach it even in such a weather. As if telling her to reach far above her, even though the unfairness life threw her seem to shackle her to the ground. The images of her family, their lack of compassion and protectiveness. Her soothing balm that slashed and mutilated her once smooth arms. The pleading voice of Sango, begging her to get help, to stop what she was doing as if there was and off switch. She loved Sango deeply, knew she would probably have been another statistic for suicidal teens, but her friend just didn't understand or comprehend the depth of her actions.

"No one does." She hugged herself closer.

So she thought.

And then she smiled. Gosh she was so stupid to be so easily affected by that white haired idiot. Last night when she was doodling in one of his drawing books, he'd intently watch her before asking her about her scars. Kagome remembered looking up, catching the way his gaze lingered on her covered arms. Instantly, like always, she'd felt more naked than a new born babe. Inuyasha had that power over her, his amber depth was the eyes that saw all.

She shuddered.

She hadn't even remember when she started or why exactly. But the addiction, the thrill of controlling at least one feeling – pain – overpowered all things. She was honest with him when she told him that, told him how they reminded her to never forget. Whatever life threw at her in the future, she'll have those path as a remind to never go back, to keep going forward…

"To keep living."

"So you've had the urge to end it before?" He'd ask, a shake in his voice as he had averted his gaze.

So much secret shrouded who Inuyasha was and what he was about. But Kagome believed that whatever was going on in his life, or whatever he'd endured in the past really hit close to her. That unspoken connection of those spoke volumes to their silent understanding.

"All the time."

"What stops you?"

Leveling a look at his face, she'd waited until his amber kissed her blues before answering. "The stars."

One thing she noted about Inuyasha was his ability to try and downplay things. He'd always chuckle slightly, snort or say something stupid to dispel the serious fog around him and the situation. The way his lips had tilted she knew he was on the verge of saying something stupid. But then he'd clam his mouth shut in the next breath, and the intensity of her gaze only brighten when she noted how he'd started rubbing his wrist distractingly.

"Through difficulties to the stars."

He'd responded with a tense nod.

"You understand don't you?"

Crackling a smile after a few seconds, Inuyasha rubbed his tummy openly. "I think I'm about hungry."

Sadness kissed her lips when she thought back to how easily he could shut down. Inuyasha always demanded a response, but she lacked the power to persuade him. He was the dominant in their friendship and at times, it felt like she was on the verge of waking up from this sick play. Kagome never know exactly when it comes to Inuyasha. Was she a friend or a distraction? Did he really trust her or was she so gullibly she'd take any lies he say and twist it into a truth?

"Cool hideout."

Kagome jumped suddenly, whipping her head around to see Inuyasha – soaked from head to toe – leaning against the doorframe.

"How the hell did you know I was here?" She gasped, her hand pressed against her chest.

"I have my ways," he cryptically replied, pushing off of the doorframe and making his way towards her. "I didn't like the idea of you ditching school while I endured eight hours of hell alone."

A reply wasn't needed when her mind started thinking too much. Was that code that he needed her company at all times only because of the woman he still loved? Or was he just being his usual self? She pressed her lips tightly together, hugging the fluff tighter around her frame. When the seat beside her dipped, indicating Inuyasha's proximity she shifted slightly when his body heat begun to suffocate her.

"I hate the rain." Inuyasha whispered ghostly, his hair dripping with remnant of the rain. Sighing when the silence stretched, he tugged off his outer shirt, leaving him in a damped tee. When he turned his gaze to Kagome he smiled at the comfy vibe flowing from her. She had a small smile on her lips, her chin resting on her raised knees as she looked longingly at the showers outside. Although he got the feeling that she didn't hear him, too lost in her own world, he loved the look she was giving off, his fingers already itching to draw her.

"You're ignoring me Hoodie," He tugged lightly on her ear, causing her to lean towards him, her smile growing while she rocked back into position.

"I love the rain." Her voice seem to echo throughout the room. "I prefer it at nights too – where the whole world is asleep and I can just listen while it lulls me to sleep." Resting her cheek on her knees she gazed at him with glowing blues. "Sometimes when all the anger builds inside of me, or when I'm on the verge of just doing it. The rain pelts it out of me."

Searching her face silently, the beauty struck him. This girl had so much demons, so lost in the abyss that the battle of light and darkness becomes constant. At first, he often wondered why people couldn't see past the surface, but after spending so much time with her, and the way they got to know each other, he didn't want anyone to know the Hoodie he knew and admired. It was selfish of him, but he wanted her for himself and although he knew he wasn't good enough or he was just shit considering the struggle he still endured – he honestly couldn't give a fuck.

"If that's the case," Touching her cheek lightly, he peeled a wet strand of hair from over her eye, placing it behind her ear. "I think I might just like the rain a teeny bit."

"Ah – you're full of shit." She shoved his hand away, although her heart was suddenly racing with the rain outside. "I'm just a fleeting distraction." She teased lightly, shrugging when he quirked his brows at her.

"That's not true Hoodie."

Ignoring him, she moved closer to the window where a stool sat and a small table with her drawing materials. "Do you think I should do a sketch or paint?"

"Is that what you think?"

Once again, she ignored his question, gnawing at her bottom lip while she looked out at the image before her. There were times when she wanted to paint but to be honest her passion was more on drawing. There was something about the roughness, the jagged edges that makes the image on the once blank paper jump to life. "I think I'll do both."

"Why do you believe that?" He moved in her line of vision, his brows knitted tightly together in a scowl.

"If this is going to turn into some kind of argument – I don't want part of it."

"I'm just asking a fucking question."

"And I'm telling you a fucking statement." Rolling her eyes, she cursed her ever changing emotions. She didn't mean for it to come out, although a part of her wanted to confront him. Then again, she was probably jumping to unnecessary conclusion.

Sighing with exaggeration, Inuyasha ran a hand over his face. "Does this have something to do with Kikyou?"

" has nothing to do with this." The familiarity in which he addressed the teacher had a growing pain pulse slowly in her chest. She suddenly remembered how his phone would often go off with an incoming text or call. Although he refused to answer, it sometimes looked like he replied to a text.

"I find that hard to believe." Huffing tiredly he shook his head. "I value you as a friend Kagome. I only have you to turn to when something involving her comes up, but I swear I never saw your main purpose as a fucking distraction."

"Sure," she snorted.

"Are you fucking serious?" He argued. "First it was 'you're not opening up to me' and now you're bitching because I'm actually doing that?"

"Oh my gosh Inuyasha!" Shoving back the stool she stood up, even though she was clearly a foot shorter than him. "You are the very definition of secretive! You only open up about things that you see fit!" Narrowing her eyes at him, she poked him when he was about to talk. "You know it's true."

"That's bullshit."

"The wrist warmers." She hissed, daring him to answer.

Kagome noted the way his jaws locked and ticked while his gaze looked annoyingly at her. Cutting his eyes at her, he shifted his gaze stubbornly.

"Exactly." Shaking her head, she wet her lips to calm herself. "Just drop it. I…I don't know why I'm getting all worked up. It's none of my business –…"

"Don't say that."

"It's none of my business." She repeated on a hiss, turning around to right the stool. "Ugh – now my muse is gone."

Without a word, Inuyasha grabbed her hand, dragging her out of the room and down the steps. As they neared the main entrance that was missing a door, Kagome started to protest, asking him what his deal was. But refusing to answer her, he tugged her outside until they were standing outside, instantly getting drenched.

"Let the rain beat some muse back into you." He smiled softly. "And let me tell you that you are not a distraction."

Again she snorted and he had to bite his lip to stop from cussing her out. She could really be a stubborn hellcat when it was called for. But he couldn't complain much when he knew he liked that about her. Walking closer to her, he grasped her face between his palms. "Look at me." He waited until she looked him in the eyes. "I come to you to help me forget, and I guess that can be defined as a distraction, but it's not what you're worth. You're my friend and so I look to you for advice."

"I suck at advice." She pouted, her form shuddering from the cold.

Stepping closer to her, he moved his palm to her neck, tilting her head slightly. "You don't – you're harsh but you tell the truth." Again she shrug. "Look at it this way: You're my rain."

Kagome quirked a brow. "Since when did you become corny?"

He didn't reply. The rain drops cling to her eyelashes had him hypnotize – waiting until they drop against her rosy cheeks before trickling downwards. The way her lips had little diamonds of rain wanted him to lick them away. Feeling bold, he openly gazed at her lips, wanting to repeat the time under the bleachers – the bell nowhere near to distract them.

"Hey I just got an idea!" Blinking rapidly to throw off the rain drops she grinned up at Inuyasha. "Do you want to make a new memory?"

His gaze flicked up to her eyes and he saw the sudden desire hidden within their depths. "I think it's already in making."

She bit her lower lips, her gaze flickering from his eyes to his lips and back. "I know how worried you were about the project and I figured that since it's raining and we're already soaked…"

"You think we should kiss?" He blurted out.

She choked on a snort. "What? No… I thought we could –…" She stopped, her mouth dropping open in shock. "What did you just say?"

Inuyasha released her instantly. "Huh?" He too laughed nervously, running her palms over his face, to wash away the rain and the blush dusting his cheek.

Kagome boxed in her lips as her heart beat stuttered erratically. Did he just placed a kiss on the table? Although that was what she was thinking, she really was going to suggest something like laying on the grass and letting the rain just massage them while they talked… But hell…

"I thought you didn't like the kiss… Like kissing me."

Ah – they never did get around to talking about that accidental kiss that kept him up at nights. And considering her reaction, he knew it was her first and she probably took his shock as something negative.

"I love blue-berry." With a tilt of the corner of his lips, he remembered the taste of her lips, mixing with the juice and what was simply Kagome. The jolt of desire felt like he'd been struck by thunder while wondering why these feelings were growing so rapidly. He didn't believe in that whole instant love shit and he wasn't saying he was in love either. But the magnetic pull that dragged him towards Hoodie had him wondering if faith was real? Sure in the past it fucked with him humorously, but maybe this was destiny's way of trying to make him forgive faith and use it once more. What the fuck was wrong with him and all this poetic bullshit. Maybe it was just the fact that he hadn't been laid from since his return. Hell maybe she was just broken like him that he felt comfortable and familiar with her. She was beautiful, he could see that clearly even with the flaws casting that beauty in the darkness.

Kagome's response was a blush.

"Um." She ran both hands through her hair, holding her strands in place at the base of her neck. Shouldn't she just go with the flow? How more awkward can their relationship get? Also, to do something like a kiss – even if she may suck at it – would definitely give her a touch of satisfaction for getting one over that art teacher. Plus this could be used as practice you know. She nodded her head in determination. Practice for what? She didn't care – 'just fucking practice.'

"I don't mind."

"Seriously?" His grin couldn't be held back. "I mean… Um…"

Giggling, Kagome shook her head from the way he stuttered. It was so unlike Inuyasha to lose his cool that she found this side rather endearing. The youthful look blossom off of him even more and she found her heart sighing in content. If only she could keep such a look on him, to fight off his demons of shame and rejection then she'd be the happiest fool alive. With a bold step forward she felt the heat rising up her neck despite the cold droplets that has eased up slightly. Instantly, the amber eyes turned to liquid fire and Kagome could do nothing but school herself on how to breathe evenly.

Without saying a word, Inuyasha's fingers danced across her cheek ghostly, moving south to her neck while her eyes fluttered closed. The soft sigh that passed her lips was triggered when he used his other hand to brush her damp hair off her shoulders. "So beautiful…" He whispered, loving the way her dark hair contrasted with her pale skin. He smiled at the deep intake of breath she took, stepping even closer until their bodies were a breath away from each other's. With both hands now cupping just below her jawline, he waited patiently for her to open her eyes. There was no way he was going to reunite their lips with her windows hidden. He wanted to see the emotions flowing from them, and he wasn't disappointed when her lids fluttered open, her lips slightly parted, allowing raindrops to pass between her undoubtedly sweet lips.

He'd never wanted to kiss someone so badly.

Before Kagome could accept the burning desire in Inuyasha's eyes, she felt the firm yet soft press of his lips against her slightly parted owns. His actions bled nothing but surety and she found herself instantly responding from the way he gripped her neck tenderly, tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss. Kagome grasped his wrist while she opened her mouth slightly, drawing him between her teeth with a strangled moan.

"Damn," Inuyasha groaned in response, a hand moving to the back of her head while he allowed her to suck and nibble on his lower lips before taking back control and swiping his tongue inside her mouth, cajoling her own tongue to come out and play. With a smile against her lips, he sucked on her tongue, eliciting an even louder moan from her.

The haziness clouding over her mind controlled her. It had to be some unknown drug as she distantly realize her hands were now on his hips, gripping his shirt and tugging him flush to her body. Her skinned prickled with awareness, her legs growing weaker by the second the more she felt herself being pulled deeper into the fog. Who knew a kiss could be this good? The taste of rain and Inuyasha made her gluttonous – ravishing his lips just as much as he dominated her. The feeling made her liberated, hungry for more of something. Rocking her hips forward she broke the kiss on a gasp, the bulge against her making her buck in his direction once more.

Wrenching her hips off of him, Inuyasha breathed harshly through his nose, his forehead pressed against hers. "Dammit, Hoodie." Breathing in and out slowly, her listened with satisfaction as her breathing came in short harsh breath. "You're going to drive me fucking insane."

Fisting his shirt, she tilted her head and licked his lips softly. When he opened his eyes, he found her smiling softly at him. Brushing away his hold on her hips, she stepped closer to him once more.

"I like the way you kiss."

She gave him one last kiss, sagging into him as if she was that puzzle piece that fit him perfectly. This kiss was short, sweet and tender, leaving both of them lost in their own dream. Breaking away from him, she pressed her bended index finger and stepped away from him. She needed to get inside and hide beneath her sheet if she wanted to survive being in his presence. This bold Kagome felt amazing but when the high became low, she knew she would be a stuttering idiot.

Inuyasha grabbed followed her silently, his might too fogged up to think about anything other than that amazing kiss. If that was her second kiss, then he wondered how the hell she would be if she was on her tenth or twentieth! The evidence in his pants reminded him of his teen hood, reminded him that he was still a damn teen and the uncontrolled urges were bound to happen. Truthfully speaking, he thought he'd control them, but Kagome was an enigma. The switch on her shy mode had been turned off and the take charge Hoodie intrigued him, and he wanted to explore.

He wanted more.

When they reached just inside the house, he grabbed her by the elbow, turning her to face him before planting his lips squarely on hers.

"Just a little be longer." He mumbled against her succulent lips.

She didn't even know what the word 'refuse' meant at that very moment.


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