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Alone In The Hamptons

Normally, Rick Castle was in tune to Kate Beckett's moods, but being back with Gina, having the awesome talk the night before, just seemed to cloud his usually sharp view of his 'partner'. During the case, he'd come to the difficult realisation that she was firmly hooked on that ass Demming. He gazed out the window as the scenery passed by, but saw nothing of it. His mind kept returning to Kate, the look on her face as she asked to speak to him. Then the whole speech in the corridor, how nervous she'd been, then Gina interrupting them, and the forlorn, "See you in the Fall?"

He shook his head trying to rid himself of the mental images he'd collected of her over the past year.

Sighing he told the driver to pull over. "What are you doing Rick?" his second ex-wife asked.

"I have to go back," he said firmly.

"No," Gina answered, "You don't. What you HAVE to do is finish 'Naked Heat'."

Rick turned to her somewhat impatient. "Heat Wave was more than nine weeks late and it turned out to be worth it. Now, what I needto do is go back. John," he said to the driver, "I need you to head back to Manhattan – NOW!"

Gina threw herself back into her seat. "Dammit Rick, you are a stupid, selfish son of a bitch! You're not the only one who's in hot water over your tardiness, it's my ass on the line too."

Realisation dawning, Rick turned slowly to face his ex. "That's why you've been so agreeable. You figure distracting me, getting me away from Beckett would make me finish my book faster."

Opening her mouth to deny the accusation, Castle stopped her with a steely look. "Don't," he pre-empted. "Just shut up. John, could you please pull over at the next rest stop? My ex-wife will be able to call a cab to pick her up."

The ten minutes that passed before the next rest stop was spent in icy silence. John got out and took Gina's luggage from the trunk.

Before pulling away the car slowed and Rick wound down the window. "By the way, you can tell your bosses at Black Pawn that there are plenty of other publishers out there who'd be happy to have me as a client. Late dead-line or not."

Gina snorted, furious that her plan had gone awry, and that she'd have to return to her boss empty handed and with an ultimatum. "I'll see to it that you won't even be able to get fan-fiction published after this is done!" she yelled after him as the car pulled back onto the highway. Pulling out her cell she called for a cab and sat on a suitcase, fuming until it arrived.

Castle sat back in the town car. "John, could you drop me off at the 12th Precinct?"

John half turned and looked at him in the rear-view mirror. With a wide smile he answered, "Yes Sir!"

By breaking the speed limit, John had him at the 12th within fifteen minutes. Rick threw open the car door. "I need you to wait here until I come back down," he said.

Nodding curtly John answered, "Yes Sir!"

Rick ran through the lobby and punched the elevator button. Watching as each floor lit up on its way down, he grew impatient and ran for the stairs taking them two at a time. Minutes later he burst onto the floor that housed the homicide unit of the 12th and gasped, "Where's Beckett?"

Esposito looked up. "She just left Bro. Guess you missed her on the elevator."

"Shit," he muttered, running back down the stairs. Rushing into the street he scanned the sidewalk for her, but she had disappeared into the crowd.

John tapped the horn of the town car to get his attention. Castle rushed over. "She headed that way sir," his driver said, nodding to his left.

Castle pulled open the car door and jumped in, rattling off Beckett's new address. What seemed like hours later, but was on fact only minutes, the car pulled up to the curb of Beckett's residence. Again Castle took the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. At her apartment he knocked hard on the door.

"Beckett!" he called.

Pulling his cell phone from his pocket, he speed dialled #2. Listening at the door he heard no sound coming from inside. Putting his cell away, he leant against the door. Damn, she must've gone to the place in Asbury that Demming had been talking about. He had lost her, but maybe…

Taking his cell phone from his pocket again, he started to dial Roy Montgomery's number, if anyone knew the address to the little 'hideaway' Demming had mentioned, it would be the Captain, and if not he'd check it out for him. He stopped. No, he wouldn't do that to her. If she really was happy with that doofus Demming, then he wasn't going to spoil it for her. She'd obviously made her choice.

Back down on the street, he climbed into the car. "Sir?" John asked.

Not wanting to elaborate on anything, Castle merely answered, "Just take me up to the Hamptons, John. Thanks."

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