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Chapter One: Knowing

Shizuru Kuwabara was only ten years old when she discovered that what she could see shouldn't be seen. She remembered in the incident perfectly. She was leaving the school yard. She had gotten a gold star that day for acing a test that she barely even studied for. For some reason, she looked up and saw that the tree near the school gate was blooming. She smiled, spring had been her favorite season. Then she realized there was a shape on the branches. A young girl was sitting there, one leg propped up and the other hanging down. She was staring ahead with cold eyes. She turned and their eyes met. It startled Shizuru, but she didn't let it bother her. She probably had a bad day that's all.

She placed down her book bag and got herself ready to climb up when one of her friends walked by to join her. "What are you doing, Shizuru-chan?"

"There's a girl up there. She looks pretty upset. I was going to see what was wrong. Maybe she got bullied." Shizuru explained.

Her friend frowned and she scanned the trees. "There's no one up there, Shizuru-chan. Maybe she left?"

Shizuru looked up at the branches and saw the girl still sitting there, still watching her with emotionless eyes. It confused her. Was her friend serious that she couldn't see what was right in front of her? She looked back at her friend who was staring at her worriedly and confused. No, she couldn't see the girl. Shizuru wondered if it was from their positions. "Come here." She said, pointing to where she was standing. "She's on the low branch. You can't miss her."

Her friend hesitantly obeyed and tried to look. Five minutes later she shook her head. "I don't see anyone up there."

Shizuru was about to protest, but when she looked back at the branch, the person was gone. She blinked a few times and frowned. She knew she had been there just a few minutes ago! She turned to her friend who already was picking up her abandoned book bag and grabbed Shizuru's arm. "Come on, we'll be late for the train." She said.

That was when she learned she could see ghosts. Auras didn't come until she was a teenager, but she learned quickly not to say anything. After trying to convince her friend of things that were there, her friend had decided to tell the school's counselor. It made Shizuru irate that no one believed her, but had decided that maybe that was a good thing. She went through high school as a normal girl who just could see weird things.

Accidentally, she had mentioned about one of her friend's auras. She was in the bathroom redoing her hair and her friend came out looking pale and scared. She could see that her aura was mixed up worse than anything emotional. "What's wrong?" She asked.

"Just sick."

"You're more than just sick, you look like you're mixed up about something."

Her friend gave her a look. Everyone else believed her story that she was really ill. Shizuru on the other hand knew that auras never lied about anything. Anyone's emotions and sometimes even their thoughts were broadcast to her via aura. "I'm just sick."

"You're pregnant aren't you?" Shizuru asked simply.

The girl gasped. "How did you-"

"It's written all over your face and you can't deny it." It was better than saying that her aura was giving her away.

The girl never returned to school after that. Whether she got rid or kept the baby or thought that if Shizuru knew then everyone else did meant that she was banished from school, it was very unknown to her.

Memories. Mostly bad, mostly good. They were things that kept her thinking. She smoked, she had a job, she knew that she had one thing to protect in the world and that was her idiotic brother. She wasn't surprised that Kuzuma could see ghosts and auras and pinpoint objects by using his powers, but she was surprised that there was others that were just like him.

When she went on the adventures during the Dark Tournament and trying to help Keiko find Yusuke in Chapter Black, she realized that her baby brother had it worse than she did. If Koenma had found her, she would have to learn and train. She knew that it was best to stay the way she was. After all, it was most likely all that she could do. Genkai never told her that she had to unlock anything. Everything she had was out in the open.

The most she could do was help when she could. Support when they needed it, they certainly weren't going get it from Atsuko anytime soon even though Shizuru had to admit that if she ever wanted a drinking buddy, Yusuke's mom was the way to go.

"Shizuru-san?" Yukina walked into the room that she was currently in. Her body was leaned out of the window, a lit cigarette in her hand. The ice maiden knew that the cancer stick was bad for the woman, but no matter what method was used, no one could unattached the stick from Shizuru's fingers. "What's wrong?"

Troubling a gentle soul was never on Shizuru's agenda . She smiled and flicked the ash out into the grass below. "Just memories, Yukina-chan." She took a last drag, snuffed it out and tossed it in a glass cup that she carried with her. "Nothing is wrong."

"They'll come back safely." Yukina said with a soft smile. "They always reunite once in a while."

Shizuru nodded. Ever since Koenma broke up the team, everyone had went their separate ways. Yusuke at a ramen shop, her baby brother working in the science field, Hiei doing god knows what and Kurama working with his step father's company. Hiei rarely came to any of the reunions and when he did he only stayed for a second.

Oddly enough, he reminded her of the girl in the tree. A cold soul just looking for a place to belong…or maybe just a place to hang.