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I watched helplessly as my girl lay there, weak and dying. It'd been six months since Buffy was diagnosed with Leukemia. She'd gone through four or five different kinds of treatments, and we'd all watched her suffer through it. Unfortunately, nothing was working. Now, the doctors were giving her a week, maybe two, to live. Dawn and her friends were all gathered around the hospital bed making awkward conversation. They were trying to keep her happy even though she was dying. It was hard to see the slayer like this. Her once bright green eyes were now empty and dull. Her tan, taut body was now pale and thin. I could barely stand to be around the bint.

Her dull eyes met with mine, and she put on a weak smile, trying to look brave, but I knew differently. She was in pain. I could hear the way she fought to breathe, and I could hear her heart struggling to beat, but I smiled back, knowing she needed to appear strong. I felt badly for the slayer, she was too young and beautiful to be taken from the world so early. I had to do something. I couldn't let her die this way.

Willow got up and walked from the room, saying she was going to get some food. I watched as she took a detour and went into the women's bathroom. I followed, standing near the door for a second to see if there was anyone else, but thankfully there wasn't. The witch and I were going to talk. Something needed to be done.

I opened the door, immediately smelling the salty tears, and hearing the anguished cries from Buffy's best friend. I saw one of the stall doors closed, and knew she was trying to hide the pain she was feeling. They all wanted to look brave in front of their dying friend.

"Willow, it's Spike. We need to talk love." I started, hearing her small gasp. She fumbled around for a minute, gathering herself, and then emerged from the stall. Her eyes were red and her makeup was smudged, but she still looked just as beautiful as she usually did.

"What are you doing in here? Don't you know this is a girl's bathroom?" she asked, sniffling every now and then. I nodded and sat down in a chair that was near a changing table in the back corner. "Red, we need to talk. We can't let Buffy die like this. It's wrong!" I saw the tears forming in her eyes at the mention of Buffy. She felt just like I did.

"Look, I know a way. It may not be the best way, but it will save her." She sat down beside me for a moment, contemplating my statement. When her eyes went wide, I knew she'd caught my drift. "Spike, no, she doesn't want that." I growled in frustration, knowing I was going to get a fight out of her friend. I didn't want to take matters into my own hands, but this needed to be done.

"Would you rather her die painfully and be gone forever?" I asked. She choked back a sob before shaking her head. "No, I don't want Buffy to die like this, but she would hate you forever. She would hate me! I'm her best friend, and I have been for a long time. Whenever we had a demon make our worst fears come true in high school, that was her worst fear. She would never want to become what she's been destined to kill!" I thought for a moment how I should turn the situation around. I had to convince the bird to help me.

"Willow, that was in high school. She isn't that Buffy anymore. She might want to live and fight. Buffy has been through too much. Dawn needs her, you and your scoobies need her and damnit I need her! I don't want to let her go, not like this! Please Willow; I need your help with this. I can do all the work, and I will even let her stake me when its done, but the soul spells for Angel? I need you to perform it, but without the happy clause. Please do this. Please. I'm begging you." I took her hand in mine, hoping she would understand the way I felt. I felt like a man possessed with an emotion I couldn't describe. I truly loved Buffy. She was my girl, but I couldn't let her go like this. Not yet.

"Okay. I'll do it." She said, surprising me. I looked up and met her gaze. I could feel her desperation to hold onto her friend because it mirrored mine. I needed Buffy to be okay. I needed her to live for her friends, her sister, but mostly for me. I knew it was selfish but I loved her. I'd let her stake me proper once she woke up, but at least I'd know she was alive.

"Thanks pet. After everyone leaves tonight, I'll stay and get her. I'm going to need you to do the spell tomorrow night. I'm gonna change her at midnight." With tears flowing down her red cheeks, she nodded, squeezing my hand softly. "Where are you taking her?" she asked softly. "Well, she always wanted to go to the beach, so I'm going to take her there. I asked Angelus for the Ring of Amara yesterday and he agreed. I left out the part about changing her. I just told him I wanted to take her for her last few days. Stupid git doesn't have to know for a while, at least until the process is finished. Just make sure you get that spell done tomorrow night. I don't want my girl to wake up without her soul or a happy clause."

I moved to get up from my spot, but was held down by a strong grip. "You really love her don't you?" I was taken aback by her question. Was she finally seeing how much I truly loved Buffy? "Yes red, I do. I love her more than life itself, and I'd do anything for her." Her eyes met mine and a sudden understanding formed between the two of us. She knew my pain and I knew hers.

"Red, don't forget. Have the spell ready at midnight and with no happy clause. I don't want my childe to be a monster like I was. She's too beautiful inside for that." She said a small thank you before we left and returned to Buffy's room.

I exchanged a longing look with my girl. I could tell she wanted me to rid her of this pain. For the past couple of nights, I'd snuck into her room at midnight to keep her company. I knew how much she hated hospitals. She would try and tell me that she was fine, but after she'd fall asleep, I would watch her toss and turn while she clutched her stomach. I wouldn't watch her suffer any longer. Even if she killed me afterwards, I would try to save her. I just had to try.