Life is a Strange Thing Indeed

Disclaimer: I don't own any Harry Potter characters. Sure wish I did though. This story is for fun only.

Summary: It's been 6 years since Hermione Granger has seen her friends from Hogwarts or even set foot in England. Suddenly she finds herself being called back home by the one person who she tried so hard in vain to run away from and forget. Will her past feelings interfere with her sense of duty? Read and find out.


It had been six months since Severus and Hermione got married. It was now June. Hermione was seven and a half months along in her pregnancy. She and Severus were having a daughter. They had decided to name her Katy Marjorie. The middle name was after Minerva, for it was her middle name too.

A month after their own wedding Remus and Petunia had one of their own. It was a small hand fasting ceremony held in the Room of Requirement. Since then the couple had adopted two children. A two year old boy they named Darien and a seven year old girl they named Reilena. The Lupins couldn't have been happier.

Hermione was sitting in the gardens of Snape Manor. It was a beautiful day, but Hermione barely noticed.

"How are you feeling my dear?" Severus asked as he walked up behind her and began massaging her shoulders.

"Fat and ugly." Hermione answered.

"You are not fat and ugly." he said.

"Have you had a good look at me lately? I'm the size of a baby whale!" Hermione cried.

"Darling, you are pregnant. And to me, that makes you as beautiful as ever." Severus whispered.

Before she could protest, he captured her lips. Hermione immediately melted into his embrace. Gently Severus moved her onto her side on the blanket she was sitting on. With a wave of his hand, their clothes disappeared. Severus moved his lips down her neck. As he did his hand gracefully and skillfully moved up and down her body. Slowly turning her into a liquid puddle with his touch.

"You are beautiful. A goddess. A vixen. A temptress. I don't care what you look like. You are and always will be beautiful to me." he whispered as he kissed along her body.

"Severus." she moaned.

Severus's left hand quickly found her center. He could all ready feel her juices beginning to flow from her. Slowly he slid first one then two fingers deep inside her. As he did she reach behind them and took hold of his hardening member. They both sighed each other's names as they began to masturbate each other.

"Mmmm. Severus." she sighed.

"Oh yes. My darling." he growled.

"I need you. Now. Please." she begged.

Severus didn't hesitate. He removed his hand and hers. He thrust inside her deeply and quickly. Both moaned. It was pure heaven for them. Slowly he began to move. Hermione would thrust back as he thrust foreword.

"Yes. Oh Severus." she moaned.

"Hermione. So tight." he groaned.

He kissed her deeply as he took hold of her breast. Their lovemaking had become even more magical as she got further and further in her pregnancy. His thrust became faster and more demanding.

"More. Harder. Deeper. Faster." she gasped.

"Yes. That's it...push…" he growled.

They began moving even faster. Both quickly reaching their peak.

"Don't...stop...please!" she cried.

"Never!" he gasped.

"Oh gods above! SEVERUS!" she screamed as her body locked up in a spasm.

"HERMIONE!" he yelled as he emptied himself within her.

They laid there in each others arms, panting and sweating. Both sated and happy. Severus gently kissed her as he slowly slid out of her. Hermione rolled over so she could face him.

"Thank you. You always know how to make me feel like a queen." she said, wiping a lock of hair away from his eyes.

"Because you are a queen my dear. And that's how you deserve to be treated." he whispered.

A month and a half later Hermione went into labor.

"Ohhh. Severus...ugh...honey wake up." Hermione moaned.

Huh? What is it?" Severus asked groggily.

"It's...ow...time." she answered.

"Now! Okay, hang on. I'll floo Poppy. Whoa!" Severus cried as he tried to climb out of bed, only ending up flat on his face on the floor.

"Ha. Ha. Ha...ohhhhh." Hermione giggled as yet another contraction hit.

Severus managed to get to his feet and hurried to the fireplace. A minute later Poppy was there and kicking Severus out of the room. Severus immediately flooed for Harry, Remus and Albus. They were there within five minutes, trying to calm down the father-to-be.

"Severus, just relax. Everything will be fine." Albus said gently.

"I can't help it. I should be in there not out here." Severus complained.

"Look, it will be easier for both Hermione and Poppy if you're not in there getting in the way or asking a dozen questions." Harry said.

"You're right. I'm just scared. I mean what if something goes wrong? I lost her for six years and a first child I knew nothing about. I can't lose either of them now." Severus said.

"Severus, that won't happen. Everything will go smoothly." Remus said.

For almost seven hours they waited. Petunia and the kids, Lavender, Parvati and Tonks stopped in periodically. Just to reassure Severus and see how things were going. At 12:45 p.m. on July 25th The Snapes welcomed their first child.

"Okay Severus, you can come in now." Poppy said with a smile.

Everyone laughed as Severus jumped to his feet, tripping slightly on the rug and ran into the room. There he found Hermione feeding their daughter. She looked up and smiled.

"Hello daddy." she said sweetly.

"Hello mommy." he said.

Severus sat beside her on the bed. His daughter had his hair and eyes, but Hermione's facial features. She was beautiful. She was perfect. He gently kissed her forehead.

"She's beautiful." he said in awe.

"Want to hold her?" Hermione asked.

Gently Hermione handed Katy and the bottle to her father. Severus held her like a pro. Hermione smiled at the picture of father and daughter. She felt their lives were finally complete.

Years past. Severus became the Headmaster of Hogwarts after Albus died, Hermione was now the Potions Professor and Deputy Headmistress. They now had four beautiful children. Katy was in her final year, Eric was in his fifth, Piper was in third and Chris was a first year.

Hermione and Severus both agreed that life was a strange thing indeed.

The End