A/N: So here's the end! :( It's very short but i like it a lot and I hope you do too!

Something That Happened 11

It's hard to say where their story ends, because the truth is, it doesn't.

They may not have had a clich├ęd, perfect beginning, but after a few years of anger, pain, and difficulty, they finally stumbled into their storybook ending.

(Or storybook beginning, one might call it. Because where this particular story ends is truly where the rest of their story begins.)

They had to work hard to find their fairytale, but these two are proof that happiness always lies ahead for you, even if you have to tread through tough times to find it.

Quinn and Puck never expected this outcome (nowhere near it); the two of them together, their family, their life, were all just something that happened.