Hiya guys!

I really hope everyone is starting off 2014 with positivity and happiness. I feel a little guilty, since this isn't really much of an update.

I'd like to take the time to kind of explain myself (again, like always, I am very irresponsible). In October of 2013, my computer suffered a mysterious fall that I cannot blame on my tiny dogs and was rendered pretty much useless. The cost to fix it was well over $200, not including labor or parts. Since it had so many problems, it was decided it wasn't even worth it to try to fix it (since the problems were in the motherboard blah blah blah). Therefore, I am incredibly thankful and grateful to my family because they chipped and got me a new one. I transferred all of my files over so Lygophobia is safe and sound for another day haha.

Before my computer broke, I was revising all of the chapters in Lygo. I can't help but hate my old style, as well as cringe at the logic and wording in places. Everything was going fine and dandy, and I was planning on uploading everything in one go, but unfortunately it's now 2014 and too much time has passed, I have to say something.

What was once considered the Big Rewrite of 2k13 is now 2k13/14 haha. Anyway, I'm revising each chapter a lot. In fact, it's more of a rewrite if anything. There is a lot changing, like major plot stuff and interactions between characters. Since I never had a direction with Lygo before (note: past tense wink wonk), I sort of threw all this stuff together. However, now that I do have a solid idea of what I want to happen, I'm going to change a LOT. Sorry if you like this current version, because it's literally going to change a lot okay.

Sorry it's taking so long. I can't write chapter 7 until I've finished revising since the plot is going to be affected a little. Soooooo this little author note is telling you that I'm rewriting everything, which will mean that it may take some time for chapter 7 to come.

I will delete this note thing right before I upload the next chapter, so it won't disrupt the flow of the story and you will all be notified! Once chapter 7 is up, so will all the rewritten chapters, so make sure to read them too!

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to message me on here on on my tumblr: nightmarevanitas!

-emeraldterror (Arianna)