Unravel Me

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to the Harry Potter series (other than all the books and a couple of movies).

Summary: Whatever Viktor had expected of the Boy Who Lived, it definitely wasn't the shy boy Harry Potter lived up to be. As the tournament goes on Viktor begins to find his fellow champion more and more intriguing.

Warnings: Slash, underage, and possibly more later on.

Pairing: Viktor/Harry

Dammit! Peoples need to post up more Viktor/Harry fics! Why? Because after reading one I became addicted and find that there aren't enough! So, I had to write my own. Of course, I don't believe it'll be as good as the one I read, but I still want to try. Anyways, at the end tell me what you think. Be warned that this chapter is terribly short. Enjoy~!


Last night had been the first time Viktor had seen Harry Potter in person, excluding the glimpses he had caught of the boy earlier that day and the day before, and when Potter had attended the Quidditch World Cup that summer. In Viktor's mind, those instances didn't truly count for they were merely that, instances. But last night, after the unveiling of the champions, he had a chance to see the Boy Who Lived up close. Potter was small, small for a fourteen year-old even, scrawny and seemed much too thin. He had an unruly mop of black hair atop his head, in which the bangs effectively covered up the famous scar on his forehead. But, the most impressive of all about the boy, was his eyes; a bright green color, matching those of emeralds perhaps.

In those expressive green eyes, Viktor could see Potter's astonishment and also deep within those swirling pools of viridian was also a lingering fear. As if sensing Viktor's eyes on him, Potter had looked up. At that moment, the wall which concealed the boy's feelings crumbled a bit more and a haunted expression swept over his face. Potter seemed startled when the French girl from Beauxbatons—Fleur Delacour, if he remembered correctly—started speaking to him, asking him if he was a messenger. The boy's mouth parted slightly before shutting again, looking as if he had just swallowed his own tongue.

Then the enraged professors had stormed in, along with the tournament's other judges. Bagman congratulated them all and looked to be fairly excited about the fourth champion, though Viktor couldn't fathom why. Potter was a mere child compared to them; they had at least three years on him and were considered adults already who could make their own decisions. He watched on as Karkaroff and Madam Maxime argued with Hogwart's Headmaster about a matter he truly couldn't change, outraged that Hogwarts had two champions. Potter had shrunk back from them, watching as he was as they tried to get Dumbledore to let them resubmit student's names.

Dumbledore asked Potter quietly if he had submitted his name into the goblet or had an older student do it for him, and the boy had immediately denied both claims. A few in the room then exclaimed that the boy was lying, saying that he had done it to garner more fame. Viktor perhaps would've believed this, hadn't it been for the terror he had seen in the boy's eyes earlier; no triumphant glow, no pompous smirk had adorned Potter's face when he entered that door. All he had shown was bewildered astonishment and a fear of what lie ahead. If the look on Potter's face wasn't enough of a confirmation of his innocence then the slight tremble he gave at the harsh accusations was.

Due the magically binding contract that was enacted the second someone's name shot forth from the goblet, it was decided that Potter would participate in the tournament despite his age and inexperience. Although no where near accepting this final decision, they knew it was a matter that they could not contend with and went their separate ways. Dumbledore advised that Potter and Diggory go up to their dorms where celebrations surely awaited them, while he and Fleur were led away by their own respective headmaster and headmistress. Potter walked out with Diggory, looking just as bewildered as he had been when he first stepped into the room.

Viktor couldn't help but watch as the Boy Who Lived stalked away in daze down the hallway, before Karkaroff called for him to hurry up and get back to the ship. Surely, this boy wasn't the Harry Potter he had heard about before, who had defeated the Dark Lord at the age of one and escaped with only a scar on his forehead. He had been expecting some arrogant prat who thought himself above everybody else just because of his fame. Not someone who vaguely reminded him of himself when he was in the spotlight, of course though Viktor was much better at hiding his emotions than Potter who wore them like an open book. But then again, the boy just could've been scared because he had gotten caught. Besides, Potter had barely uttered anything when they had been in the room other than proclaiming his innocence.

Viktor shook the thoughts of the Boy Who Lived from his mind. He should be concentrating, he needed to focus. The First Task was on the 24th which meant he had barely a month to train for what was to come. Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind, he began paying attention to his lesson meanwhile mentally setting up a training schedule for himself. He could worry about the Potter matter later, for now though he would concentrate on figuring out a way to beat the other champions.

Yea, told you it was short. Sorry 'bout that its just that, this fic has been bothering me for two days and I had to get something down before I went crazy. Nothing much happens here, other then a recap of what happened in the book, slightly altered and from Viktor's point of view with no dialogue. I promise, the next chapter will be much longer and more worthwhile. Anyways, if you enjoyed this please review!