Everyone had noticed the change in her, how could they not? It was so obvious, it wasn't the little things – only a select few noticed those, no it was the dramatic things everyone took notice of. People had asked about that change at first and for the first few day days she just shrugged her shoulders and gave them the non-answer of "why not?" Once she had formulated a suitable reason for the change they all readily accepted the lie. It was a good lie, who would question her logic of "I need to be prepared to fill any role at the drop of a hat. Now I'm a blank canvas I can be whoever I need to be for any role I should encounter," it was exactly the type of thing she would say, she knew it, they knew it. It was enough to placate everyone, well, almost everyone.

Only eleven of her peers, the people she was almost but not quite friends with, knew there was more to her change than the formulated lie she fed to everyone. They were the ones that noticed the small things, the things that had made her who she was, or who she used to be. They noticed that her smile no longer reached her now tired looking eyes, that even though to the rest of the world she sounded the same they could hear the passion that was no longer there when she sang. They noticed it all, the way she no longer criticised their performances or argued with Mr. Schue about the song selection. They all noticed the ways she had changed but no one cared enough to push her for the truth.

Only one person had figured it out. One person that knew that look in those tired eyes. The look that comes from trying to keep a secret that could ruin you hidden from everyone. She knew that look, not so long ago she'd had that look. She just hoped that the girl she tormented for so long hadn't made the same mistakes she had, that the look that filled those tired eyes was for another reason.

She walks with confidence and determination she once had back when she still wore the uniform of empowerment. No one got in her way, they were all too relieved to be heading to lunch to notice the girl who had fallen from grace, those who did notice all eagerly stepped out of her way, they recognised that look.

She stopped outside of the room and for a brief moment her resolve faltered. She shook her head, ponytail whipping from side to side. "Get a grip," she instructed herself. Quietly she entered the room, thankful that her target was sat at the piano practicing scales. Slowly she approached the other girls back, she had every intention of making the dark haired diva jump, but something stopped her. She noticed the slight tremble in the other girls shoulders. She stepped round to the other girls side, snarky remark ready to fall from her lips dying when she took in the scene before her.

Dark hair hung lifelessly on either side of her face, her soulful eyes are concealed by fluttering lids, her lips are drawn in tightly as she tried to withhold the sobs, her cheeks glisten as tears streak down them in a race powered by gravity staining her skin.

She almost turns to leave, she knows that she needs to be harsh towards the clearly broken girl in front of her, she knows she shouldn't care. She holds on to one thought 'remember she ruined things for you and Finn,' she knows it's a lie but even a lie is enough to reaffirm her in her mission.

"God manhands, I know you're a loser and everything but even this is beyond that."

Tired eyes flew open, drawn lips became loose, "Quinn, what are you doing here?"

"Is this what your do every lunch time? Sit in her and play the piano and cry?"

"Yes," she sniffed, "well no. I mean I come here at lunch to play the piano, sing and just generally rehearse because you can never practice enough but I don't always cry."

"Fine, whatever." She knew her resolve was fading, she had to push forward before she gave in to the need to comfort the normally annoying girl. "Ok then Berry spill it."

"Spill what?"

"Don't play stupid with me. I know."

"And what exactly do you know?"

"I know what you're trying to keep hidden."

A flash of fear was the first sign of life in those tired eyes the blonde had seen since the change.

"I don't know what you're on about."

"Oh don't give me that bullshit! You look like Tina that week Figgins freaked out about vampires."

"I've explained this already. By wearing simpler attire I am more prepared and able to slip into any role I should encounter. I am a-"

"Blank canvas. Yeah I've heard that version."

"What other version is there?"

"The truth?" She sighed, "You can't do this alone Rachel."

The pint sized diva began to tremble violently.

"Whose is it?"

The blonde reached out and placed a hand on the other girls arm which pulsated heat through the thick sweatshirt.

"I-I don't k-know what you're on about," she flinched from the delicate touch on her forearm, "I have to go."

Anger began to fill the petite blonde, "Afraid I'll tell everyone who the father is the way you did to me?" she spat.

She was on her feet and almost at the door, her voice less shaky but still not as convincing as she needed it to be, "I don't appreciated what you are implying or the fact that you've called me a liar. Furthermore you can threaten me all you want I will deny anything you are capable of speculating seeing as how it will all be a complete fabrication of your own when you have no idea what the reality of the situation is."

And just like that she had failed in her mission. She stared open mouthed at the blur that was the divas storm out.