This is a new story. It seems like it ends here, and it very well could, but I wanted to make an EdXEnvy story, and in order to do that I had to make this longer than one chapter. There is violence and rape in this chapter, but it's not as bad as the next chapter will be. I got this idea from a nightmare I had the other night.

Edward tried as stealthily as possible to sneak around. He was ever alert and always ready to kick ass; even in a position as peaceful as now. Walking down a dirt road in the bright daylight; the town is peaceful regardless, and there is no one around.

There had been children playing a little bit up the road and a watchful mother keeping them in line.

He had been sent to the town due to unrest among civilians. They said their local government was treating them less than human. Edward, being the Alchemist for the people, was the obvious man to send.

He was scoping out the town at this point. He wanted to get a feel for the people before announcing himself to the military and getting to business. He follows the dirt road down to a house.

It isn't run down and ghastly. It has a garden in front and a gate. He walks to the house and scopes it out. He climbs over the wood fence and looks into the windows where he sees normal household items.

He walks around back and it quickly grabbed. He struggles against the arms and sees people coming out of the house. There was two women staring at him, and a few children running around. The person holding him, who turns out to be a man, drags him into a room inside the house.

There is a young woman and a man already sitting in there. The man lets Edward go and asks him to sit. When Edward glares defiantly and the man slams his fist into his face.

"What were you here to see?" The man asks him. Edward glares up at him, but wants a chance to escape.

"I just wanted to check it out. It was out in the nowhere lands but well taken care of." The man grunts at him.

"Do you have a problem with the military? Is that it?" Edward barks. The man kicks him in the face and rolls his eyes.

"I don't care either way. You were sneaking, I grabbed you and now you're mine."

Edward growls at the man. "I don't belong to anyone!"

The man walks away after sending the other two occupants a glance. "You can't escape from here."

Edward looks at the two people in the room. "Why is he keeping us here?" he yells. They don't answer him. They don't move. He gets up and tries the door only to find that it isn't locked. He looks side to side and inches his way out.

There are people walking around without paying any mind to him, and that leaves him baffled. He tries to get out the door but falls to the floor filled with unbearable pain. He gets up and looks around. He body was still agonizing.

The man smiles at him. "You'll never get away."

Edward stands and claps his hands in an attempt to form his arm into a blade, but it doesn't work.

"That won't work here, baby. You're not going to get away." Edward walks back into the kitchen to find another way out. One of the women takes his arm and directs him to the sink. "Here, clean these so I can make food." She says softly before smiling at him and walking away.

These freaks are acting like he should be there, or has been for his whole life. Why didn't they understand that he was being held here? What about those other two who were in the room with him?

He washes the dishes slowly and watches everything around him. They all act like they're a normal family.

He walks into the living room wiping his hands with a dish rag. He sees the two people from the room talking with the man who had taken him in the first place. He opens the door and lets them out before soundly slamming it.

Edward runs up to the window and watches them run down the road. Edward turns to the man.

"Why can't I leave? I won't tell anyone!" He tries to bargain. The man sighs and runs his fingers through Ed's hair. "Because. Now go help with dinner."

Edward throws the dish rag down and turns to walk away. The man grabs him by the hair and forces him down.

"That's not very nice. You know people clean this house? They don't need extra work. Pick it up." Edward feels tears threaten at his eyes and he grabs the rag.

"Good boy, now go put it away and help with dinner." Edward growls and kicks the man in the chest and begins throwing punches at him. The two women run in but Edward does not go easy on them. The man sits back and watches as Edward brings the women down.

He looks at the man and runs toward him. He hits him in the head and the man falls. Edward runs to the door and tries it again- it opens. He steps outside but is quickly subdued by pain.

The man drags him in and beats him before ripping his clothes off.

"I'm not going to prepare you or use any lube." He warns before pushing Edward into position. He grips his hips and thrusts in roughly. Edward screams in agony and grips the carpet as best as he can.

The women have gone back to their house-duties and Edward screams. The man makes easy work of him and pulls out.

"Go help with dinner before you make me angry." He says as he puts his belt back on. The image of the shiny gold burning into his mind.

He gets up slowly and puts his pants back on before going into the kitchen. The women say nothing about what happened and give him a cucumber to chop up.

He pokes at his dinner but can't eat. The man takes him back to the room and tells him he can shower in the morning.

"If you get out of bed tonight, you will regret it. Now go to sleep." Edward climbs into bed and whimpers. He doesn't know if he will ever get out of here.

The morning comes slowly and one of the women gets him up and brings him to the kitchen.

"Do you want to crack the eggs baby?" the woman asks Edward. Edward nods like a broken doll and cracks the eggs into the pan. She pets him softly and stirs the eggs around.

She sits Edward down and puts a plate in front of him "Eat up baby." Edward nibbles on his toast and listens to the man's footprints down the hall. He sits at the front of the table, but Ed keeps his head down.

As the days go on, he learns to call the man sir. The woman who lets him crack the eggs is mama. The other girl is Lynn.

The women call him baby… sir has never addressed him by name. He hadn't touched him since the first time, and Edward had been completely behaved.

He knew he was never going to be found. They hadn't had a single visitor in the weeks that Edward had been there.

Mama was combing his hair after his nightly bath and humming softly. She had become his only comfort in the home.

"Why is he keeping me here, mama?" Edward asks in a small voice. She stops her combing and sighs.

"I don't know baby. It's just the way that it is, and it's best to get on with life like this."

Edward begins to cry for the first time since he was captured and mama holds him. Lynn knocks on the door and tells mama that sir wanted her. She lets go of him and says to go to bed. Edward sneaks into my bed and pulls the covers over his head before falling asleep.

Mama wakes him in the morning. "Lynn says she feels something about today. Be on your best behavior, baby." He nods. He'd learned to listen to what mama says, no matter how much he wished to disbelieve it.

They make breakfast, as usual. She asks Edward to crack the eggs again. He smiles at her today. She kisses his nose and sets a plate down in front of him. He doesn't look at sir when he sits beside him. He never looks at sir.

Sir pets Edward's head and begins eating. Suddenly, the occupants of the house all look at the door. Sir gets up and looks out the window. He turns his steel eyes to mama and walks out of the back door.

"There's someone else out there." She says softly to ease the evident confusion on Edward's face. Sir back in and waits by the front door.

They had already gotten up to begin cleaning for the day and he watches what sir does. He waits a few more moments before opening the door and watches the body retreat back down the road.

Without thinking Edward runs for the door to make his escape. Sir easily grabs him and he begins to sob.

He rubs Ed's face into the carpet; Ed can hear mama crying, but there is nothing she can do. He knows that.

There is nothing any of them can do, Edward says in his mind. I deserve this. Sir rips his clothes off in anger. I deserve this. Sir thrusts. I deserve this. It burns. I deserve this. It hurts… I deserve this.

He lets Ed up… the dishes need to be done again. Maybe mama will let him crack the eggs for the cake tonight…