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Dr. Tomoe Tachibana sighed softly; the day was rough, even for her. She was quite comfortable working under pressure, but even the kunoichi doctor had her limits. It was late and she was about to leave; she just had to leave some paperwork on the director's desk. She was on her way there.

"Sometimes I wonder how I'm able to not go completely crazy... Maybe I have an immunity to mental insanity?" the endoscopic surgeon joked to herself.

"I'm not quite sure that's possible, Tomoe." came a familiar-and at this point, welcomed-chuckle from behind her. The lights were still on, but even if they weren't, she knew who was speaking to her.

"You almost scared me, Caleb." Tomoe smiled softly.

Dr. Caleb Miller, the surgeon formerly known as prisoner CR-SO1, returned the smile. But the way he smiled seemed... flirty, seductive even. The two had gotten to know each other over the time they had spent together, it started when he first came to Resurgam to work towards repenting and reducing his sentence (although he was never to blame for the incident at Cumberland University in the first place) and eventually camd to the point where Tomoe had convinced Caleb (more like forced) to join her on a date of sorts to talk over ice cream. "You learn to appreciate something more if you haven't had it for a while." he had said when questioned as to why he was enjoying his ice cream so thoroughly; he hummed quite a bit in delight and took his time savoring the frozen treat.

Tomoe had also questioned why he hadn't considered buying an ice cream before that point in time (this was after his name had been cleared, mind you). To that he responded, "I believe that if something is really worth having, it's even more satisfying if you wait for as long as possible before getting it; the longer you wait, the happier you'll be once you obtain what you seek."

Now, they were at the point where they were actually dating; they were boyfriend and girlfriend-they had been for the last year and a half and they were still going strong. Since Caleb was technically homeless, he had moved in with Tomoe early on.

"Sorry, Tomo-chan. I'm guessing today had you on edge too." Caleb replied. Over time, he had become more mellow and easier to work with; he even smiled and laughed. His time with Tomoe actually triggered new memories to resurface, like his name. But all the same, he was cool and collected as soon as he picked up a scalpel. That didn't neccesarily mean he didn't feel stressed though. He was only human, just like all of the other doctors and nurses at Resurgam First Care.

"... Tomo-chan," Caleb started; he was blushing slightly and scratched the back of his head in a nervous gesture, "Will you... come with me to room 113...?"

Tomoe tilted her head to the side a bit, putting her confusion on clear display; room 113 was vacant.

"I need to talk to you about something... in... private." he explained with a slightly husky voice and began to walk to the aforementioned room. Tomoe could've sworn she saw a slight lump in the groin of Caleb's straitjacket (he was so used to wearing it that it felt odd for him to be dressed in anything else), but she pushed it to the back of her mind, albeit reluctantly and followed him, making quite sure she didn't leave behind her paperwork. Furthermore, why talk to her in an empty room when he could just talk to her where they stood? After all, they were the only ones in the hospital at the time. Whatever the case, she went along with it. One of her women's intuition moments told her it whatever was going on, she had nothing to fear; as a matter of fact, she was actually anticipating whatever was going to happen.

When they reaches the darkness if the room, Caleb closed the door; Tomoe startled slightly when she heard tge lock clicking securely into place.

Caleb walked slowly towards his girlfriend, the same sultry smile from only minutes ago graced his lips once more.

"C-Caleb...?" Tomoe was blushing so severely that it made Caleb's eyes seem blue.

"Mmm." he hummed in response, slowly touching his hand to her arm as to avoid startling, or even scaring her. He cupped Tomoe's chin softly with his other hand and gazed into her eyes briefly before he gently brought his lips to hers, moving them in a slow, passionate rythym as he caressed her arm soothingly. She whimpered softly in response to the feel of his soft lips against hers. Caleb knew she wasn't expecting this-nothing done had implied that a simple walk to an empty room would lead to what was currently happening-so he went slow to make sure Tomoe was comfortable before moving into deeper waters.

After another moment, he relinquished his hold on her lips for a few seconds to allow them both a chance to catch their breath. Caleb reclaimed Tomoe's lips soon after, only more ferally. He licked her bottom lip, not asking for entrance, but rather as a sign of events forthcoming and slipped his tongue into her mouth almost immediately afterwards. Tomoe's tongue snaked with Caleb's, as though peforming some intricate mating dance known only to serpents. The hand on Tomoe's arm caressed the length of the limb, going lower and lower until the hand was pressing against her lower back, and finally, her butt. She moaned softly, but regained her senses when Caleb's hand was pressing her hips tightly to his obvious, and undoubtedly uncomfortable, erection. Tomoe gasped and reflexively pushed herself away from Caleb's lips.

"W-we can't!" Tomoe stammered, "Not here at least..." Her blush returned with a vengeance.

"Why not? There's no one here to catch us, and... I don't think I can wait until we get home..." Caleb murmured.

"But... we're in a hospital... We can't just make love in a room that a patient will probably need tomorrow!"

"I..." Caleb cleared his throat, "thought ahead." He pulled a wrapped condom from the pocket of his white jacket.

Tomoe wanted this almost as much as Caleb did, but doing it in a hospital of all places seemed... wrong somehow... although it was kind of thrilling at the same time.

Still, though, she was getting desperate for excuses.

"It... It will leave a smell... Someone will be sure to know something happened in here if they smell sex in the air."

"I'm sure we can ventilate the room before midnight." he replied nonchalantly.

"One last shot at this..." Tomoe whispered, and then spoke aloud, "But... The Path of Honor says-"

"To follow one's heart." Caleb finished, "Tell me, Tomoe... Where is your heart leading you?"

Without hesitation, Tomoe pulled off Caleb's jacket and ran her palms over his clothed chest; slightly muscular. She felt exhilerated at the feel of his muscles twitching beneath her fingertips, but she wanted to feel more of him.. She spun him so his back was facing her and she hastily untied his straitjacket; he fluidly peeled the fabric from his skin. He was only left in a pair of boxers.

Caleb pressed his forehead against Tomoe's and grabbed one of her wrists. "This," he whispered, manipulating her hand so the finger's brushed against his hardened member; he stifled a groan, "is what I will use to bring you to the brink over... and over again."

Tomoe moaned softly as Caleb moved her fingers to run his entire length and she licked her lips subconciously, her mind going through... several possible naughty scenarios.

"But I can't do that if you're still dressed... Let me help you with that..." Caleb said quietly.

He simply lifted her jacket off of her shoulders. Next, he untied he obi, letting the cloth fall naturally to start exposing Tomoe's somewhat small but firm breasts.

He pushed aside the clothing in the way and let it fall to the floor. This left Tomoe in leggings and a pair of slightly wet cherry blossom-patterned panties. Tomoe took several deep breaths to keep herself from getting nervous; she not even once made an attempt to cover her breasts.

"Aren't you self-consious? They're a bit on the small side." Caleb teased.

"I'm not. Should I be?"

"Not at all..." Caleb grasped a breast and placed a light kiss on the rosy tip, causing Tomoe to inhale sharply. Liking her response, he placed his mouth over the nipple, drawing it into his mouth with long sucks.

In response, Tomoe weaved her fingers through Caleb's messy black hair keeping him from escaping (not that he wanted to). After a few minutes of this and switching between her two breasts, he stopped. "It hurts... I need you... Now..." Caleb panted.

True to his word, he took off his boxers, relieving the ache by an insignificant amount, quickly put on the condom, and-after a nod of confirmation from Tomoe-removed her leggings and panties. However, he kneeled down in front of Tomoe, his face just in front of her weeping core, and kissed her folds lightly before thrusting his tongue into her a few times, then switched his attentions to the swollen nub just centimeters above, sucking it hard. This time, Tomoe closed her eyes and let out a long, almost whiny moan.

Caleb stopped soon after, standing up and nodding once, then again, as though to himself. He embraced Tomoe before slowly entering her; the pain from her first time hardly registered. Caleb backed her into a wall; she got the message and wrapped her legs around his lower back. He slowly thrusted into her at first, but feeling her claw at his back encouraged him to go harder and faster. "Mmmm..." Tomoe moaned, "This feels so good..."

Caleb continued his pace. In and out, in and out. He felt himself getting closer to the end, but noticed that his lover was lagging behind somewhat; he massaged her clit with his thumb to bring her about as close as he was. He was successful and within a few thrusts, they both came; he with a pleasured groan, and she with another whining moan.

Caleb thrusted into her a few more times, letting them ride out their climax with only their mingled breaths making any noise. Tomoe let herself slump against the wall, her weakened legs still hugging Caleb's wsist; Caleb let himself fall slowly to his knees and pulled out of her. He removed and discarded the used condom, making sure to bury it beneath the rest of the garbage. Caleb sighed. "Well," he began, "We better get dressed and turn on the AC."

Tomoe smiled and nodded.



"I love you."

Again, he smiled in return. "I love you too... Now let's get out of here. We can't be falling asleep on the job."

"Right... Oh boy..."

"Is something wrong?"

"I'm just wondering how we're going to explain why we're so late to Hanzou..."

"We'll think of something. Now, come on."

Tomoe smiled as they got dressed in silence.