Yes, you guessed it…a new story. And in Danny Phantom! Who would've guessed? Well, enough of my boringness, here we go:

Lovely Lust

By HeartsXShadow

Summary: Every day Danny comes home with bruises from Dash…But that doesn't stop him from liking the guy. And Dash? Whatever he's feeling, it's more than lust. AU, no ghosts. Sorry!

Warnings: Violence, Slash/Yaoi(whatever you prefer to call it), language, etc.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Danny Phantom. As with all TV shows, Cartoons, anime, Books, etc, if I did…implied slash wouldn't be implied, if you know what I'm saying.

Pairings: Dash/Danny

On with the story?


Danny watched the sun set from his window, nursing his most recent wounds from Dash. He's such an ass! He thought bitterly, wiping a cut with rubbing alcohol. He winced as the liquid made contact with his broken skin and clamped his mouth shut, preventing a howl of pain from escaping his bruised lips. Why he didn't report Dash…well, it was pride. After all, everyday he came home from school in conditions similar to this, his parents in constant worry about him. He could snitch, have his parents file a law suit against him, maybe even the school too-but that damn pride of his prevented him from doing so. It just wasn't right, he was old enough to fight his own battles…or, that's what he told himself.

At sixteen, Danny was scrawny, plain and simple. He wasn't fat, he wasn't muscular, practically just skin and bones. He was quiet and thoughtful, and "had no body hair"(in the words of Paulina, as if that was some kind of insult. Danny didn't find body hair attractive), the perfect target for bullying. And to make matters worse, his best friends were a tech-nerd and a vegan goth. The three of them together…ha! Everyone got enjoyment tormenting them…at least the popular kids did, anyway.

Danny absent mindedly wiped up the dried blood on his arms, watching the sun set. What did I do to Dash to make him hate me so much? Come to think of it, what horrible serial-rapist-baby-killing-cannibal was I in my past life to make God hate me this much? He sighed and looked down at his torn shirt. Can't keep this…another good shirt gone to waste. The jeans can be fixed, Jazz can sew pretty good. He grimaced at the light purple bruises forming on his chest and stomach. This will only get worse…I guess that means so swimming for me. And he had just made plans with Sam and Tucker to go to the pool, too. Damn it, Dash! Why do you always have to make my life a living hell?

A knock at the door bought him from his thoughts. "Yes?" He asked, rubbing some ointment on his bruises.

"Dinner is ready, Danny." Jazz called. "Are you okay in there?" His big sister called out, concern evident in her voice.

"Yes, Jazz. I'm fine. Just…could you do me a favor?" Danny answered back.

"You know I will, Danny."

"…Can you sew my pants? They have a few…tears in them." He said softly, lowering his head in shame.

"Did that-" He could hear the anger and worry in her voice, making him feel worse than he already did.

"Thank you, Jazz." I shouldn't make you lie for me, Jazz. It's not fair. But you have to understand that…there's another reason for me letting him get away with this. Not even you can know…

"…Will I be bringing your dinner to your room again, Danny?"

"Yes…the usual excuse, please."

"Yes, Danny." Jazz sighed. Danny…

Danny pulled out a pair of shorts and a white tee, changed and handed his torn clothes to Jazz. He only opened the door wide enough for his arm to fit through. "Thank you, Jazz."

"I'll be back in five minutes with your food." She whispered through the door.

"Don't. Eat first, then give me my food. I can wait." I don't have much of an appetite right now.

She sighed, but agreed. "Alright." With that said she turned around and walked down the hall, pausing to see if Danny wanted to talk. After a few moments of silence she sighed and continued down the stairs to the kitchen, where she would have to lie to her parents about her brothers oh-so-obvious problems,

Meanwhile, Danny returned to his bed and sat down, staring at his hands. The true reason he didn't tell on Dash swam around in his mind, tugging and biting at his brain, forcing him to think about it. Dash…The name alone bought tears to his eyes. So many thoughts of why and how, thoughts of disgust and disappointment. And fear of rejection. Danny had no idea why he even liked Dash, he was such an awful person! Maybe it was his own shallow self, but he couldn't help it. You couldn't choose who you fell in love with, right?

That's why you make my life a living hell. Danny thought, recalling his earlier thoughts. That's why God made my life so shitty…he just knew I was going to turn out gay. Why did He make me gay if He was only going to punish me? Danny thought bitterly, letting the tears roll down his pale face. Lord knew he needed a good cry, and he was tired of stopping himself. Maybe it'll help the depression. He seriously doubted it, but he couldn't stop. Once he started…it wasn't going to end. That much he knew. Why do I have to face this alone? Why…why do I like the jock that torments me? Why do I like the guy who I have NO chance with. Why do I have to like a guy in the first place?

He sniffled as he noticed his phone vibrating, debating on whether he should answer it. A quick look at the caller and he decided against it. Sorry, Sam. I love you to death…but not in the way you want me to. It was ironic, really. Here he was, asking for love….and he refused it. I've been telling you forever that I don't like you in that way. Don't make it worse. He watched it as it vibrated a few more times before falling silent. Maybe if I was dead, maybe the pain would go away. Of course, if I wasn't born, I wouldn't be in this situation now either. He frowned and dismissed the idea of suicide. Sure he thought about it but, at least once, everyone thought about it…right? Yeah, once…normal people don't think about it every day. He sneered. But Danny was too afraid to kill himself, couldn't bring himself to. So he didn't. But that certainly didn't stop him from thinking about it.

With the way my thoughts are going, maybe I should be the goth in our group…or the emo, or whatever they're called. He thought, smiling sadly. Maybe I shouldn't even have friends…A knock at the door bought him once again from his thoughts, and he quickly answered it.

"Thank you, Jazz." Danny whispered, grabbing the plate from his sister.

"Danny, can we please talk about this? Even mom and dad are starting getting skeptical." Jazz said urgently. "Please, just tell us what's wrong?"

"…Later, I'll talk to you later." He replied, closing the door.

"Danny…" She whispered to herself. "You can't handle everything alone."

Dash huffed in irritation, clenching and unclenching his fists. Why doesn't Fenton ever fight back? He fumed, punching his wall. It fucking irritates me…he doesn't do anything! He just takes it like a little bitch! What got him more was the fact that Danny didn't snitch. Doesn't anyone notice those bruises on him? Dash didn't quite understand the feelings Danny stirred up inside of him. He didn't like them, either. It made him uncomfortable and irritable. Maybe that's why he was always beating the poor kid up. Well, that's part of the reason. He thought, rolling his eyes. It's just because you know you can't have him.

"If I wanted Fenton, I could have him. He couldn't resist." He said to himself. "He couldn't…wouldn't fight back." But I want more than the physical aspect of that relationship. I want…he wouldn't finish that thought, it was too gay. Irony, you have to love it. And I can't be nice to him, everyone would notice the change and would start to assume shit. Which would be right…He groaned and slumped into his computer chair. He examined his now bloody knuckles and watched the crimson liquid trickle down his hand. That would be an unpleasant mess to clean up later. But trivial things like that didn't matter right now. How could he get the kid to like him?

Wait-why did he even want Fenton? Well…it was because…hell, he didn't even know. Love(or lust) was blind. Or maybe he was just bi-curious. Yeah…every guy went through a phase like that. And once they realized that tits were better than dicks, they got over it and fucked a chick. And Danny was a prefect guy to try it with, because Dash knew he wouldn't speak a word of it. Yeah…that was it.

Denial. A voice rang out through his head and he growled. Even if it was true, he would never admit it. He just couldn't…Not even to himself. Dash Baxter was not a faggot. People like Danny Fenton were.

Danny Fenton. He hated (loved) the taste that name left on his tongue. What does Danny taste like? He asked, before blushing. Grr, don't think like that! Just…keep beating him up. I'll keep letting out my frustrations that way. Yeah…When you really thought of it, Dash's excuses for picking on Danny were pretty weak. He wouldn't let anyone else touch him, no one else could insult him unless Dash allowed them too. He was possessive, sure…but that was just part of Dash's personality. That's why Danny only had Foley and Manson as friends…they were such losers that Dash knew he could upstage them in a heart beat.

Manson. Now that name left a horrid taste in Dash's mouth for the sole reason that he knew Sam liked Danny the same way he did. And no matter how many times he told himself that he was better than Sam in every way possible, he always remembered that Sam had a few things he didn't. Tits to start with. Truth be told, Dash wasn't even sure of Danny's orientation, and until he was…he'd keep beating on the kid. And if it turned out that Danny was straight? Well, he'd fix that.

Another growl of frustration was heard throughout Dash's room and he got up and punched the wall again. Fuck it. I'm taking you as mine, Fenton, whether you want me or not. I don't give a fuck about what the school thinks…no, wait, I do. So, we'll be that way in private…Yes, that was what he going to say to Fenton the next time he saw him. Too bad it's the fucking weekend. He thought angrily, clutching onto his window frame to keep him from beating the crap out of his wall. But I can wait. The weekend is only two days…Two days. I can wait.

Fuck…no I can't. Walking to his computer he quickly logged on and launched the internet. Hurry up! He flexed his fingers and quickly logged onto Myspace. Doing a quick person search, it didn't take too long for him to find his target. Fenton. He stared at his default picture for a few minutes. Damn, was he getting hard from a simple picture like that? Fucking Fenton…doesn't that sound 'enticing'. He thought, remembering the word 'enticing' from a conversation earlier that day.

Clicking on the 'send a message' icon, he typed a quick message:

Fenton, meet me at the park tomorrow at four, got it?

Good. Short, simple and to the point. And if Danny knew what was good for him, he'd listen to it. Send. He thought with an impish grin. Tomorrow is before Monday.


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