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Chapter 11: Definitive Fire


"Dad, I'm sorry. It was all-"

"Don't start, Jazz. We'll talk to you later." Maddie interrupted.

"We're extremely disappointed in you, young lady." Jack agreed. Jazz looked down at the floor dejectedly, nodding her head slowly and walking to the kitchen.

"Good luck, Danny." She whispered as she passed her younger brother. "I'm so sorry."

He watched his sister walk away, unwilling to meet his parents gaze. I'm in deep shit. I wonder if I should just tell them the truth? Well, half truth… He hesitantly looked up, biting his lip. Where to begin? A loud knock at his door distracted him from his thoughts. He nervously looked at the door, then back to his parents.

"…Should I get that?" He timidly asked.

"No. You stay here, we'll answer it." His mother replied tartly. "Come on, Jack." The couple left the room, and Danny let out a sigh of relief. He heard his parents talk to the unknown guest, but couldn't discern any of their conversation. A few minutes later, his parents returned to the room, and Dash followed close behind.

"Dash?" I choked out, swallowing back my fear, and fleeting hope.
"Yes. Your friend told us exactly what happened, and why you refused to tell us the truth." His mother began. "And while I appreciate your honor, it simply isn't acceptable to lie to us. And to have Jazz play along…" She clucked her tongue. "Grounded. For the next two weeks. And no buts."

"Yes, mom." Danny said quietly.

"And because you're going to be grounded for such a long time…why don't you spend tonight with your friend?" Jack suggested. "Right, Maddie?"

"Mm, I suppose." She smiled. "Just don't be out too late, honey."

And so his parents left, leaving him alone with Dash. His bully…his deepest crush. He quietly approached the taller boy, hesitantly looking up. "Let's go for a walk." He suggested, and without waiting for a response, he was out the door.

"So, what? You came to apologize?" Danny asked quietly, wishing he had thought to bring a jacket. It's quite cold… He turned his gaze towards Dash, who was refusing to make eye contact.

"…Yeah." He said briskly, picking up his pace. Danny frowned and stopped.

"Well?" He raised an eyebrow. Dash sighed loudly, and turned to Danny.

"I'm not just sorry for today." He said quickly. "Not just for the fight, not just for this year. For everything. Every rotten thing I've ever done to you. The hell I made you suffer through every day. I'm sorry that I didn't recognize what I felt for you sooner…" He moved forward and wrapped his arms around the leaner teen. "Can you forgive me?"

Danny sighed deeply and slowly untangled himself out of Dash's grip. "Yes, I can forgive you…" He began slowly, looking up at the jock's confused face. "But honestly, an apology doesn't fix everything. Yes, I like you…There's an attraction between us." Dash perked up at that. "But…I need time to heal. I want to see if you really have changed. And even then, I might not…" He trailed off uncertainly.

"What do you mean…?" Dash asked slowly.

"I mean that…I'm going to date Kwan." Danny replied. "I want to see where things go with him. So, I guess that…well; don't wait around for me, okay? We might end up together…we might not. To tell you to be my back up in case Kwan doesn't work out wouldn't be fair." He closed his eyes, doing his best to hold his tears back. "I'm sorry, Dash. I hope we can be friends." He leaned up and placed a kiss on the jock's cheek before hastily running back to his house. I'm so sorry.

One Year Later

Dash watched Kwan and Danny walk past his house venomously. He hated the fact that Kwan had won Danny…but he needed to prove to Danny that he had changed, that he deserved at chance. And for Danny, he could do just that. He didn't go out of his way to compliment the relationship-but he didn't condemn it either. He had even accompanied them on a few dates. Maybe Danny can sense my disdain for it? Sure, it had been a year. He was so sure he could forget about the scrawny teen. But he couldn't. He was simply in love with Danny.

He sighed and turned away from his window when the couple finally disappeared from his sight. It was such a horrible feeling. Torn between hating the fuck out of the situation…and actually being glad that he's with someone that makes him happy. He clenched his fists. I guess I could never do that. He looked at the only picture he had of Danny- - a slightly blurred picture that he had taken on his phone, printed and framed.

"No matter how long it takes…even if it doesn't happen at all…I promise I'll wait for you."

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