Ichigo wasn't like other kids. That much he knew. Other kids had mommas and papas and lived in small houses on tree-lined roads. He lived in a great echoing palace with thousands of rooms and secret levels that he simply would've gotten lost in, had Uncle Gin not captured a desert dweller and given it to Ichigo as a playmate/guide. But Gin was by far not Ichigo's favorite person there were others, such as the blue-haired, foul-mouthed Grimmy whom despite hating his shortened name, taught Ichigo all he knew about swearwords and fighting dirty.

Next came, the pale silent Kyorra-kun. Ichigo could not pronounce the black-haired man's name correctly, but Kyorra didn't seem to mind. When Ichigo didn't want to fight, he knew he could seek out Kyorra and be in silent solitude.

There were many others of course, whom resided in the big white palace. Ichigo had met everyone eventually, but rarely ever saw them as they were always too busy with important things to be playing with a kid. Only Szayel, a pink-haired man with glasses would sometimes emerge from his rooms of glass beakers and science to engage in harmless cooking lessons in the below ground kitchens of the palace. Ichigo relished such times, but especially the ones when Sosuke came.

Even though it put the Palace residents in an uproar striving to please the handsome brown-haired man with a kindly smile, Ichigo didn't mind. Not even Grimmy's che or Kyorra's servile obedience.

Sosuke would open his arms wide and give him that smile meant for only him, "Ichigo, come here my boy." Sosuke's voice warmed him up inside. Like sunshine pouring into his soul. Ichigo didn't need the parents he'd had once upon a time. Not when Sosuke swooped him up and held him tightly, telling him over and over, that he was his beloved son.

~To be continued~
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