Dark Eyes

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Chapter twenty – The Beginning

After shaking hands with Detective Granger and exchanging final 'goodbyes' and 'thank yous' Hotch left the tarmac and went up the steps to the waiting jet. Walking through the entrance he looked at his team strewn across the cabin. Finally after five long days they could all relax. They had got their confession from Harding and he was safely locked in jail. Now they could go back home.

Morgan was sitting in the seat at the very back, headphones already clamped over his ears and his head lolling to the side. Sound asleep already by the looks of it. Either that or he was faking it to avoid one of Reid's Star Wars rants. Hotch couldn't tell anymore.

Reid had taken his usual seat on the sofa, his long legs stretched out in front of him revealing one orange and one gray sock beneath his brown corduroys. He was turning pages in a book at record speed letting one long finger glide along the words on the pages.

Emily and JJ were sitting close together talking quietly about something. Both were smiling. That made the corners of his mouth tilt a little upwards too. He wanted to sit close to Emily but he chose not to. They were still technically on duty and he didn't trust himself to be able to keep things professional. It was all so new. He wanted nothing more than to kiss her and hold her. It hadn't even been twenty-four hours since he was allowed to start doing things like that and the desire was overwhelming.

So instead he sank down in the seat next to Rossi. Sitting there would definitely not give him any urges...

"Why, Aaron..." Rossi chuckled. "Is that a smile on your face or is it cramping from scowling too much?"

Except maybe to give the old man a slap. "Funny." Hotch shot him a death glare instead. But that only made Rossi chuckle harder.

"Seriously though, Aaron." Rossi said changing his tone from droll to more calm and collected. "It's really nice to see you smile." He glanced over at Emily and JJ who were still deep in conversation. "I take it that you and the lovely Agent Prentiss have come to an agreement?"

"Not that it's any of your business." Hotch told him quietly. "But yes, Emily and I have clarified a few things." He gave Rossi another glare, this one much friendlier. "And that's all you're getting from me. I don't want my private business all over the BAU and knowing you it would take... what? A day? Before everyone would know."

"Please..." Rossi smiled. "I'd just tell Garcia and then the entire sixth floor would know within the hour." He gave Hotch a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, Aaron. Your secret's safe with me until you want people to know."

"Thanks." Hotch smiled back.

JJ leaned closer to Emily her bright blue eyes sparkling with heaps of unuttered questions.

"What do you want to know?" Emily playfully sighed.

"Did you two... you know..?" JJ glanced over at Hotch and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at Emily.

Emily suppressed a little laugh. "No." She smiled. "We did kiss though. A lot..."

JJ let out a soft squeal and squeezed Emily's hand. "I'm so happy for you!"

"I am too." Emily smiled back. "We decided that we didn't want to... do that... when both our minds were preoccupied with the case."

"Well there's not a new case until tomorrow at the earliest..." JJ smiled. "What are you doing tonight?"

"I don't know..." Emily answered. "We haven't decided anything."

Sitting quiet for a few moments she turned back to JJ. "Do you think we're taking things too fast? We've just acknowledged that we have feelings for each other. We haven't delved deeper into what those feelings are. Maybe it's too early to take that next step."

"Em, honey." JJ smiled at her. "You've been in love with each other for over a year. If anything you're taking things too slow."

Emily nodded and gave JJ's hand a squeeze but didn't say anything. Fist she looked over at Hotch who seemed to have fallen asleep next to Rossi who was definitely sleeping, the loud snores a clear give-away. Then she turned to look out the window at the clouds sailing by.

She was ready. Like JJ said she'd loved him for a year, maybe more. It had just taken her some time to realize that and then some more time to get the courage to do something about it. But neither her nor Hotch were insecure teenagers. They were both fully grown intelligent adults. And she knew that Hotch would never take lightly on something like this. No, she knew that he was in it for the long haul. She loved him and she wanted to be with him. He should know that.

As the jet touch ground safely back in Quantico the usual hubbub erupted. Morgan nagging Reid and Rossi about going out with him and Garcia. Files being collected, go-bags being passed around and books being stumbled over.

When everyone but Emily, JJ and Hotch had left JJ turned to Emily. "Here..." She smiled and handed her a white shopping bag with pink tissue paper sticking out at the top. "I got this for you when I went back to talk to Doreen Harding. Put it to good use." She gave her another smile and a wink and started making her way off the jet.

Peaking into the bag a grin spread across Emily's lips as she saw the red see-through material lying at the bottom of it. Looking up she saw that Hotch was the only one left with her in the cabin.

"You want a ride?" He asked.

"Sure." Emily answered. She'd driven there the day they'd left for Birka and her car was in the parking garage but she would never say no to an offer like that.

They both sat quiet for the most part of the drive to Emily's apartment. Both minds overflowing with thoughts of what would happen when they'd reached their destination.

Pulling up outside the apartment complex Hotch quickly got out of the car and jogged around to Emily's side opening the door before she'd had a chance to do it herself. Taking the go-bag from her hand he gave her a smile. "Walk you up?"

"Okay." She answered smiling back and deciding not to choose that time to argue that she's perfectly capable of carrying her own bag.

Walking next to him through the front doors and up to the elevator she let her fingers graze his asking for that small connection. Her lips formed a content smile when he took her hand in his.

Stopping outside her door Hotch let go of her hand and rested his hands on her shoulders instead. Sliding her hands around his waist Emily pulled him into a tight hug. She'd wanted to do that the last fifteen hours and a warmth spread through her body at the feeling of his body molded against hers.

His hands traveled from her shoulders up to wrap around her neck. Tilting her head back Hotch bent down and his lips descended on hers. Pulling her closer he let all of the anxiety, adrenaline and joy he'd felt during the day pour into the kiss making it feel almost desperate.

Parting her lips further Emily let him slide his tongue into the depths of her mouth tasting the coffee he'd drunk a little while earlier. Letting his tongue dominate hers she simply yielded into his arms and allowed him full reign.

Panting from the lack of oxygen as they parted she looked up into his dark eyes and rubbed her hands along his back feeling the soft fabric of his suit jacked under her hands.

Taking a deep breath she whispered. "Do you want to come inside?" Not allowing him time to answer she continued breathlessly. "I know we've only been a couple for less than twenty-four hours, Hotch. But I need you to know that you're it for me."

She breathed hard. "My feelings just kind of sneaked up on me. But I've realized now that I've felt this way for a long time." She took another deep breath. "I love you, Aaron." She finished. Her breath was shallow as she waited for him to respond. As he remained silent for another few moments she could feel every nerve in her body.

"Emily..." Hotch began as he broke the silence. "It took me too long to make sense of my feelings. But I know what they are now and I promise you that I will never stop telling you how much I love you. I love you, Emily." He traced a finger along her cheek pushing her hair behind her ear.

"Is that a 'yes'?" Emily smilingly asked, to which Hotch raised a confused eyebrow. "I mean is that a 'yes, you'll come inside'?"

"That's a 'hell yes'." Hotch smiled and pulled her in for another scorching kiss.

Struggling to open her purse and retrieve her keys Emily let out a low moan as Hotch's lips found a sensitive spot on her neck.

"Mmmm." He hummed. "I'll remember that spot for later." Releasing her he allowed her to fish out the keys and unlock the door.

The moment the door was closed behind them Hotch grabbed Emily again making her go-bag and purse fall to the floor. Pinning her against the wall he latched on to that special spot in the crook of her neck carefully nibbling at the delicate skin. At the same time well aware that his actions would leave a mark but wanting to mark her as his.

Curling herself tightly around him she pressed her lips close to his ear and breathed her request. "Bed."

Placing two strong hands round her rear he pulled her close lifting her off the ground as she wrapped her long legs around him. A strangled gasp left his lips as she brushed against the evidence of his want for her. Taking the steps as quickly as he could he finally pushed through the door she told him led to her bedroom.

The clothes forming a thin shield between them vanished in a flurry of impatiently grasping and exploring hands. The only problem arising when Hotch's fingers, trembling from a mix of excitement and lust, failed to unbutton the tiny buttons on Emily's shirt. Finally giving up he simply ripped it apart.

"Found your match there, Agent Hotchner?" Emily laughed as she looked at the remains of her shirt on the floor.

"I think I handled the situation well." Hotch smiled back running his hands along the bare skin on her back.

Standing before each other in only their underwear they both took their time to examine the other. Both filled with quiet wonder that they now were allowed to do such a thing.

Hotch's breath hitched in his throat as his eyes by their own volition explored the supple curves of her exposed body. He felt his heart growing warmer and fought the urge to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "You're beautiful." He rasped.

"So are you." Emily huskily breathed back as she took in his muscled form, his lean arms and legs and the traces Foyet had left on his torso. Traces that to Emily only were signs of what a strong person he was.

Smiling she took his hand and tugged him closer twirling her arms around him and pressing her lips against his. Squealing as he grabbed her waist and placed her on the bed she couldn't help but laugh at the uncharacteristically mischievous look in his eyes.

Discarding his boxers to the side he protested when she started to unhook her bra. "I want to be the one doing that." He smiled and chuckled a little at her pretended annoyed 'if you must' as she fell back onto the soft pillows.

Climbing up next to her he allowed the caveman inside to release a grunt of joy as he noticed her eyes roaming down his naked body. Sliding his hands up her silky stomach he could feel her taut muscles fluttering beneath the heated skin. Following the hot trail his hands left with small kisses he finally unhooked her basic black bra. Wasting no time to elicit a loud moan he encased a hard peak between his lips.

Squirming under Hotch's very able mouth Emily wriggled out of the last thing between her and Hotch and let it join his boxers on the floor. Cocking her head to look at the man she loved busy showing her breast some special attention she dragged her hand through his hair pulling his attention upwards.

She smiled at him, a smile she knew revealed every emotion that was flowing through her body. "Let me feel all of you." She whispered. "Make love to me, Aaron."

He grinned and pulled her closer. As he slowly slid into her and as their bodies merged together perfectly he felt an almost giddy eagerness. A feeling that had not been in his repertoire for a very long time. Before he was completely taken over by bliss he managed to pull together long enough to decide that he wanted to experience that feeling a lot more often from that moment on.

Hours later as they lay tangled together exhausted from the night's activities Hotch pulled the sleeping Emily even closer. Nuzzling her neck and breathing in that scent that made butterflies flutter through his stomach Hotch allowed a wide smile to spread across his sleepy face. Holding her, the woman he adored, close he felt... Happy.

The End

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