iDidn't Save Your Life

Chapter 1

May 1st was the always going to be the hardest day on Freddie Benson's life ever since that day two years ago when he lost his best friend.

Two years ago this very day was the day that Freddie wishes he could have went back to and saved her for if he had Carly would still be here today. If he had seen it quicker then it could have been him.

He could remember that day in his head...

May 1st 2009.

That morning, Freddie, Carly and Sam had been doing iCarly just like any other day when they put the tv on to the next person to talk to iCarly.

"Hey Carly, hi Sam, this is a dare from Nikki Collins, I dare you carly that is to go out in a pink bunny rabbit suit and offer to brush people's teeth for a $1."

"Okay Nikki" Carly had said looking at Sam then Freddie "Weird dare but alright I'll do it, Carly Shay never backs down from a dare."

Oh if only she had backed down that day, then she would still be alive.

"Okay thank you Nikki, okay guys we're going to finish up iCarly early today so that Carly can do her dare" Carly's best friend Sam Puckett had said and Freddie pressed the buttons on his laptop to switch the computer off.

"Okay now Carly are you sure you want to do this" Freddie had said once he had switched the laptop off and put the camera away.

"Yeah I am, Freddie stop worrying, I'll be fine" Carly had said before her and Sam had went to get Carly into her bunny suit so Freddie went downstairs to see Spencer working on a pizza he was making.

"Hey Freddo, what's going on, iCarly doesn't finish for another twenty minutes."

"Well one of the girls on iCarly dared Carly to do something so that's where they are away to, well to get ready."

"Cool so what's the dare?" Spencer Shay had said turning his back on the pizza before him.

"The dare is for Carly to dress up in a bunny suit and go around outside offering to brush people's teeth for a $1."

"Okay" Spencer had said "have fun."

Freddie didn't have to wait much longer after that before Carly and Sam came down then they went outside and started to walk about.

Carly had got at least ten people to agree to getting their teeth brushed before they had to cross the road.

That was when disaster struck, for as Carly was crossing the road, Freddie had saw the tacoo truck turn the corner but Carly hadn't. She was too busy looking at the guy on the other side of the road.

"Carly look out" Sam had shouted but Carly hadn't heard her.

"CARLY" Freddie had screamed at the top of his lungs as the tacoo truck neared Carly traveling as if in slow motion.

As the truck got closer, Freddie turned away and he saw Sam do the same before they heard the sound of the tacoo truck hitting someone before they heard the sound of Carly screaming as she was lifted up the air then hit the ground again.

"Carly"Sam had screamed so Freddie turned as well to see Carly lying on the road not moving an inch on her side so all they could really see was her bunny ears and the bunny suit but they all knew she was dead.

"No Carly no" Freddie had yelled running over to Carly and kneeling next to her not believing what was happening, Carly couldn't be dead. No it wasn't ture.

The tacoo truck was nowhere in sight now so the driver didn't want to take the blame for doing this.

"Carly no why did you have to die, I love you" Freddie had whispered the last bit as Sam ran over.

"Okay I called Spencer and he's coming down but he doesn't know yet that Carly's dead so come on put her on the pavement."

Freddie nodded standing before putting his arms around Carly and lifting her up bridial style and carrying her away from the scene of the crime.

"What's going on is everyone okay?" Spencer had shouted running over then he saw Carly and stopped where he was just inches from Sam and Freddie.

"Oh my god, Carly are you okay, is she okay, Puckett, Benson is my little sister okay."

Sam had looked at Freddie before finally speaking "Spencer, Carly got hit by a tacoo truck, I'm really sorry but she's dead."

Dead, Dead. That was the word that Freddie did not want to hear, he kept on thinking that Carly would sit up and say in her cute voice "Hey I'm okay see."

But even now, Freddie knew it wasn't possible.

"No" Spencer had said looking at Carly lying in Freddie's arms "Not Carly, not my sister, no."

"Spencer, I'm so sorry" Freddie had said but Spencer had cut him off.

"No Freddie, sorry won't bring back my sister will it" He had said before lifting Carly from Freddie's arms and walking back towards the apparment shouting over his shoulder "Stay away from our house, I don't want to see you guys ever again. You're the reason my sister died."

Spencer had ran off and Freddie looked at Sam "Do you think he meant that" Freddie said but Sam shook her head.

"Of course not, he's just upset, he'll come around, give it a week, you'll see."

One week later

It was a week after Carly's death and the funeral was today at noon but neither Sam or Freddie had heard anything from Spencer all week.

"Just go, it's an open funeral anyway" Freddie's mum said as she lay Freddie's clothes out from him.

"Okay mum" Freddie had said looking at the picture of him, Carly and Sam sitting on his beside table that had been taken one year ago.

Once Freddie was dressed, Freddie and his mum met Sam outside who had dyed her hair black.

"Sam you're hair..."

"Yeah, Carly liked my hair blonde but now she's gone and every time, I looked in the mirror all I could see was Carly wanting to brush my hair or just touch my hair so that's why I dyed it."

Once the three of them had reached the park where the funeral was taking place, they could see that millions of people who looked like iCarly fans sitting on the chairs or looking at the coffins saying some final words.

Freddie, Mrs Benson and Sam walked up the front of the entrance before begining to walk and seeing Spencer standing talking to the minister then he saw the three of them and walked towards them.

"I thought I made it very clear that I didn't want to see you guys ever again" Spencer said just as they were about to sit down.

"Spencer I know that you have been through a hard time but Carly would want to see her best friends for the last time, hear their voices for the last time."

"That's just the thing lady, Carly won't hear them, won't hear from the people who are the reason that my sister is dead" Spencer said and Sam shook her head.

"Spencer look I know that Carly didn't see the tacoo truck but you can't blame us for something that we didn't want to happen" Sam said but that was the wrong thing to say as Spencer just got really angry.

"It should have been you" Spencer said before walking away.

It should have been you. Those words were in Freddie's mind all day during the funeral and after it when he went to his room to do the only thing, he liked to do now. Cry about missing Carly.

Today, May 1st 2011.

As 17 year old Freddie sat at his computer desk entering random numbers into his suddok puzzle which he had been doing for the past half an hour, he heard the letter box go before he heard his mom go up to get the mail.

"Freddie, there's a letter here for you. It's from Carly."

"What" Freddie yelled before going up to get it.