Chapter 6

"You were meant to what?" Sam yelled as Freddie finished speaking.

"I'm sorry Sam but it makes sense if Carly didn't die that day and you need to stay alive to keep everything going but apart from that I was meant to be the one who went in front of the truck, I should have been the one you and Carly were crying over not Carly herself so we need to re-create that scene and we need Carly for it."

"Freddie are you aboustlety crazy? If you die then I will want to kill Carly myself and I can't be living a life without my friend Freddie Benson" Sam said with tears in her eyes.

"Sam, I have to do this and no-one better stop me."

"Freddie" Mrs Benson said with a smile on her face "I really don't want you to do this but if you have to then I'm proud of you and I love you so I'll miss you so much."

Freddie smiled back and with that, him and Sam headed outside to see Carly standing outside her door.

"Did you catch the message?" She said and Freddie nodded.

"I know it, I was meant to die that day wasn't I?"

"Yes but I didn't want this to happen but yes, it was always meant to be you Freddie."

"Why not me" Sam said nearly crying but she managed to stop herself.

"Cause Freddie's world was supposed to end two years ago so let me tell you this as soon as Fredddie gets hit by the tacoo truck, time will go backwards and it will be back to two years ago so we won't remember anything about the years that we have lived through so are you ready?"

Freddie nodded so the three headed downstairs towards the road.

Soon enough they saw the tacoo truck coming and it was speeding so Freddie hugged Sam and Carly quickly before he walked out and stood exactly where the tacoo truck would hit him then he waited.

Five minutes he waited before he could see the truck right infront of him before the truck hit him hard and Freddie was lifted up into the air and the last thing he heard was Sam's cry of no before he knew no more.

Now he had done the right thing, time could go along as it was meant to. As it was always meant to.

The End.

Sorry it's short but I needed a way to end it.